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BeitragVerfasst: 05.05.04, 17:12 

Registriert: 17.04.04, 22:10
Hallo, hier also mal meine liebsten Synthis, ich benutze sie

hauptsächliche um Sounds für Programme/Windows zu modellieren, sind

also klein((fast) keine Sequencer) aber fein :), gut um ein paar

Soundpatterns(.wav) zu machen.

Ja die Progs sind teilweise ganz schön alt aber bei Marx, Lenin und

Engels, wann benutzt man das Tool schonmal :P

Name: DrumSynth
Version: 2.0
Grösse: ~200kB
Homepage: www.maxim.abel.co.uk

http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/d ... msynt2.zip

http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/i ... 32x313.gif
JA standalone
-Kann fast alles was ein TR-808 kann
-normale Win GUI+VU Graph(Neuzeichnen hat glaube n Bug)
-organisieren von Sounds + .wav streamen aller Sounds eines Ordners
-Tonkurve per Maus modellbar
-schöne Beispiele mit bei

Name: SimSynth
Version: 1.3
Grösse: ~1MB
Homepage: http://www.fruityloops.com/
Downloadlink: http://files1.sonicspot.com/simsynth/simsynth.zip
Screenshot: http://www.sonicspot.com/simsynth/simsynth.gif
JA Standalone
-da steht was von WIN3.1 :O k.A. läuft bei mir fehlerfrei unter XP
-kommen ziemlich spacige Sachen raus
-bis zu 3 OSZIs, WAVs auch als Amplitude ladbar!
-5 Nachverton FX(Echo/...)
-normale Win GUI+VU Graph
-fast nur Effekt Beispiele (sehr sympathisch :))
-gute Erklärung wie Synthesizer(und deren Emulation)


Name: TS-404
Version: 1.05b
Grösse: ~1MB
Homepage: http://come.to/richy
Downloadlink: http://files1.sonicspot.com/ts404/ts404.zip
Screenshot: http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/images/ts-404.gif
JA Standalone
-MIT Sequencer! Den auch mit Pattern Editor.
-leider nur als .raw Outstream, das passt aber für hammerhead,

Goldwave konnte die glaube auch laden
-4 Generatoren max
-WIN GUI(gut struckturiert) mit VU Graph

Name: Tu2 (Freeware mode)
Version: 2.5
Homepage: http://www.brambos.com
Downloadlink: http://members.ams.chello.nl/bos3/tu20.zip
Screenshot: http://www.brambos.com/gfx/mainmain.gif
JA Standalone
-MIT Sequencer!
-sehr nette graphische GUI
-12 Patterns können geladen werden
-diese mit FXs verzehrt werden
-AMBER(Aninmated Modelling Synth)+RAGE2(Drum Loop)
-Plugin Interface für weitere Genereatoren
-sehr krass, wenn man erstmal durchgestiegen ist

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BeitragVerfasst: 17.06.05, 1:44 

Registriert: 07.12.03, 4:54
... und noch ein paar Oldies - weitere hier und da ... 8)

Audio FX 1.5 - By Nick Jones
HP: http://www.sonicspot.com/audiofx/audiofx.html
SS: http://www.sonicspot.com/audiofx/audiofx.gif
DL: http://files1.sonicspot.com/audiofx/fx15.zip (223KB - Jul 1996)
Audio FX is a digital sound effects processor that uses a modular authoring interface.
It lets you combine, transform and generate sounds to produce fascinating (and entertaining)
results. You can use FX just for fun or as a serious tool for applications such as multimedia
authoring and theatrical effects generation.
Modular Interface - allows you to easily and intuitively design your own sound generators
Tons of modules including: mixer, delay line, multiplier, oscilloscope, silence, controlled fader,
echo, file, join, low pass filter, folder, tone generator, envelope, white noise, slicer, moving average,
noise filter, reverse, split, fuzz, high pass filter, pan, plucked string, sequencer, output, sample & hold,
change duration, phase shift, invert, loop, frequency shift.
Can save sounds as standard WAV files at 11, 22, 44 KHz, 8- or 16-bit.

Visual Orangator 1.0 - By T-REX
HP: http://www.sonicspot.com/visualorangato ... gator.html
SS: http://www.sonicspot.com/visualorangato ... ngator.gif
DL: http://files1.sonicspot.com/visualorang ... sorang.zip (195KB - Jan 1998)
This software is the next generation of the Orangator program.
20 modules including: Playback, Oscillator, Linear Envelope, Graphic Envelope,
Resonance, Amplifier, Mixer, Iterator, Noise Generator, Harmonic Generator,
Add, Sequencer, Sequencer Frequency, Sequencer Envelope, Sample Player,
Reverse, Silence Generator, Wrap Overdrive, Flanger, Chorus.
Render in 22050kHz or 44100kHz Save as Instrument or WAV

Syd 1.0.7 - By Jim Bumgardner
HP: http://www.sonicspot.com/syd/syd.html
SS: http://www.sonicspot.com/syd/syd.gif
DL: http://files1.sonicspot.com/syd/syd107.zip
DL: http://www.jbum.com/sware/syd107.zip (678KB - Oct 1998)
Syd (formerly "SoftSynth") is an instrument editor and software synthesizer.
It has a graphical "patch cord" interface, and is relatively easy to use, compared
to other music languages. It is particularly suitable for teaching computer music.
Graphical interface
Generalized expression unit
Full expression parsing for most other sound units
(Limited) ability to read CSound Scores
Instrument abstraction via Nested Patches ("folder instruments")
Random (algorithmic) Score generator
Real time audio previewing
Karlplus/Strong Plucked String unit
Delay/Reverb Unit
Sampling Unit
Butterworth filters

WaveCraft 1.0 - By David Gosnell
HP: http://www.sonicspot.com/wavecraft/wavecraft.html
SS: http://www.sonicspot.com/wavecraft/wavecraft.gif
DL: http://www.goznet.co.uk/wavecraft (603KB - Oct 1995)
WaveCraft is a software system simulating the sounds of analogue
synthesisers, using only a Windows-based PC with a 16-bit sound-card.
The samples generated can be used as musical instruments with any PC
sound card with download memory, including the Creative Labs Sound
Blaster AWE32 and the Turtle Beach series.
A high performance virtual synthesiser engine covering the major
modules used in analogue synthesisers, including oscillators, filters
and envelope generators.
An editor for Windows, giving an easy-to-use visual interface to the
virtual synthesiser engine

GRANULAB 1.0 - Realtime Granular Synthesizer
PP: http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/granulab.shtml
HP: http://hem.passagen.se/rasmuse/Granny.htm
SS: http://www.threechords.com/hammerhead/i ... anulab.gif
DL: http://hem.passagen.se/rasmuse/GranuLab ... b1_001.zip (118KB - Aug 2003)
There will be no further updates to this program version.
GranuLab is a realtime generator of sound grains for Windows 95.
Granular synthesis is the technology of creating complex sound by
playing back many short and relatively simple sound fragments with
varying parameters, such as length, pitch and density of the grains.

Just using a sine waveform as base material and altering the grain parameters,
several types of sound can be generated. It is however more exciting to use a
concrete sound sample. GranuLab reads 16 bit WAV files (mono or stereo).
Good raw material includes speech, instrument or ambient sounds, or indeed
synthetic sounds produced with DrumSynth

DaMod 0.99b - a cool modulation experiment kit
HP: http://members.tripod.com/~dsh/
DL: http://members.tripod.com/~dsh/DaMod.zip (40KB - Sept 1999)
It generates different waveforms and allows the user to export these to a wave file (MONO).
Much cooler is that the user can also choose modulate an external wave file with the
currently selected waveform settings. Lots of experimental sounds can be made this way.
Great for electronica/hip-hop production. Still being beta-tested. Requires Microsoft
DirectSound for playback (but export features should work without) and file "mfc40.dll".

HOG v.071b - a digital sound processor for windows
HP: http://music.calarts.edu/~bcassidy/hog
DL: http://music.calarts.edu/~bcassidy/hog/exe/HOGv071b.zip (75 KB - Aug 1998)
CONVOLUTION: combines the shared frequency spectra of two
files by passing one "through" the other. Includes features to
allow for reverb simulation using impulse response files.
EQ MATCHING: alters a file so that it possesses the same
average frequency spectrum as another.
RING MODULATION: ring modulates two files together,
a file and an oscillator, or a file and itself.
DECIMATE: induces digital artifacts through bit reduction,
justification, sample rate reduction.
FREQUENCY EXTRACTION: splits a file into its constituant left,
right, in-phase center, and out-of-phase center components.
A model file can specify the frequencies included / excluded
by the extraction.
VOCODER: get that classic vocoder sound by specifying
the carrier, modulator, and number of bands.

Zerius Vocoder
HP: http://www.epiphyte.ca/code/vocoder.html
SS: http://www.epiphyte.ca/code/vocoder/screen_shot.gif
DL: http://www.epiphyte.ca/code/vocoder/download.html (478 KB)
This program is a free software channel vocoder, which imposes vocal
effects on a waveform. It can be used to make your voice sound
"robot-like", to create a singing synthesizer, to disguise your voice,
and many other fun things. This effect has been made popular by
artists such as Kraftwerk and Laurie Anderson, and is overused
by Daft Punk.

HP: http://www.analogx.com/contents/downloa ... ocoder.htm
SS: http://www.analogx.com/contents/graphics/vocoder.gif
DL: http://www.analogx.com/files/vocodei.exe (250 KB - Jun 2000)
Simply supply a wave file with some speech (or singing), supply another wave
file with an instrument playing, and voila! Your instrument will now be modulated
by the speech wave and it will sound as if it's talking. You can vary the effect from
very slight to almost unrecognizable, from smooth and flowing to hard and rhythmic.
AnalogX Vocoder outputs 16-bit/mono/44100 wave files and can load any
sample rate and any bit depth mono wave files.

Suchhilfe :::> Toolsammlung - Synthesizer - Vocoder - Sound Effekt Prozessoren - Generatoren - dadada

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Registriert: 15.07.05, 1:33
Tu's mal hier dazu - zumal viele Links im ersten Thread nach den paar Jährchen nicht mehr funktionieren ... :tipp:

FreePiano 1.8 (c) twib (Jia LI) @ CHINA

DD: Jun 2013 - 2,40 MB (.zip) - Englisch - Portable - BSD License
OS: Alle Windows

HP: http://freepiano.sourceforge.net/en
DL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/freepia ... rce=navbar
DL: http://sourceforge.net/projects/freepiano/files/

HOWTO: http://freepiano.tiwb.com/en/config_manual
VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/user/lijia1103/videos

Free Piano ist ein portables virtuelles MIDI keyboard mit VST Host (EFB-Suche) Support.
Features of FreePiano:
- Using VSTi, you don’t need to install a virtual MIDI device.
- Support a variety of audio output, including DirectSound, WASAPI and ASIO.
- Raw MIDI message support, with 'MIDI' command you can send at most 3 hex digitals as a midi message.
- Supports at most 16 input channels, which are then mapped to 16 MIDI output MIDI channels.
- 'Follow key' option on input channels, which can control a input channel not to follow current key signature.
- 'Bank' option on output channels, which equals midi controller 0.
- You can define any key on the keyboard and display functions.
- Multi sets of keyboard layout can be switched anytime during play.
- Keyboard color support, and you can display Note Names as 'C D E F G A B'.
- Localized script support.
- Export your song to MP4 or WAV.
- Updater.

tags keywords suchen finden >>> hophop sammelthread list of alternative zu to Electronic Piano (EFB-Suche)

http://www.denkforum.at/find-new/posts | Plaudersophieren | www.NachDenkSeiten.de | http://happy-groove-hylozoik.blogspot.co.at

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