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Name: Unattended
Version: 4.0
Grösse: ca. 18 MB
Homepage: http://unattended.sourceforge.net
Downloadlink: https://sourceforge.net/project/showfil ... p_id=62053
Unattended ist ein Open Source-Äquivalent zu dem Microsoft eigenem Remote Installation Server. Zwei große Vorteile gegenüber RIS: zum einen Open Source, zum anderen kommt das ganze ohne dezidierten RIS-Server aus.
This is a system for fully automating the installation of Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.

Features include:
- Automated install of OS, hotfixes, and applications
- Full documentation and source code
- Support for floppy, CD-ROM, and "nothing but net" installs
- True unattended installation, not disk imaging
- No Windows servers required; use your Unix servers instead
- No Unix servers required; use your Windows servers after all
- Completely free
When you are finished setting up Unattended, you will be able to boot any PC from a floppy, from a CD-ROM, or directly from the network, answer a few questions, and come back an hour or two later to a fully-installed Windows workstation.

Danke an ^L^, schon ausgebessert ;)


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...lad mir grade die Dos-Version.


Die Pakete haben allerdings zwischen 16,5 und 17,5 Mb. :wink:

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Registriert: 21.01.07, 15:51
Version 4.6 ist aktuell.

(Linux) Add g(un)zip to boot disk since it is needed for non-English
keyboard support.

(DOS) Fix warnings about deleting non-existent DHCP cached state file

Set [Unattended]/DriverSigningPolicy to "Ignore" in
Z:\lib\unattend.txt (slords).

(Linux) Upgrade to Linux 2.6.10, MySQL 4.0.23a, DBD-mysql 2.9004, DBI
1.46, glibc-20041122, Parted 1.6.20, Perl 5.8.6, Samba 3.0.10,
wireless_tools.27, dmidecode 2.5, and module-init-tools 3.1.
"Downgrade" to dosemu 1.2.1, since it works fine and we have no reason
to use the CVS version.

Add Norwegian support to bootini.pl; thanks to Tor Haakon Gjerde.

Add Norwegian download URLs everywhere; thanks to Espen Stefansen.

Make Adobe Reader an optional package. Update it to version 7.0,
language permitting. Thanks to Godfrey Livingstone.

(DOS) Fix warnings when building under recent Cygwin (ekot).

DOS) Upgrade to FreeDOS Beta 9 Service Release #1. Do not load any
UMB provider by default, because usually it hurts more than it helps.

(DOS) Upgrade b44.dos and e1000.dos to latest versions.

Add Internet shortcut (URL) support to shortcut.pl.

Always clean up our installation mess, whether or not any post-install
scripts are selected (slords).

Fix CSV file parser to permit blank lines (slords).

Upgrade to Opera 7.54u1, Windows Installer 3.0, Shockwave,
WinAmp 5.07 (nrichthof). Upgrade to PuTTY 0.56 (dolphinbofh).
Upgrade to PHP 4.3.10 and Sun JRE 1.5.0_01.

Add PHP 5.0.3 (nrichthof).

Fix numerous download locations and installation scripts all over the
place (slords).

Upgrade to SYSLINUX 2.13.

Add current collection of MS hotfixes for win2k, winxpsp1, winxpsp2,
and ws2k3.

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Registriert: 26.10.06, 8:51
die version gibt es seit
Wed Apr 13 19:53:34 2005

...und ich hab mich schon auf ne neuere Version gefreut!

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BeitragVerfasst: 22.11.09, 19:16 

Registriert: 15.06.06, 12:16
4.8 vom 29.April 2009 ...

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BeitragVerfasst: 30.03.13, 14:34 

Registriert: 23.10.11, 15:52
Unattended 4.9 Released am 2011-06-06

This is a system for fully automating the installation of Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003.
Versioni4.8 include:
Kernel linux-
Windows XP SP3 Security updates up to January 2011
Linuxboot programs upgrade to latest stable versions.
AutodetectDrivers. Thanks Pierre!
For a detailed change log:

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