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GeekDOS (c) Benjamin Glen Dibell (bendib) @ Arizona.US http://geekinsnthings.info:4444/geekdos ... e.php?id=2

DD: Mar 2011 - bis 20 MB - Englisch - div. CDVD & USB ISO Images & Portable - Freeware
OS: DOS Windows Linux

HP: http://geekinsnthings.info:4444/geekdos + http://geekdos.weebly.com
PP: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/Fil ... kDOS.shtml
PP: http://www.downloadroute.com/GeekDOS-Weebly-Inc.html

DL: http://geekinsnthings.info:4444/ftp/pub/geekdos (*.GZ)
DL: http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/G ... 41030.html (Version 19.04 *.ISO)

SS: http://www.softpedia.com/progScreenshot ... 41030.html
FORUM: http://geekinsnthings.info:4444/geekdos/gdforums

Multifunktional erweiterte FreeDOS (EFB-Suche) Variante - auch als Image für den USB Stick verfügbar. Kommt ohne
Beschreibung oder Hilfe, jedoch sind in Changelogs & Screenshots auf der SP-Seite einige Funktionen ersichtlich.
FreeDOS based operating system

GeekDOS is a free and usable DOS variant based on FreeDOS, with a built in GUI (DOS Navigator) and many small utilities.
It is compatible with most MS-DOS applications and should be compatible with anything that runs on regular FreeDOS.
GeekDOS is intended for old computers, or new computers attempting to play old MS-DOS based games.

It can be installed to a hard disk or completely ran off of a Floppy, CD/DVD or USB drive. The CD and USB images are LiveCDs that boot to a fully functional GeekDOS install, and they permit the installation of GeekDOS to your hard disk. No guide or GeekDOS tutorial available.

GeekDOS - Changelog http://www.softpedia.com/progChangelog/ ... 41030.html

What's new in GeekDOS 19.04:
April 14th, 2010
· Games are now listed in a folder called GAMES.
· The installer supports (but does not require) the ability to format a hard disk partition before it installs.
· An unformat utility was added to GeekDOS 19.04 to allow you to unformat a drive you accidentally formatted.
· There is now two new color schemes for the menus in the DOS navigator GUI included with GeekDOS, blue menus and pink fever.
· Junk files such as files.bbs and file_id.diz have been removed from this release.
· There is a more beautiful CD boot sequence that shows the word GeekDOS in ASCII art.
· Since the CD says welcome to GeekDOS, the boot sequence now says "Starting GeekDOS..." with more details below.
· Some pre-set aliases allow you to do some tasks faster and easier. To shut down you system, instead of typing "C:\shutdown s"
you would type halt or poweroff like in a Linux based machine. You can also type reboot to restart the machine.
Paint can now be invoked from any directory at the prompt, and so can mpxplay. Instead of having to type the non-sensicle "dn"
to get back into the GUI, you can now type "gui" or "ui". I feel this to be a feature that should have been added many releases ago.
I waited because it is not possible to use these aliases in other command interpreters or when you relaunch "command.com".
· Sets partition label to GEEKDOS when formatting during install.

What's new in GeekDOS 18.12 SR1:
March 7th, 2010
· Since the GeekDOS autoexec.bat is very crowded and not recomended for editing,
I created a feature that allows for a second one called gdexec.bat.
The second improvement simply lets the installer use switches without the "/" before them.

What's new in GeekDOS 18.11:
February 10th, 2010
· Official FreeDOS kernel restored, partitoner better with FAT32 added
· New Partitioner does not have issues working on select disks without an existing partition table, as did the old one
· Drivers now loaded all at one place, autoexec.bat via devload
· Floppy version was given this driver loading way as well
· Installer now supports installing to drive E: via /e switch, for example, at the command prompt,
"install /e". Installer also displays individual version via /a switch and help via /? switch
· Floppy maker now formats floppy for you

What's new in GeekDOS 17.01:
January 4th, 2010
· New Paint program (VGA Paint)
· Notebook PC battery meter, command line undelete util, floppy image writer,
re-added gdver.bat (gone since 11.01),
· Slight change in gdabout.bat, and more.

What's new in GeekDOS 15.04:
December 4th, 2009
· Slightly more verbose boot screen
· Open source MP3 player (MPXPLAY (EFB-Suche))

What's new in GeekDOS 11.01:
October 10th, 2009
· Includes a new simpified boot screen, with the old gdver.bat script removed in favor
of the version being shown when the GUI is exited.

www.woxikon.de Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen 13 Sprachen | ^L^ http://www.denkforum.at/find-new/posts

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GeekDOS Forums are now up and functioning! by Subsentient 2011-06-20 05:48:44
also wer fragen hat :D

Tut sich hald recht wenig, wollt's hald grad nochmal aufgelegt haben
Geekdos auch für usb.. das heist, Pc's mit Dos Booten soll aber
nicht heisen Schulungspc's und damit Dosgames zocken!*breitgrinz*

liebe Grüße

=> Blubb (ich hoff das stört cheffe ned !) Blobb <=

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allem Anschein ausgefragt.. !

=> Blubb (ich hoff das stört cheffe ned !) Blobb <=

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