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Unlock Root Tools 2.3.0 (c) 2011 Unlockroot.com & AnTutu Labs @ Hong Kong.HK

DD: Feb 2012 - 9,3 MB (.exe) - Englisch - Installer Setup - Freeware
OS: WinXP/Vista/WIN7

HP: http://unlockroot.com/index.htm
PP: http://www.antutulabs.com/download
DL: http://rom.anshouji.com/root/unlockroot23-eng.exe

SS: http://unlockroot.com/images/2011-11-09_103347.jpg
SS: http://unlockroot.com/images/push.jpg

TEST: http://www.androidnext.de/news/unlock-r ... martphones

HOWTO: http://unlockroot.com/help.htm (Rooting your Android phone ... What is Rooting?)
FAQ: http://unlockroot.com/contact.htm

Universelles Android Root Tool für viele Smartphones. Ermöglicht Super-User-Rechte am Smart Phone
per Windows PC + USB Verbindung mit dem Phone. SU Rights werden bspw. benötigt, um vorinstallierte Bloatware und Apps
wie Facebook, Stock Trading Tools, GMail etc. de-installieren bzw. entfernen zu können.
- Support the Android 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3
- Easy way to get root access Permissions

The .dll files here are distributed by Microsoft Corporation as part of the Windows Driver Kit
(available at http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/resources/downloads.mspx) and included
here as permitted by the Microsoft Software License Terms.

UnlockRoot support Root/Unroot these Android devices

Quick Help
1 Your device must be in USB Debugging mode.
To turn it on, go to Settings > Applications > Development and check the box.
Look Here http://www.unlockroot.com/guide/guide.htm
2 Connect your device to your PC, Run UnlockRoot.exe
3 Click “Unlock Root”, Enjoy

Why Root your Android Phone/Tablet?

Rooting Android
The main reason people root their Android device is for freedom and control, and when you root your Android phone or tablet you gain full control over your system and can tweak it to your liking.

Improved Performance:
You can speed up your Android device by relocating your phones cache thus allowing you to save phone memory and have a faster phone.

Alter System Files:
You can replace many parts of the “Android Core” which include the ability to add new themes, edit the core apps (maps, calendar, clock, etc), change the recovery & boot images, add linux binaries.

More Application Choices:
You will be able to install apps that are only compatible with rooted phones, some of these apps include an app that will allow you to take a screenshot on your phone, overclock your device and tether apps.

Install applications to your SD CARD:
One of the most talked-about feature (or disadvantage) of any Android device is the limitation where you can install applications only in the phone’s internal memory and not the SD card. While Google may reason that SD cards are slower in general and cannot run apps as effectively as internal memory ...

Latest Android OS (Operating System):
With many carriers holding back the updates to the latest Android operating system, rooting your device will give you the option to install any current and future OS’s by installing custom-tailored ROMs.

WI-FI and Bluetooth Tethering:
After having rooted your device, you can also use WiFi or Bluetooth tether to share your cellular data connection with your laptop or PC ...


[CHIP] Die 15 besten Root-Apps für Android
http://www.chip.de/bildergalerie/Die-15 ... 83425.html

Deleting Factory Apps On Androids

Delete Stock Apps on Android

APPS that are SAFE to remove

List of apps safe to remove
http://androidforums.com/optimus-m-all- ... emove.html

Android Phones

www.woxikon.de Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen 13 Sprachen | ^L^ http://www.denkforum.at/find-new/posts

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