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von Jean
09.07.20, 23:58
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: Ventoy 1.0.15 - ISO Multiboot
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Re: Ventoy 1.0.11 - ISO Multiboot

v. 1.0.15 Add GPT partition style support, see Notes. For comparison between MBR and GPT see Notes Add autosel option in auto_install plugin, see Notes Add autosel option in persistence plugin, see Notes Fixed a bug when boot Windows/WinPE/Wim in UEFI mode with another active CDROM or USB-CDROM Opti...
von Jean
09.07.20, 23:57
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: TeamViewer v. 15.7.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop
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Re: TeamViewer v. 15.5.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

Problem von wechselnden TeamViewer ID bei der Aktualisierung zu Windows 10 Update 2004 behoben.
von Jean
09.07.20, 23:53
Forum: Systemsicherheit
Thema: KeePassXC v. 2.6.0 - Passwortverwaltung
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Re: KeePassXC v. 2.5.4 - Passwortverwaltung

v. 2.6.0 Custom Light and Dark themes Save Database Backup feature Reports: Database password health check (offline) Reports: HIBP online service to check for breached passwords Complete replacement of default database icons Complete replacement of application icons Complete refactor of browser inte...
von Jean
09.07.20, 23:50
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.1.2 - multi encoder und cdripper
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Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.1.1 - multi encoder und cdripper

v. 1.1.2 This release introduces UI scaling to the system font size by default, adds support for theme colors and dark mode on Linux/FreeBSD, updates codecs to the latest versions and fixes several issues found in earlier releases: Scale UI to adjust to system font size by default Removed non-workin...
von Jean
09.07.20, 0:13
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition v. 14.5
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Re: EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition v. 14.0

v. 14.5
Enhanced smart partition resizing
Added Automatic conversion of GPT function
Fixed bug
von Jean
09.07.20, 0:11
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: MusicBee v. 3.3.x - Musikverwaltung, Player
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Re: MusicBee v. 3.3.x - Musikverwaltung, Player

v. 3.3.7491
Fixes a number of bugs found. I will post a link on the downloads page and update the store version over the next couple of weeks.
FreeDb CD tags and Icecast radio are no longer supported.
von Jean
09.07.20, 0:09
Forum: Dateimanagement
Thema: SlickRun v - Programmstarter über Commandline
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Re: SlickRun v - Programmstarter über Commandline

Set UI font size to 10pt
Store command history every 10 minutes
Add $SRPATH$ variable to allow SlickRun program-folder-relative invocations
von Jean
08.07.20, 0:19
Forum: CD-Brennen
Thema: BurnAware Free 13.5 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm
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Re: BurnAware Free 13.4 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

v. 13.5
Added ALAC (.m4a) and AC3 support.
Updated translations.
Improved audio encoding and tags reading.
von Jean
07.07.20, 0:45
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: EasyUEFI 4.2 - EFI/UEFI-Booteinträge managen
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Re: EasyUEFI 4.0 - EFI/UEFI-Booteinträge managen

v. 4.2
Added support for exporting files and directories from EFI system partitions
Fix other minor bugs
von Jean
07.07.20, 0:44
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: FireAlpaca 2.3.4 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen
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Re: FireAlpaca 2.3.1 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen

v. 2.3.4 - weniger Fehler
Modifier key status is now displayed on the status bar
Some other small improvements
Move tool bug fixed.
Wait cursor blinking problem fixed.
Added message display when saving PSD files.
Improved the rasterization options dialog
von Jean
07.07.20, 0:42
Forum: Wissenschaft
Thema: RedCrab 7.14x - wissenschaftlicher Rechner mit Fullscreen Formel Editor
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Re: RedCrab 7.13x - wissenschaftlicher Rechner mit Fullscreen Formel Editor

v. 7.14
Cumulative update with new features, bug fixes and improvements.
Five new electrical functions. More improvements in details.
von Jean
07.07.20, 0:40
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: Avidemux 2.7.6 - Videobearbeitung ähnlich Virtualdub
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Re: Avidemux 2.75 - Videobearbeitung ähnlich Virtualdub

v. 2.7.6 New Feature:Detect and warn when cut points in HEVC video streams may result in grave playback issues despite being on keyframes New Video Decoder:Add libaom-based AV1 decoder New Video Encoder:Add libvpx-based VP9 encoder New Video Filter:Add hardware accelerated deinterlacer and resizer b...
von Jean
07.07.20, 0:39
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: XMedia Recode 3.5.1x -> Multimedia Audio & Videokonverter mit Jobfunktion
Antworten: 37
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Re: XMedia Recode 3.4.9x -> Multimedia Audio & Videokonverter mit Jobfunktion

v. 3.5.1
Aktualisierung von ffmpeg
Aktualisierung der italienischen Sprachdatei
Aktualisierung der portugiesischen Sprachdatei
Aktualisierung von x264 (3009) Codec
Aktualisierung von x265 (3.4.0) Codec
Unterstütztung von AOM AV1 (2.0.0)
von Jean
05.07.20, 23:59
Forum: Systemsicherheit
Thema: Sandboxie v 5.42 / Sb-Plus v. 0.3 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung
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Re: Sandboxie v 5.33.6 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung

da Sandboxie ja in die OpenSource-Freiheit gelassen wurde, gibt es auch einen Fork Sandboxie-Plus v. 0.3 is a fork of Sandboxie designed to address various problems as well as adding improved functionality. Sandboxie-Plus fixes many issues and security holes of the last official Sandboxie release, a...
von Jean
04.07.20, 1:01
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: EmEditor v. 19.9x - umfassend konfigurierbarer schneller Text-Editor
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Re: EmEditor v. 19.6x - umfassend konfigurierbarer schneller Text-Editor

v. 19.9.4 (aber CL geht schon bis v 20.0 ...) Added the Move/Copy Column(s) command, Added the Combine Columns command, Added the very dark mode (Windows 10 Build 17763 or later only) Added the ability to batch or multi-search in the Find, Find in Files, and Replace in Files commands. Added the Spli...
von Jean
04.07.20, 0:53
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: GPU-Z v. 2.33 / GPU-Shark 0.16.0 - Infos über Grafikkarten-Prozessor
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Re: GPU-Z v. 2.32 / GPU-Shark 0.16.0 - Infos über Grafikkarten-Prozessor

und v. 2.33 Improved AMD Renoir support, fixed several crashes and issues Added support for AMD Navi 12 / Radeon Pro 5600M Added support for NVIDIA RTX 2060 & 2070 Mobile (TU106-B), GeForce MX330 and MX350 Added support for Comet Lake UHD Graphics 610 & 630, Coffee Lake UHD Graphics P630 ...
von Jean
04.07.20, 0:51
Forum: Backup
Thema: Iperius Backup v. 7.0.9 - leistungsstarkes Backuptool, netzwerkfähig
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Re: Iperius Backup v. 7.0.5 - leistungsstarkes Backuptool, netzwerkfähig

v. 7.0.9 Iperius now supports backup on BackBlaze (S3): Iperius now supports backup on Centron S3 Storage: Iperius Recovery Environment now also supports Windows PE 4.0 Backup to OneDrive: Single files up to 100 GB can now be sent Neuer Befehlszeilenparameter zur Ausführung eines Auftrags als Dienst...
von Jean
03.07.20, 0:17
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: EssentialPIM v. 9.1.1 - Kalender/Notizen/Kontakte, mit Outlook-Import
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Re: EssentialPIM v. 9.1 - Kalender/Notizen/Kontakte, mit Outlook-Import

und die v. 9.1.1 - noch kein CL, wohl weniger Fehler ...