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von Jean
27.01.21, 1:26
Forum: Chat / Email / IRC / VoIP etc.
Thema: Thunderbird v 68.12.1 / 78.7.0 - Mozilla Email-/Newsclient
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Re: Thunderbird v 68.12.1 / 78.6.1 - Mozilla Email-/Newsclient

v. 78.7.0 - weniger Fehler Extension API: Compose API now supports editing messages and templates as new messages Extension API: composeHtml is now exposed in MailIdentity Extension API: windows.update and windows.create now support titlePreface Extension API: new Accounts API functions: accounts.ge...
von Jean
27.01.21, 1:24
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: WinSCP v. 5.17.10 - Dateimanager für SSH
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Re: WinSCP v. 5.17.9 - Dateimanager für SSH

v. 5.17.10 - sicherer
Back-propagated security fixes from 5.18.1 release:
TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.1.1i.
Bug fix: Prevent loading session settings that can lead to remote code execution from handled URLs.
von Jean
27.01.21, 1:23
Forum: Systemsicherheit
Thema: Sandboxie v 5.46.5 / Sb-Plus v. 0.6 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung
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Re: Sandboxie v 5.46.4 / Sb-Plus v. 0.5.5 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung

v. 0.6 / 5.46.5
added comfirmation prompts to terminate all commands
added window title to boxed process info
added winspy based sandboxed window finder
added option to view disabled boxes and double click on box to enable it
von Jean
26.01.21, 1:12
Forum: Browser
Thema: Mozilla Firefox v. 85 - Browser
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Re: Mozilla Firefox v. 84.0.2 - Browser

v. 85
mit ohne Flash
besserer Tracking-Schutz durch Netzwerk-Partitionierung
Verbesserungen beim Passwort-Management

https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/8 ... easenotes/
von Jean
26.01.21, 1:06
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: LosslessCut v. 3.31x - kleiner Video-Editor
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Re: LosslessCut v. 3.30x - kleiner Video-Editor

v. 3.31.1
Improved trash dialog
make mouse wheel scroll work also when the cursor is over the video too
Custom file name templates
make undo/redo work for input elements #610 (but segment undo/redo now doesn't work from menu)
improvements and bugfixes
von Jean
24.01.21, 14:11
Forum: Linktips
Thema: Lexika, Museen, Wörterbücher, Nachschlagewerke, Bildung und Wissen ...im Web
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Re: Lexika, Museen, Wörterbücher, Nachschlagewerke, Bildung und Wissen ...im Web

wer sich im Mauritshuis nie bis in die vorderste Reihe durchdrängeln konnte, kann "das Mädchen mit den Perlenohrgehänge"
nun auch mal digital auf 10 Milliarden Pixeln studieren.

von Jean
23.01.21, 0:28
Forum: PDF
Thema: PDF24 Creator v. 10.0x - PDF-Drucker + Toolbox
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Re: PDF24 Creator v. 10.0x - PDF-Drucker + Toolbox

v. 10.0.8 PDF24 Toolbox zeigt Hinweisseite bei einem inkompatiblen System Probleme beim Bearbeiten, Schwärzen, Signieren, Annotieren von PDF Dateien im Querformat behoben Seitenmodus vom Zusammenfügen-Tool in der Toolbox repariert Sprachdateien aktualisiert Importieren von Unterschriften in das Unte...
von Jean
23.01.21, 0:26
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Calibre v. 5.10.1 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader
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Re: Calibre 5.9 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

v. 5.10.1 - weniger Fehler Bulk metadata edit: Add a new control to compress the cover image files for all selected books Add support for the CB7 comic file file format E-book viewer: Allow adding a button to the selection bar that copies the currently selected text along with a calibre:// URL to sh...
von Jean
23.01.21, 0:24
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: Monkey's Audio 5.71 + plugins - verlustfreier audio
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Re: Monkey's Audio 5.69 + plugins - verlustfreier audio

v. 5.7.1 Changed: Made the size of the Cool Edit options a little smaller. Changed: Working on the signature of the program so it's buildable other places (should be transparent change, but please report any issues). Changed: Visual Studio update. Changed: The size of all the files switches to GB if...
von Jean
22.01.21, 0:17
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: Ventoy v. 1.0.33 - ISO Multiboot
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Re: Ventoy v. 1.0.32 - ISO Multiboot

v. 1.0.33 - weniger Fehler, 600+ ISOs Linux vhd/vdi/raw file now is bootable in both Legacy BIOS mode and UEFI mode. vtoyboot-1.0.7 release. Add support for DragonFly BSD distro Add support for Keyboard layout F5 Tools ---> Keyboard Layouts Add support for boot Linux vDisk file from other bootloader...
von Jean
22.01.21, 0:14
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: CPU-Z v1.95x - CPU-Diagnose
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Re: CPU-Z v1.94x - CPU-Diagnose

v. 1.95 Intel Core 11th generation "Rocket Lake". AMD ThreadRipper PRO 3995WX, 3975WX, 3955WX, 3945WX and WRX80 chipset. AMD Cezanne and Lucienne APUs. Mainboard PCI-Express generation report (Mainboard tab). Graphics Interface Link current speed and max speed (Mainboard tab). NVIDIA GPU base and bo...
von Jean
22.01.21, 0:12
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: AnyDesk 6.1.4 - Remote-Desktop
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Re: AnyDesk 6.1.0 - Remote-Desktop

v. 6.1.4 - weniger Fehler
Improved memory usage when using preserve details option
Added option --remove-password to remove password for unattended access via command line
von Jean
21.01.21, 0:12
Forum: PDF
Thema: AlterPDF lite v.5.0 - PDF-Werkzeugkiste (eingeschränkt)
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Re: AlterPDF lite v. 4.9 - PDF-Werkzeugkiste (eingeschränkt)

v. 5.0
PDF to Image: new options;
New method of PDF Anti-Copy;
Output PDF size reducing
von Jean
21.01.21, 0:07
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: Light Image Resizer v. - Bilder in andere Formate konvertieren, Watermark, Umbenennen NAGWARE
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Re: Light Image Resizer v. 6.0.1 - Bilder in andere Formate konvertieren, Watermark, Umbenennen NAGWARE

v. Policy options added to skip files which are smaller/larger than target dimensions Watermark can now use both image and text at the same time Support for reading Canon .cr3 raw files Clearer message for errors during background removal When undoing a manual crop, the crop selection is now...
von Jean
20.01.21, 0:54
Forum: PDF
Thema: PDF Shaper v. 10.7 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter
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Re: PDF Shaper v. 10.5 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

v. 10.7 Updated translations. Improved Unicode text extraction. Improved support of screen readers. Minor improvements to user interface. Improved DOC to PDF tool: Improved support for color pattern object. Improved support for font files. Improved support for list formatting. Improved support for t...
von Jean
20.01.21, 0:52
Forum: Systemsicherheit
Thema: Sandboxie v 5.46.5 / Sb-Plus v. 0.6 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung
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Re: Sandboxie v 5.46 / Sb-Plus v. 0.5.4 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung

v. 0.5.5 / 5.46.4
This build resolves an issue with the registry isolation present since window 10 CU.
Further more it adds many minor usability improvements and fixes many UI bugs with the new SandMan UI.

von Jean
20.01.21, 0:50
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: Format Factory v. 5.6.0 - universeller übersichtlicher Mediakonverter (Adware)
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Re: Format Factory v. 5.5.0 - universeller übersichtlicher Mediakonverter (Adware)

v. 5.6.0
Added function to add video and audio cover
Improved subtitle font color configuration
Added file sorting function
Improved keep aspect cropping in video option
Added sample format option in audio output setting
Added lossless words before audio lossless configuration