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von Jean
23.05.19, 0:48
Forum: Desktop
Thema: TidyTabs v. 1.5.1 - Tab-Gruppen für alle Tools
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Re: TidyTabs v. 1.4.0 - Tab-Gruppen für alle Tools

v. 1.5.1 Possibility to select a tab by dragging a file over it. For tab titles containing a file path, the ellipsis ("...") is placed at the middle of the text rather that at the end, to make the path easily identifiable. The commands of the tab's right-click menu are now displayed with their corre...
von Jean
23.05.19, 0:45
Forum: Chat / Email / IRC / VoIP etc.
Thema: Thunderbird v 60.7 - Mozilla Email-/Newsclient
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Re: Thunderbird v 60.6.1 - Mozilla Email-/Newsclient

v. 60.7.0
Attachment pane of Write window no longer focussed when attaching files using a keyboard shortcut fixed
Various security fixes
von Jean
23.05.19, 0:42
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: LibreOffice 6.2.4 - Officesuite
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Re: LibreOffice 6.2.3 - Officesuite

v. 6.2.4, CL wie immer
von Jean
22.05.19, 0:41
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: manictime v. 4.3.* - personal time managment software
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Re: manictime v. 4.2.* - personal time managment software

v. (ggf. nicht in free) ManicTime Cloud Autotag editor, edit rules Full backup and restore Tag selector, billable support Jira - Tempo plugin support, billable hours Added: Freshbooks plugin which works with the new Freshbooks API Added: Azure DevOps plugin Added: Asana plugin Added: Basecam...
von Jean
17.05.19, 23:56
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: 5KPlayer v. 5.8 - Video-Player, -Downloader, Streamer
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Re: 5KPlayer v. 5.6 - Video-Player, -Downloader, Streamer

v. 5.8 Added video processing feature to cut/rotate video, and adjust playback speed, audio volume and color balance. Improved Media info module to offer more detailed media information. Optimized Hardware Acceleration module to check computer's GPU more precisely. Added supports for immersive 360°V...
von Jean
17.05.19, 23:51
Forum: Backup
Thema: Personal Backup Vers. 6.0.x
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Re: Personal Backup Vers. 6.0.x

v. 6.0.5 - weniger Fehler - Additional icon in control panel to tag a task that was inserted into Windows Task Scheduler - Direct selection of a task in the list of scheduled tasks if an appropriate entry was found - Hint on backup mode in control panel - Revised management of tasks list - Additiona...
von Jean
17.05.19, 23:47
Forum: Antivirus / Antitrojan
Thema: Hitman Pro 3.8.12 (Anti-Spyware/Malware/Ransomware-All-in-One-Lösung)
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Re: Hitman Pro 3.7.15 (Anti-Spyware/Malware/Ransomware-All-in-One-Lösung)

v. 3.8.12 IMPROVED: Activation mechanism. IMPROVED: Cookie detection. IMPROVED: Detection of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs/PUAs). IMPROVED: Performance of the remnant scan ADDED: Detection of malware that uses persistence through Windows Platform Apps UPDATED: User interface, matching Sophos c...
von Jean
17.05.19, 1:10
Forum: PDF
Thema: PDF Shaper v. 9.0 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter
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Re: PDF Shaper v. 8.9 - PDF-zu-RTF-Konverter

v. 9.0 - alles neu New user interface - all elements written from scratch. New tools - PDF to PDF, insert pages, move pages. New options: PDF to TXT - add page number, process selected pages PDF to RTF - format with tabs, process selected pagesm DOC to PDF - image quality, text placement, metadata D...
von Jean
17.05.19, 1:07
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: SysGauge v. 6.2.* - umfangreiches System- und Performance-Monitoring
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Re: SysGauge v. 6.1.* - umfangreiches System- und Performance-Monitoring

v. 6.2.12
adds the ability to monitor the IIS Server using the SysGauge command line utility allowing one to automate the IIS Server monitoring operations into user-custom scripts and batch files. In addition, the new product version improves the NAS Server monitor and fixes a number of bugs.
von Jean
17.05.19, 0:11
Forum: Antivirus / Antitrojan
Thema: Linksammlung: Online-Viren-, Malware- und Sicherheitsscanner
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Re: Linksammlung: Online-Viren-, Malware- und Sicherheitsscanner

ja, dieses Thema wird ja nicht so schnell verschwinden ...

listen auf, was uns so alles befallen kann, und mdsattacks hat auch ein kleines Tool veröffentlicht, das die Verwundbarkeit
durch die ganzen Microarchitectural Data Sampling Attacks prüft ...
von Jean
16.05.19, 0:27
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: AnyDesk 5.1 - Remote-Desktop
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Re: AnyDesk 5.0.5 - Remote-Desktop

v. 5.1 - weniger Fehler
- Added TCP-Forwarding for running sessions
- Moved connection trace to system folder.
- Updated localizations.
von Jean
16.05.19, 0:26
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: Acrylic WiFi Free 4.3 - WLAN-Scanner
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Re: Acrylic WiFi Free 4.0 - WLAN-Scanner

v. 4.3, kein CL
von Jean
16.05.19, 0:23
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: Irfanview 4.53: Bilder- und Videobetrachter
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Re: Irfanview 4.52: Bilder- und Videobetrachter

v. 4.53 New effect in Image->Effects menu: Insert Speech Bubbles New effect in Image menu: Add Shadow, Shape, Rounded corners, Snowflake etc. New effect in Image menu: Add Hexagon (or tiles), Star, Spikes, Heart etc. Show mouse zoom magnifier: CTRL+SHIFT + Mouse-move in the image New border effect i...
von Jean
16.05.19, 0:21
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: HWINFO32/64 v. 6.0.6 / HWINFO 5.5.5 - Systeminformationen
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Re: HWINFO32/64 v. 6.0.4 / HWINFO 5.5.5 - Systeminformationen

v. 6.0.6 Enhanced sensor monitoring on MSI MEG X299 CREATION and other X299 series. Fixed sensor monitoring on ASUS P8H77-I and P8H77-V LE. Added support for monitoring of NZXT Grid+ V3 fans. Enhanced support of Intel Ice Lake-SP and Snow Ridge. Added reporting and monitoring of overclocking ratio l...
von Jean
16.05.19, 0:19
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: Oracle VM VirtualBox v. 6.0.8 - Kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung
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Re: Oracle VM VirtualBox v. 6.0.8 - Kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung

ja, Überschrift geändert. Ich ändere immernureskannnureinegeben© die Hauptüberschrift ... wir haben da schon öfters drüber geredet.
von Jean
15.05.19, 12:18
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: Oracle VM VirtualBox v. 6.0.8 - Kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung
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Re: Oracle VM VirtualBox v. 6.0.8 - Kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung

doch, die Überschrift habe ich wie immer brav geändert (nach dem Posten), und natürlich gab es auch ein Changelog - und zwar in der allgemeinvonallenimmer© geschätzten Version mit den halbwegs relevanten Neuigkeiten ohne die Hinweise auf die Schreibfehler in den äthiopischen *nix-Kernelversionen, di...
von Jean
15.05.19, 1:18
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: Oracle VM VirtualBox v. 6.0.8 - Kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung
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Re: Oracle VM VirtualBox v. 6.0.6 - Kostenlose Virtualisierungslösung

v. 6.0.8 - This is a maintenance release
Windows hosts: Support paths longer than 4096 characters on in shared folders