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von Jean
02.07.22, 0:02
Forum: OS und Shells
Thema: Ventoy v. 1.0.78 - ISO Multiboot
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Re: Ventoy v. 1.0.76 - ISO Multiboot

v. 1.0.78 - heiler Improvement for Boot Conf Replace Plugin, now can replace at most 2 files. Update Super-UEFIinSecureBoot-Disk to v3.4 (#1695) .ventoyignore also works in F2 Browser Mode. Auto remove the redundant trailing slash when set directory path on VentoyPlugson page. languages.json update ...
von Jean
01.07.22, 23:57
Forum: Desktop
Thema: OneLoupe 5.55 - Echtzeit Bildschirmlupe plus Vollbild-Modus
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Re: OneLoupe 5.21 - Echtzeit Bildschirmlupe plus Vollbild-Modus

v. 5.55
Verbesserungen beim einsatz auf Multi-Screens und Virtuellen-Desktops
Kleine Feinjustierung und Aktualisierung der Sprachdateien
von Jean
01.07.22, 23:56
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: Input Director 2.1.2 (2+ PCs über 1 Maus & Tastatur ansteuern)
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Re: Input Director 2.1.1 (2+ PCs über 1 Maus & Tastatur ansteuern)

v. 2.1.2 Key bindings support binding a key to multiple target keys across the Director and Client systems Bindings can now bind mouse buttons as a source or target action Upgraded OpenSSL library to v3.0.3 Fixed a bug that could stop transitioning to a client when it's status changes to being avail...
von Jean
01.07.22, 23:54
Forum: Spiele
Thema: MAME / MAMEUI 0.245 Arcade-Emulatoren
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Re: MAME / MAMEUI 0.242 Arcade-Emulatoren

v. 0.245 The highly-anticipated release of MAME 0.245 has finally arrived! As I’m sure many of you are already aware, we’ve added support for two elusive arcade games that didn’t see widespread release: Megumi Rescue and Marble Madness II, and the Konami Polygonet system has finally come to life. Su...
von Jean
01.07.22, 13:28
Forum: Browser
Thema: GNU IceCat v91.9.1 - Firefox-Fork mit einigen Datenschutzfunktionen
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Re: GNU IceCat v91.9.1 - Firefox-Fork mit einigen Datenschutzfunktionen

der DL geht auch über diverse Portale, und vermutlich auch über die GNU-FTP-Server. Aber man vermutet, daß das Teil nicht mehr fortgeführt wird
von Jean
01.07.22, 0:56
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: mpv.net v. 6.0.1x - ein erweiterbarer Mediaplayer
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Re: mpv.net v. 5.8x - ein erweiterbarer Mediaplayer

v. - heiler, mehr grün und grumpy New tutorial: Extending mpv and mpv.net via Lua scripting New options autofit-image and autofit-audio, like autofit, but used for image and audio files. New auto-mode script to use mpv and mpv.net as image viewer and audio player. New smart-volume script. Re...
von Jean
01.07.22, 0:52
Forum: Dateimanagement
Thema: UltraSearch Free v. 3.3x - weitere NTFS (MFT) live-Suchmaschine OHNE Index
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Re: UltraSearch Free v. 3.3x - weitere NTFS (MFT) live-Suchmaschine OHNE Index

v. Die Auslieferung der 32bit-Version von UltraSearch endet mit dieser Version. Ab Version 3.4 wird UltraSearch ausschließlich in der 64bit-Version veröffentlicht. Die Dateiinhaltssuche kann nun auch UTF-8 kodierte Dateien ohne sogenannte "Byte Order Mark" nach Begriffen mit Sonde...
von Jean
01.07.22, 0:50
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: ImgDrive 1.8.0 - The Ultimate Virtual CD/DVD/HD-DVD/BD Drive
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Re: ImgDrive 1.7.7 - The Ultimate Virtual CD/DVD/HD-DVD/BD Drive

v. 1.8.0 - Updated translations - Changed the default language matching logic at first install - Fixed crash when open file dialog - Many minor changes and improvements - Added an option to keep history of recently mounted images - Added options toolbar button - Added Ukrainian language file - Fixed...
von Jean
01.07.22, 0:47
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: gBurner virtual drive v. 5.2 - virtuelle Laufwerke für viele CD/DVD/Image-Formate
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Re: gBurner virtual drive v. 5.0 - virtuelle Laufwerke für viele CD/DVD/Image-Formate

v. 5.2 +) Can list files in vhdx file. *) Improves wim and esd files support. *) Some minor bug fixes and improvements. +) Can open disc image file with XFS and UFS file system. +) Can open disc image file with LVM partition mode. +) Can split large wim esd file when making bootable usb drive. *) Im...
von Jean
01.07.22, 0:45
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Cherrytree v. 0.99.48 - hierarchisch aufgebautes Notizprogramm
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Re: Cherrytree v. 0.99.47 - hierarchisch aufgebautes Notizprogramm

v. added support for right to left languages in export to html and pdf improved detection of missing executables required for rendering LatexBoxes. pressing Tab on the very latest table cell now adds a new table line and moves to its first cell in export to html and txt multiple files, now...
von Jean
01.07.22, 0:43
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: VNC Connect 6.22x (fkn RealVNC) - das original VNC vom at&t team
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Re: VNC Connect 6.21 (fkn RealVNC) - das original VNC vom at&t team

v. 6.22.515 NEW: Sign-in with your Azure AD organisation - VNC Connect now supports federated authentication for RealVNC accounts. NEW: Added support for Ubuntu 22.04, RHEL/CentOS 9 and Windows Server 2022 IMPROVED: The Preferences window now defaults to the Privacy tab IMPROVED: AudioVolume now ava...
von Jean
28.06.22, 22:55
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: vim v. 9.0 - Editor+frontend
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Re: vim 8.2 - Editor+frontend

v. 9.0.0000000....
After many years of gradual improvement Vim now takes a big step with a major release.
Besides many small additions the spotlight is on a new incarnation of the Vim script language: Vim9 script.

von Jean
28.06.22, 22:51
Forum: Tweaking
Thema: Auslogics Disk Defrag v. 10.3.*
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Re: Auslogics Disk Defrag v. 9.5.*

v. - heiler Made some interface enhancements Defragmentation algorithm improved. SSD-safe algorithm added to free version. Notification system enhanced. Interface enhancements added. Option to disable ads is now available in the free program version. Enhanced defragmentation algorithm to ha...
von Jean
28.06.22, 22:47
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: TeamViewer v. 15.31.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop
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Re: TeamViewer v. 15.28.x - Desktop-Sharing und Remote-Desktop

v. 15.31.5
Customers now benefit from an improved and smoother video experience in Windows remote support sessions. This includes a lower latency and better visual quality.
Remote terminal functionality is now available in the Computers & Contacts list.
von Jean
28.06.22, 20:19
Forum: Browser
Thema: GNU IceCat v91.9.1 - Firefox-Fork mit einigen Datenschutzfunktionen
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Re: GNU IceCat v91.9.1 - Firefox-Fork mit einigen Datenschutzfunktionen

vor 3 Wochen lebte es noch - mal anfragen: skype: muslayev telegram: @muslayev
von Jean
27.06.22, 23:45
Forum: Browser
Thema: Mozilla Firefox v. 102 - Browser
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Re: Mozilla Firefox v. 101.0.1 - Browser

v. 102.0 - sicherer Improved PDF reading in high contrast mode On Linux, Firefox will use Geoclue if available on the system for geolocation. Subtitles and captions for Picture-in-Picture are now available at HBO Max, Funimation, Dailymotion, Tubi, Disney+ Hotstar, and SonyLIV. ... https://www.mozil...
von Jean
27.06.22, 23:42
Forum: PDF
Thema: Foxit PDF Reader 12.0.0x - PDF-Viewer und -Drucker
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Re: Foxit PDF Reader 11.2.2 - PDF-Viewer und -Drucker

v., noch kein CL
von Jean
27.06.22, 23:38
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: FireAlpaca 2.8.3 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen
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Re: FireAlpaca 2.8.1 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen

v. 2.8.3 Brush post-processing function has been enhanced. ACO color palette files can now be read (RGB, grayscale only). Fixed a display problem with icons in the 3D Perspective window. Drag zoom can now be disabled. Text layers can now be merged into a 32 bpp layer. Improved quality of spreading b...