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von Jean
11.05.21, 0:32
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: Minitool Moviemaker Free 2.7 Videobearbeitung
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Re: Minitool Moviemaker Free 2.6 Videobearbeitung

v. 2.7 Released 64-bit version. Enhanced file exporting speed. Fixed the bug that the project file went abnormal after opening. Fixed the bug that the audio was accelerated at the split point. Fixed the bug that the program crashed when previewing video with advanced effects on Windows 7 64-bit. Fix...
von Jean
11.05.21, 0:29
Forum: Up- & Download / FTP
Thema: Cyberduck v. 7.9.0 - FTP-Programm
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Re: Cyberduck v. 7.8.5 - FTP-Programm

v. 7.9.0 New "Auto" default option for number of connections for transfers Increased default to 5 concurrent connections for transfers for protocols other than FTP Allow toggling versioning configuration for bucket (Google Storage) Display and restore of previous file versions in bucket (G...
von Jean
11.05.21, 0:28
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: VideoLAN (VLC) v. 3.0.14 - Universal-Videoplayer/Streamer für Windows
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Re: VideoLAN (VLC) v. 3.0.13 - Universal-Videoplayer/Streamer für Windows

v. 3.0.14 - heiler
* Fix double loading of slave input
* Fix an issue causing the auto-updater not to launch the new version installer
von Jean
11.05.21, 0:27
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: GPU-Z v. 2.39 / GPU-Shark 0.22.1 - Infos über Grafikkarten-Prozessor
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Re: GPU-Z v. 2.38 / GPU-Shark 0.22.1 - Infos über Grafikkarten-Prozessor

v. 2.39 Added support for Intel Rocket Lake Integrated Graphics Added support for NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile, RTX 3050 Ti Mobile, RTX 3050 Mobile, RTX A5000, T500, CMP 30HX, CMP 40HX, CMP 90HX Added support for AMD Radeon RX 6900 XTXH, Radeon Pro W5500M, Barco MXRT 4700 Integrated screenshot feature now...
von Jean
11.05.21, 0:24
Forum: Dateimanagement
Thema: FreeFileSync v 11.10 - Dateisynchronisierer
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Re: FreeFileSync v 11.9 - Dateisynchronisierer

v. 11.10 Fixed comparison results cleared after mouse-scrolling the first folder pair Stricter base folder existence checks before synchronization Disable all file pairs when base folder status cannot be determined Fixed sync statistics if base folder existence test failed Work around glitch in grid...
von Jean
07.05.21, 23:36
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: AnyDesk 6.3.0 - Remote-Desktop
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Re: AnyDesk 6.2.3 - Remote-Desktop

v. 6.3.0 - heiler
New Features
- Improved network stability and speed.
- Improved localization for German, Czech, Portuguese and Portuguese (Brazil)
von Jean
07.05.21, 23:34
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: Fotor 3.8.2 - Bildverbesserer, Bildbearbeitung inkl. RAW
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Re: Fotor 3.7.2 - Bildverbesserer, Bildbearbeitung inkl. RAW

v. 3.8.2
*Added the introduction page of the design module recommendation.
*Design features update
*Bug fixes and performance improvements.
von Jean
06.05.21, 22:58
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: XnView v 2.50/ XnView MP 0.98.3 - Universal-Grafikviewer
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Re: XnView v 2.50/ XnView MP 0.98.2 - Universal-Grafikviewer

XnView MP 0.98.3 [New] EXIF>LensModel/LensMake added [New] Import&Sort: Sidecar option to write keywords [New] Zoom out filter (Bicubic, Spline, Lanczos) [New] Alphabetically sort [New] Timestamp: option to force update [New] Browser: Statusbar customization [New] Category Sets [New] Export Cata...
von Jean
06.05.21, 22:54
Forum: Netzwerk
Thema: Distant Desktop v. 2.3 - portable Remotedesktopsoftware
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Re: Distant Desktop - portable Remotedesktopsoftware

v. 2.3, nochkein CL Тo need to “run as admin” anymore; Security improvements; New setting: autostart with Windows; Der Autor ist einfach "Distant Software": "Distant Software was founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada by bringing together professionals in programming, digital video and we...
von Jean
06.05.21, 22:39
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: FanControl v78 - Lüftersteuerung, Profile, Kurven
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Re: FanControl v77 - Lüftersteuerung, Profile, Kurven

UI update: replaced numerical comboboxes with input fields
Ask for save on exit
Fixed a sensor refresh bug
von Jean
06.05.21, 22:36
Forum: PDF
Thema: Foxit Reader 10.1x - PDF-Viewer und -Drucker
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Re: Foxit Reader 10.1x - PDF-Viewer und -Drucker

v. 10.1.4.xxx ist sicherer
von Jean
05.05.21, 23:44
Forum: Tweaking
Thema: Windows Repair (All In One) 4.11x - Portables Multitool, Tweaks, Reparaturen, Malware-Remove
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Re: Windows Repair (All In One) 4.11x - Portables Multitool, Tweaks, Reparaturen, Malware-Remove

v. 4.11.3 Updated default registry and file permissions for Windows 10 as of May 4th 2021. Updated Tweaking.com - Registry Backup to v4.0.0 Updated create restore point code to give error messages if creating a restore point fails. Updated default registry and file permissions for Windows 10 as of M...
von Jean
05.05.21, 23:42
Forum: CD-Brennen
Thema: True Burner v. 7.4 - universelles schlankes Brennprogramm ADWARE
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Re: True Burner v. 7.3 - universelles schlankes Brennprogramm ADWARE

v. 7.4
Updated disc burning SDK.
Improved program performance.
Compatibility improvements for latest revision of Windows 10.
von Jean
05.05.21, 23:40
Forum: Backup
Thema: Iperius Backup v. 7.4.0 - leistungsstarkes Backuptool, netzwerkfähig
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Re: Iperius Backup v. 7.3.0 - leistungsstarkes Backuptool, netzwerkfähig

v. 7.4 - weniger Fehler
Mehrere Verbesserungen und Optimierungen
Das Verfahren zum Wiederherstellen von virtuellen ESXi-Maschinen wurde verbessert
von Jean
05.05.21, 0:48
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Joplin v. 1.7.* - Notiz/ToDo-Verwaltung mit Cloud-Anbindung
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Re: Joplin v. 1.7.* - Notiz/ToDo-Verwaltung mit Cloud-Anbindung

v. 1.8.3 steht vor der Tür New: Add "id" and "due" search filters (#4898 by @JackGruber) New: Add synchronization tools to clear local sync state or data (a6caa35) Improved: Bump KaTeX to 0.13.3 (#4902 by Roman Musin) Improved: Skip empty lines while converting selection to list ...
von Jean
05.05.21, 0:46
Forum: Wissenschaft
Thema: Anki 2.1.43 (Karteikarten)
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Re: Anki 2.1.41 (Karteikarten)

v. 2.1.43
The reviewing screen will now wait for up to 100ms for images to load before showing, and waits until images have been loaded before scrolling to the answer.
The default fade-in on the review screen has been removed.
von Jean
04.05.21, 0:37
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: StaxRip v. 2.5.0 - Videokonverter für alle wichtigen Formate
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Re: StaxRip v. 2.4.0 - Videokonverter für alle wichtigen Formate

v. 2.5 Add option to disable extraction of forced subtitles for IDX files (Dendraspis, 44vince44) Add After Job Failed event (Dendraspis) Reload last project after processing jobs (Dendraspis, #645) Add Sharpen filter profile for AviSynth/VapourSynth (JKyle) Add CAS filter profile for AviSynth/Vapou...
von Jean
04.05.21, 0:36
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: Monkey's Audio 6.23 + plugins - verlustfreier audio
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Re: Monkey's Audio 6.21 + plugins - verlustfreier audio

v. 6.23
Changed: The list text switches to "Decompressed (MB)" during decompression and "Processed (MB)" during conversion (instead of staying "Compressed (MB)").
Changed: Made the install not ask for a directory during an upgrade install.