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von Gordon
25.06.19, 19:45
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: Splash 2.7.0 - auf HD/UHD/HDR optimierter Player
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Re: Splash 2.6.1 - auf HD/UHD/HDR optimierter Player

What's new in Splash 2.7.0?

Added AV1 video decoding
Added software HEVC video decoding
Added SmartSeek for HEVC
Added VP8/VP9 video decoding
Added Opus audio
von Gordon
24.06.19, 17:21
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: Input Director 1.4.2 (2+ PCs über 1 Maus & Tastatur ansteuern)
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Re: Input Director 1.4.1 (2+ PCs über 1 Maus & Tastatur ansteuern)

Input Director v1.4.2 is available for download. New features include: Import/Export Input Director configuration as XML Make configuration changes using the app or via a new command line tool Fixed a bug that could cause Input Director not to resume after connecting to a slave over Remote Desktop ...
von Gordon
24.06.19, 17:19
Forum: Spiele
Thema: RomCenter 4.0 - ROM Manager für Game-ROMs
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Re: RomCenter 2.70 Beta 1 - ROM Manager für M.A.M.E. ROMs

lebt noch und ist frisch in Version 4.0 erschienen, kann inzwischen alle möglichen ROMs managen:
HP und DL: https://www.romcenter.com/
Infos zu den Änderungen findet man im Forum:
https://www.romcenter.com/forum/viewtop ... f=6&p=9859
von Gordon
24.06.19, 17:14
Forum: Packer
Thema: Bandizip 6.23 - Packprogramm
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Re: Bandizip 6.22 - Packprogramm

v6.23 June 24, 2019 Added support for GARBLE algorithm of ARJ format Added support for obfuscated-deflate algorithm of ALZ format Added support for HTTP Proxy when you update manually Fixed a bug where some damaged ISO files cannot be opened Fixed a bug where file time information of specific ISO i...
von Gordon
23.06.19, 18:14
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: JPEG Repair Shop - defekte Bilddateien reparieren
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JPEG Repair Shop - defekte Bilddateien reparieren

JPEG Repair Shop Größe: 17 MB Lizenz: Freeware Beschreibung: JPEG Repair Shop allows you to repair corrupt JPEG files by manipulating the internal structure of the JPEG file. This makes it possible to repair corrupt files, which would be impossible to fix in a normal image editor. The image data of...
von Gordon
23.06.19, 17:52
Forum: Linktips
Thema: Lexika, Museen, Wörterbücher, Nachschlagewerke, Bildung und Wissen ...im Web
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Re: Lexika, Museen, Wörterbücher, Nachschlagewerke, Bildung und Wissen ...im Web

Elsevier gibt bis zum Jahresende 5000 Artikel zum Thema Klimawandel ab. Dazu muss man einen Mendeley-Account anlegen und kann die entsprechenden Artikel speichern: https://www.mendeley.com/campaign/about-climate-change
von Gordon
20.06.19, 17:31
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: Lame v3.100 final und Fork - mp3 Encoder
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Re: Lame v3.100 final und Fork - mp3 Encoder

3.100 refresh: Bundle compiled with Intel 19 Compiler. Includes bug-fixed FastCRC patch. Should work on XP, or later.

von Gordon
19.06.19, 17:38
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: RJ TextEd 14.01 - Texteditor
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Re: RJ TextEd 13.9x - Texteditor

Version 14 bringt kleinere Neuigkeiten:
von Gordon
18.06.19, 17:25
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: mpv.net v. 4.3 - ein erweiterbarer Mediaplayer
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Re: mpv.net v. 4.0 - ein erweiterbarer Mediaplayer

4.3 there was new bug in file association feature 4.2 Letting Go the help and layout in the config editor was improved clipboard monitoring for URLs can be disabled in the settings the context menu has a new feature: Open > Add files to playlist, it appends files to the playlist (Default binding) a...
von Gordon
18.06.19, 17:15
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) v. 6.1.1 - Dokumentenscanner
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Re: NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner) v. 6.1.0 - Dokumentenscanner

Changes in 6.1.1:

Faster and more accurate deskew
Bug fixes
von Gordon
17.06.19, 16:59
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: foobar 2000 v. 1.4.5 - Audioplayer mit zahlreichen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten
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Re: foobar 2000 v. 1.4.4 - Audioplayer mit zahlreichen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten

1.4.5 Workaround for WMA tag editing failing on long file paths. Converter: Prefer user specified converter paths over %PATH%. Fixed Resampler DSP crashing on very old PCs due to a VS2017 compiler bug. Various obscure crash bugs have been addressed (Converter, ReplayGain Scanner, Default UI). MS St...
von Gordon
17.06.19, 16:57
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: QuickViewer 1.1.5 - superschneller portabler Bildbetrachter (OpenGL-powered)
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Re: QuickViewer 1.14 - superschneller portabler Bildbetrachter (OpenGL-powered)


add Russian language resources, using official SevenZip, bugfixed