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von Gordon
18.04.21, 16:13
Forum: Spiele
Thema: VICE 3.5 - C64/128/VC20/PET-emulator
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Re: VICE 3.4 - C64/128/VC20/PET-emulator

Version 3.5 erschien im Dezember 2020:
von Gordon
18.04.21, 16:10
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: ImageGlass 8.1.x - kleiner portabler Bildbetrachter
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Re: ImageGlass 8.0.x - kleiner portabler Bildbetrachter

Announcing ImageGlass 8.1 - Home
Supports new image formats JPEG XL, improves Exif tool, and lots of bug fixes.
https://imageglass.org/news/announcing- ... -1-home-71
von Gordon
17.04.21, 13:50
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: Fmedia v. 1.24x - asynchroner Media Player/Recorder/Konverter
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Re: Fmedia v. 1.13x - asynchroner Media Player/Recorder/Konverter

fmedia v1.24 - Apr 11, 2021 + .mkv: support Opus; support .webm; support seeking (slightly inaccurate) + .mkv(Opus) -> .ogg copy: "fmedia f.mkv -o f.ogg --stream-copy" + .cue: support .mp4/.mkv/.mp3 + .avi: support "pcm" codec + GUI(Linux): "File->Delete From Disk": mo...
von Gordon
17.04.21, 13:45
Forum: Videobearbeitung
Thema: MrViewer 5.8.1 - Professional Flipbook, Video and Audio Player
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Re: MrViewer 5.7.0 - Professional Flipbook, Video and Audio Player

v5.8.1 - Windows' .EXE installer now supports two buttons for check all and uncheck all for all extensions. - F11/F12 now respect the window position and fit image when minimizing after a maximize. - There's a new flag -c <colorspace> to establish the input color space of each image. - Reverted logg...
von Gordon
17.04.21, 13:42
Forum: Tweaking
Thema: DriverStore Explorer 0.11.72 - Treiber auflisten, gezielt löschen oder neu hinzufügen
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Re: DriverStore Explorer 0.11.56 - Treiber auflisten, gezielt löschen oder neu hinzufügen

DriverStore Explorer v0.11.72

Update translation for Italian, Ukrainian.
Fix a few exceptions.
von Gordon
16.04.21, 17:59
Forum: Up- & Download / FTP
Thema: youtube-dl 2021.04.*+ GUI - Video/Audiodownload von zahlreichen Webseiten
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Re: youtube-dl 2020.12.*+ GUI - Video/Audiodownload von zahlreichen Webseiten

youtube-dl 2021.04.07 Core [extractor/common] Use compat_cookies_SimpleCookie for _get_cookies [compat] Introduce compat_cookies_SimpleCookie [extractor/common] Improve JSON-LD author extraction [extractor/common] Fix _get_cookies on python 2 (#20673, #23256, #20326, #28640) Extractors [youtube] Fi...
von Gordon
16.04.21, 17:30
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Cherrytree v. 0.99.35 - hierarchisch aufgebautes Notizprogramm
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Re: Cherrytree v. 0.99.33 - hierarchisch aufgebautes Notizprogramm

cherrytree 0.99.35 issued 16 April 2021 fix issue in 0.99.34 H1/H2/H3/H4/H5/H6/small not working for certain locale (#1611) fix issue with bookmarks in tree right click menu (#1613) cherrytree 0.99.34 issued 15 April 2021 implementation of configurable h1,h2,h3,small + (now supported) h4,h5,h6 (#34...
von Gordon
16.04.21, 17:29
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Calibre v. 5.16 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader
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Re: Calibre v. 5.14 - Crossplattform-Ebook-Management und -Reader

Release: 5.15 [16 Apr, 2021] New features Allow auto scrolling through the list of books by pressing the X key or right clicking on the cover browser Useful to have a "slideshow" of book covers. The speed of scrolling can be controlled in Preferences->Look & feel->Cover browser E-book ...
von Gordon
15.04.21, 19:13
Forum: Browser
Thema: Chrome 90.* final - Googles OpenSource Browser
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Re: Chrome 89.* final - Googles OpenSource Browser

Chrome 90.0.4430.72 contains a number of fixes and improvements:
https://chromereleases.googleblog.com/2 ... op_14.html
von Gordon
15.04.21, 19:11
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: MusicBrainz PicardTagger v. 2.6.1 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)
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Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger v. 2.6 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Version 2.6.1 2021-04-15 Bugfixes PICARD-2160 - Switching dark mode in macOS preferences does not change list elements leading to mix of light and dark mode PICARD-2166 - "Use original values" for a tag on a large selection takes very long with a high CPU usage PICARD-2168 - Keyboard shor...
von Gordon
15.04.21, 19:09
Forum: Dateimanagement
Thema: WizTree 3.39 - zeigt blitzschnell Platzverschwender auf der HD an
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Re: WizTree 3.38 - zeigt blitzschnell Platzverschwender auf der HD an

WizTree 3.39 (15 April 2021) Launching WizTree with a command line parameter path containing a trailing backslash would cause scanning problems (bug introduced in 3.38, fixed) Chinese (Simplified) translation updated Note that many of the WizTree translations are out of date as the original transla...
von Gordon
14.04.21, 17:25
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: MoneyManagerEx 1.50 - Crossplattform-OSS-Finanzverwaltung
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Re: MoneyManagerEx 1.30 - Crossplattform-OSS-Finanzverwaltung


#3019 Load icons from zip and generate images from SVG
#2923 Update the application icons
#1961 The ChartNew.js was replaced by the ApexCharts
#2918 All Transactions Panel

von Gordon
14.04.21, 17:24
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: MyMicroBalance v. 4.0.1 (Haushaltsbuch)
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Re: MyMicroBalance v. 2.0 (Kassenbuch/EÜR für privat)

lebt noch, aktuelle Version 4.0.1 4. April 2021 Update MyMicroBalance 4.0.1 Die neue Version 4.0.1 von MyMicroBalance beinhaltet aktualisierte Sicherheitszertifikate, die notwendig sind, um MyMicroBalance weiterhin problemlos installieren und starten zu können. 4.0.0 Stärkere Kontraste machen Texte ...
von Gordon
13.04.21, 18:12
Forum: Systemsicherheit
Thema: Buttercup v. 2.20x - bunter Passwort-Manager
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Re: Buttercup v. 1.18.x - bunter Passwort-Manager

Buttercup Desktop v2 is finally here! We've added some new features, like biometric unlocking , daemon mode (vaults can stay unlocked when window closed) and a brand new user interface. The new UI includes dynamic entry icons, OTP (one time passwords), credit cards and more! We still support much o...
von Gordon
13.04.21, 18:11
Forum: Server / Webshops etc.
Thema: PicApport 9.0 - Fotoserver für das lokale Netzwerk (crossplattform)
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Re: PicApport 6.0 - Fotoserver für das lokale Netzwerk (crossplattform)

mittlerweile schon 9.0,
neu seitdem u.a. phonetische Suche, relative Suche, Personensuche, Erweiterung der WebAPI, vollautomatisches Tagging mittels Webdiensten (!) und mehr:
von Gordon
13.04.21, 18:07
Forum: Dateimanagement
Thema: Duplicate Files Search & Link 8.0.x - Dublettensuche
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Re: Duplicate & Same Files Searcher 7.0.x - Dublettensuche

Version 8.0.1 from 2021 April 11 Added new option "Partial comparison of large video files". When enabled, large video files (from 250 MB) are compared partially in different parts (~4 MB every 100 MB). This option allows you to estimate quickly if the video files are the most likely iden...