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von Gordon
13.10.20, 19:29
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: LASTAR 1.9.x - Wav und Mp3 automatisiert splitten und normalisieren
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Re: LASTAR 1.9.x - Wav und Mp3 automatisiert splitten und normalisieren

V1.9.2 (10/2020)
- Automated limiter release time when setting is 0
- Several algorithm improvements
von Gordon
13.10.20, 18:26
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: OCCT Perestroika 7.01 - Stabilitätstest für PC
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Re: OCCT Perestroika 6.0 - Stabilitätstest für PC

v 7.0.1 Fixed an issue where the monitoring froze due to the memory allocation pass in the Memory test ( Thanks @JackONeill1984 ) Fixed security values in the monitoring that are disabling sensors being too tight - they should be more lenient, leading to a better stability (at the cost of small "hi...
von Gordon
13.10.20, 18:25
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: Krita Desktop 4.3.0 - leistungsstarkes Mal- und Zeichenprogramm jetzt auch für Windows
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Re: Krita Desktop 4.3.0 - leistungsstarkes Mal- und Zeichenprogramm jetzt auch für Windows

Version 4.4.0 Feature release of Krita! With a whole slew of new fill layer types, including the really versatile SeExpr based scriptable fill layer type, exciting new options for Krita’s brushes like the gradient map mode for brushes, lightness and gradient modes for brush textures, support for dy...
von Gordon
12.10.20, 18:51
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Text Editor Pro v. 10.3 - mächtiger Texteditor
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Re: Text Editor Pro v. 10 - mächtiger Texteditor

Version 10.3.0 (October 10, 2020)

- Added font options for printing
- Fixed favourites
- Fixed language in color combo box
- Fixed options
- Fixed print preview
- Updated language files
von Gordon
12.10.20, 18:50
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.1.3 - multi encoder und cdripper
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Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.1.2 - multi encoder und cdripper

fre:ac version 1.1.3 has been released on 11th October 2020. This is a service with only minor feature updates and improvements. Instead, the focus is on compatibility and bug fixes. fre:ac 1.1.3 adds support for macOS 11.0 Big Sur, updates codecs to the latest versions and fixes several issues foun...
von Gordon
12.10.20, 18:48
Forum: Systemsicherheit
Thema: Sandboxie v 5.44 / Sb-Plus v. 0.4 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung
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Re: Sandboxie v 5.44 / Sb-Plus v. 0.4 - Virtualisierung von Programmen / Internetspuren in isolierter Umgebung

5.43.6] - 2020-10-10
added explore box content menu option
fixed thread handle leak in SbieSvc and other components
msedge.exe is now categorized as a chromium derivate
fixed chrome 86+ compatybility bug with chroms own sandbox
von Gordon
11.10.20, 15:04
Forum: Chat / Email / IRC / VoIP etc.
Thema: Alpine 2.24 - KISS Mail Klient
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Re: Alpine 2.00 - KISS Mail Klient

lebt immer noch, aktuell ist 2.24, jetzt hier zu finden:
von Gordon
11.10.20, 15:02
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: JPG-Illuminator 5.2.10 - portables leistungsstarkes Bildverbesserungsprogramm
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Re: JPG-Illuminator - portables leistungsstarkes Bildverbesserungsprogramm

Version 5.2.10 ist online.

JPG-Illuminator verfügt jetzt über eine automatische Sicherung aller am Bildmaterial vorgenommenen Einstellungen. Außerdem Bildausrichten optimiert und Fehler beseitigt
von Gordon
11.10.20, 14:50
Forum: Sonstiges - Internet
Thema: Mumble 1.3.3 - VoIP
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Re: Mumble 1.2.17 - VoIP

inzwischen bei Version 1.3.3 wobei die meisten Änderungen mit der 1.3.0 kamen, danach vorwiegend Bugfixes:
https://www.mumble.info/blog/mumble-1.3 ... ouncement/
von Gordon
10.10.20, 19:56
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: GIMP 2.10.22 - Bildbearbeitung + Tools und Plugins
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Re: GIMP 2.10.20 - Bildbearbeitung + Tools und Plugins

GIMP 2.10.22 is a bug fix release, which for once contains mostly maintenance changes in core code. Release highlights: Improved HEIC and newly added AVIF support Numerous improvements in the PSP file format support Improved multi-layer TIFF exporting Better handling of the Exif “Orientation” metad...
von Gordon
10.10.20, 18:46
Forum: Tweaking
Thema: Powertoys 0.23.2 und weitere Tweaking Tools von MS
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Re: Powertoys 0.23.0 und weitere Tweaking Tools von MS

Release v0.23.2

This is patch release to fix a few items for 0.23 we deemed important for stability. PowerToys Run, FancyZones, Keyboard manager are the utilities that have fixes below. Our next major planned release is 0.25 at the end of October 2020.
von Gordon
10.10.20, 18:37
Forum: Antivirus / Antitrojan
Thema: AdwCleaner 8.0.8 - portabler Malwarecleaner
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Re: AdwCleaner 8.0.7 - portabler Malwarecleaner

v8.0.8 [09/10/2020]
New Features
Set the correct attributes to the working directory (usually C:\AdwCleaner) to overcome potential malicious modifications
Detect if AdwClean runs in a corporate environment
Improve Services detection
Update translations
Update definitions to 2020.09.29.1
von Gordon
01.10.20, 17:18
Forum: Chat / Email / IRC / VoIP etc.
Thema: Fluent Reader 0.80 - A modern desktop RSS reader
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Fluent Reader 0.80 - A modern desktop RSS reader

Fluent Reader HP: https://github.com/yang991178/fluent-reader Lizenz: BSD Beschreibung: A modern UI inspired by Fluent Design System with full dark mode support. Read locally, or sync with Feedbin or self-hosted services compatible with Fever API. Importing or exporting OPML files, full application...
von Gordon
01.10.20, 17:12
Forum: Office / Editoren
Thema: Jot+ Notes 4.0 - Notizprogramm/Outliner mit optionalem Passwortschutz
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Jot+ Notes 4.0 - Notizprogramm/Outliner mit optionalem Passwortschutz

Jot+ Notes HP: https://kingstairs.com/jot/ Lizenz: Freeware Beschreibung: The Jot+ Notes feature list is long and comprehensive: Rich editing environment supports all of the standard word-processing features, plus embedded images and objects. The user interface is highly configurable to fit with yo...
von Gordon
01.10.20, 16:50
Forum: Bildbearbeitung
Thema: Alice 3.6.0 - 3D Authoring
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Re: Alice 3.5.0 - 3D Authoring

Version 3.6.0 jetzt mit VR-Support und unter OpenSource-Lizenz: Features • Introduced model import. (In stable beta) • Introduced world export capabilities to work with Alice Unity Player. (In stable beta) • Alice 3 is open source and on GitHub • Added VR hands connected to camera and integrated int...
von Gordon
01.10.20, 16:48
Forum: Music und MP3
Thema: Mediapurge 7.12 - Medien-Verwaltungstool incl. Dublettensuche
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Re: Mediapurge 7.00 - Medien-Verwaltungstool incl. Dublettensuche

-------------------------- 29.09.2020 v7.12 -------------------------- - Erkennung von Titeln basierend auf der Datenbank der Duplikatsuche beschleunigt ACHTUNG: Zur Erkennung von Titeln durch die Online Datenbank muss die Software TagComplete verwendet werden! -------------------------- 31.01.2020...
von Gordon
30.09.20, 17:33
Forum: Sonstiges - System
Thema: HWINFO32/64 v. 6.32 / HWINFO 5.5.5 - Systeminformationen
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Re: HWINFO32/64 v. 6.30 / HWINFO 5.5.5 - Systeminformationen

v6.32 Released on Sep-30-2020 Improved Dark Mode. Fixed reporting of PCI Express current link speed in some situations. Improved monitoring of AMD GPUs. Added preliminary support of Intel Gen12/Xe and future GPUs via oneAPI LevelZero. Added option to disable Dark Mode. Improved oneAPI support, adde...