DiffMerge 4.2.0 - Vergleichen und Zusammenführen von Dateien

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DiffMerge 4.2.0 - Vergleichen und Zusammenführen von Dateien

Beitrag von taffit » 08.06.07, 19:54

Name: DiffMerge
Version: 3.0
Grösse: 3 MB
Homepage: http://sourcegear.com/diffmerge/index.html
Supportforum: http://support.sourcegear.com/
Screenshot: http://sourcegear.com/diffmerge/screenshots.html
Standalone: nein

* Diff. Graphically shows the changes between two files. Includes intra-line highlighting and full support for editing.
* Merge. Graphically shows the changes between 3 files. Allows automatic merging (when safe to do so) and full control over editing the resulting file.
* Folder Diff. Performs a side-by-side comparison of 2 folders, showing which files are only present in one file or the other, as well as file pairs which are identical or different.
* Configurable. Rulesets and options provide for customized appearance and behavior.
* International. Compatible with 42 different character encodings.
* Cross-platform. Identical feature set on Windows, Mac OS X, and Unix.

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 14.08.07, 17:16

aktuell: v3.0.2 (10-Jul-2007)
dl: http://sourcegear.com/diffmerge/downloads.html
changelog hat geschrieben:DiffMerge v3.0.2 (10-Jul-2007)
  • Added Alt + arrowkey keybindings
  • Improved initial window placement/size
  • Added 'About SourceGear...' information
  • Added ZIP packaged version for Windows

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Beitrag von eyebex » 15.08.07, 0:18

Etwas nervig ist der Splash Screen, den man offenbar nicht abschalten kann, ansonsten wäre es aufgrund von 3-Way-Merge eine gute Ergänzung / Alternative zu WinMerge (EFB-Suche) (das nur 2-Way kann).
Wir werden alle störben!1!!

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Beitrag von Jean » 15.08.07, 2:27

hatte Gordon nicht neulich ein weiteres 3er-Diff vorgestellt?

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Beitrag von Gordon » 15.08.07, 6:22

Jean hat geschrieben:hatte Gordon nicht neulich ein weiteres 3er-Diff vorgestellt?
hat er - http://www.essential-freebies.de/board/ ... php?t=6467
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Beitrag von JFierce7 » 15.08.07, 9:48

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Beitrag von Gordon » 18.05.09, 17:36

ist jetzt bei Version 3.3 angekommen
SourceGear DiffMerge 3.3 is available as a FREE stand-alone utility application.
New features introduced in 3.3.0:


Folder Window Equivalence Mode:

The Folder Window now has 3 different methods for compairing pairs of files:
1. The original, exact (byte-for-byte) method that marks files as identical or different.
2. A new Simple Equivlance method that can ignore whitespace and EOL characters and mark files as identical, equivalent, or different.
3. A new Ruleset-based Equivalence method that uses some of the Ruleset settings to mark files as identical, equivalent, or different.

A new button was added to the Folder Window toolbar to show/hide equivalent files and a new page was added to the Options and Ruleset Dialogs to help you configure this.
* Added support for Fedora Linux.
* When the /result option is used, DiffMerge now exits with an exit status that reflects the state of the merge (MERGE-RESOLVED, MERGE-ABORTED, ERROR, etc.)
* Added support for saving the contents of a Folder Window to a file. This creates a UTF-8 CSV containing the rows currently displayed in the window (respecting the various Show/Hide toolbar buttons).
* Support for Explorer Integration (EI) on 64 bit Windows XP and Vista. DiffMerge is still a 32 bit application and runs on 32 and 64 bit systems. However, the EI DLL which hooks into Windows Explorer must be the same bit-ness as the platform. This release contains 2 versions of the DLL.
DL für die Plattform eurer Wahl: http://sourcegear.com/diffmerge/downloads.html
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Re: DiffMerge 3.3 - Vergleichen und Zusammenführen von Dateien

Beitrag von Gordon » 15.06.13, 19:26

Release 4.0.0 - June 2013

Core Changes in 4.0.0:

Upgrade build to use wxWidgets version 2.9.4. The previous release used version 2.8.12.
Added code to check our website for the availability of a newer release of DiffMerge. This will happen approximately once a week. You can force a check immediately using the Tools | Check for Updates... menu item. If a newer release is available, a dialog will appear with instructions for downloading and installing it.
Remove the bundled "MoveFromSourceGear" html content from the distribution and the Help | About SourceGear menu item. They were replaced with the Tools | Visit SourceGear menu item which opens a browser to a page on our website describing SourceGear and other available products. This allows us to more easily provide current information and do promotional offerings.
Added an optional registration and licensing mechanism for DiffMerge. This includes the Tools | License... and Tools | Purchase... dialogs. See the chapter on Licensing and Registration for more details.
W4316: Create editor temp files in a system temp directory rather than in the source directory. This helps keep things tidy, avoids problems when comparing files on a read-only filesystem, and avoids non-standard layout complaints from Eclipse.
G9739: Fixed the .DS_Store filtering problem. Added set of filename filters (in addition to the existing suffix filers) that filter on the whole filename. They can also use wildcards.
W1671: Allow case-insensitive sorting and matchup in Folder Window. This feature was already present in the Windows version.
W9438: Allow whitespace and wildcards in the sub-folder filter patterns.
W2848: Added option to ignore case when using folder filter patterns.
W8032, 15146: Fixed a problem where the Folder Window would mark a pair of files as different which should have been marked equivalent. This happened when there was a change within consecutive omitted lines.
W0581: Disable the OK button in the File | Open ... dialogs until all of the fields name valid files/folders.
W8795: Added section on GIT integration to the manual.
Created "webhelp" version of manual for the website and added Help | Online Help... Menu command to open it.
Removed the splash screen on startup and deprecated the "--nosplash" command line argument.
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Re: DiffMerge 4.0 - Vergleichen und Zusammenführen von Dateien

Beitrag von Jean » 19.09.14, 0:48

da Gordon gerade so kräftig difft und merget
v. 4.2.0
Added Drag-and-Drop onto text fields within Open Dialog
Added a "quick match" feature to the Folder Window
Added HTML and Text export of file and folder differences to a file.
Added Copy Left to Right, Copy Right to Left, and recursive versions to folder window
Added various View | Export Window commands to folder window
Improved support for Windows shortcuts