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In My Diary News - Final update???? :-|
In My Diary version 3.80 is now available.

It is available for all versions on all operating systems. Download available from here ... VQFRB1YHCQ

Version 3.80 of In My Diary is now ready to download. Will this be the final update....? Who knows, but maybe it's now close since I have pretty much done all I wanted to do with its development. I have made sure this issue applies to ALL versions for ALL operating systems so everybody is up to date. Obviously I will continue to track down and hopefully correct the inevitable bugs that I and you discover. One important improvement deals with closing the diary with auto-save active. This could give rise to work not being saved (see 5 below) and has been mentioned by a number of users but now I have adopted amore sensible arrangement.

So it goes like this..........

1. An automatic remote backup can now be set every 'n' days. This is set from the File > Remote backup menu which has been revised to include a submenu.
2. Each Financial Note (cashbook) now has a search / refine search / filter results facility. Either right-click over the note and select Search or press the S key over an entry in a financial list.
3. The results of filtering a financial note can be exported to excel (or similar). To export a whole original financial note just do a search with the details field left bank
4. An entry in a Financial Note list can be reconciled by pressing the R key.
5. Autosave previously checked (and saved) changes about every 15 seconds. It still does for good reasons but, previously, if you closed down the diary less than 15 seconds after making a change then the alteration was not saved. Now a background save is performed before shutting down.
6. An asterisk is added to the file name if there are unsaved changes. Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen 13 Sprachen | ^L^