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In My Diary 3.80 -> Portable PIM, Terminplaner, Kalender etc. (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 28.05.13, 18:50
von ^L^
In My Diary 3.x (c) Kevin Edwards (Musician) @ ^^

DD: May 2013 - ca. 7 MB - Englisch - Portable & Setup Installer - Donation Freeware (eMail-Registrierung optional)
OS: Windows, MAC & Linux Versionen

PP: ... iary.shtml



Mini P.I.M., Kalender, Tagebuch, Notizblock in (Lotus) Organizer-Optik. Mit Passwortmanager, Verschlüsselung,
Terminplaner, Reminder & eMail Alarm, iCal (EFB-Suche)ender und vCard (EFB-Suche) Unterstützung etc.

IN MY DIARY is a smart, FREE personal organiser.

- Available for all Windows Systems, Apple Mac (10.4+) and Linux (native or wine).
- Friendly, traditional diary interface.
- Unlimited entries per day, of unlimited length (only the first line is displayed).
- Events can auto-repeat every 'n' days or every 'n' months.
- Comprehensive Contacts section linked to the Diary, with label printing possible.
- iCalendar and vCard import and export so you can sync your data with other PIM software.
- Encrypted daily journal.
- Anniversaries and special dates can be added.
- Notes can be linked to diary entries.
- Encrypted Password Manager and generator with password strength indicator.
- Early warnings of events.

Free registration:
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Re: In My Diary 2.56 -> Portables Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Win, MAC, Linux)

Verfasst: 28.05.13, 19:27
von gesders
na endlich - der lotus organizer ist auferstanden

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.60 -> Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 03.07.13, 10:05
von @thehop
2.60 02/07/2013

1. Computer tasks (opening a file or program) can be set to run as single events or repeating events.

2. File > Go to ... takes you to the folder where anniversary and public holiday data files are kept for easy copying over to another computer.

3. Possible program crash if no email address is established (when re-opening an event with an email warning set) has been cured

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.70 -> Portables Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 17.09.13, 21:41
von ^L^

2.70 17/09/2013

1. The text of entries in the diary (daily planner) can be assigned a colour independent of other entries.

2. Passwords generated or written in the Password Manager can be individually locked to prevent accidental changes.

3. When you change the display (two-week, two day etc.) by means of the icon buttons the option is preserved
when the diary is next opened. The icons previously only affected a temporary change.

Re: In My Diary 2.70 -> Portables Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 17.09.13, 22:39
von Jean
(es ist dein Beitrag. Du sollst / musst / darfst die Version im Titel selber ändern.)

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.75 -> Portables Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 08.10.13, 23:10
von ^L^
:blink: ... ned-amol-auf'n-Topf-geh'n-derfma ... [-o< :-({|=
Version 2.75
The update features:

1. Text colour of entries is preserved when moved or copied to a different date.
2. When in the calendar showing a non-current year, the HOME key moves the calendar to the current year and no longer moves back to the diary.
3. Several errors connected with monthly repeats defaulting to 1 month frequency have been cured.
4. Event setup window opens (and diary pages turn) much more quickly in native Linux.
5. Monthly repeats at frequencies other than 1 can be imported and and exported in iCalendar files.
6. In the Password Manager, the character selector can now select up to 4 characters again.
7. The URL for In My Diary is clickable in the 'About In My Diary' window for easy linking to the website.

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.80 -> Portables Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 17.10.13, 3:13
von @thehop
Version 2.80 update
One feature I have been wanting to work on for some time now, and some niggling bugs trapped.

1. Dates in the diary can be given a highlighted background from a choice of 10
to mark special periods (such as holidays) whether or not they contain associated events.
2. Monthly repeat frequency is not corrupted when a clashing event warning is given.
3. Default anniversary warning days (set in the Options window) works again.
4. Spare lines in the anniversary list are deleted if blank
5. Linux is now able to append a 'J' to the date when a journal entry is present.

The update is available as usual from

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.82 -> Portables Kalender-Organizer-Notizbuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 26.10.13, 14:16
von ^L^
Version 2.82 update

The update is available as usual from

1. Highlighted backgrounds (introduced in the previous version) can now be exported and imported as part of an iCalendar file.

2. More intuitive settings for the highlight selector window
(for example - dates can have their highlights changed without cancelling the original one first).

3. Some longstanding errors with repeating alarm early warnings have been corrected.
Repeating alarms also now show 'NOW!' in the alarm message once the time passes, as they do for one-time alarms.

4. Pages turn noticeably quicker, particularly on slower computers.

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.84 -> Portable PIM, Terminplaner, Kalender, Tagebuch (Lotus Alternative)

Verfasst: 24.12.13, 12:06
von ^L^

2.84 23/12/2013

1. You can now choose different fonts to display events and anniversaries in the diary (details here)
2. Improved ics file imports. (commas in some imports were showing as slashes - £ sign not importing correctly)
3. Check for updates from help menu
4. Linux version now opens at the size at which the diary was last saved.

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.86 -> Portable PIM, Terminplaner, Kalender (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 30.03.14, 21:20
von ^L^
2.86 29/03/2014

Much work done to improve synchronization between In My Diary and external calendars such as Google Calendar and iPad.
Two new icons allow easy access to journal entries and highlighted days, which can be listed, moved to and deleted.

A title field (Mr. Mrs. etc) has now been added to contacts
Email addresses are now exported in vCards

1. Additional forenames greater than one are imported properly
2. Better recognition of existing contacts to avoid duplication
3. Individual and global opt in/out when importing duplicating contacts now works reliably. Before it was rather flaky
4. Label information is now exported and imported

1. The bug that crashed the program when exporting from a diary that had no highlighted days has been cured.
2. Improved importing from other calendars (such as Google etc.). This means forward and backward synchronisation bewteen IMD and other calendars is more reliable and less prone to duplication. For example:
Day shading, if originally exported from IMD to another calendar is preserved when imported back.
More unique identification of entries to avoid the current duplication problems when synched.

Better (more intuitive) time setting during the noon hour and midnight hour.
Pressing Enter key no longer opens colour chart when setting times or early warnings

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.88 -> Portable PIM, Terminplaner, Kalender, Tagebuch (Lotus Organizer ...

Verfasst: 17.04.14, 13:13
von ^L^
Version 2.88 update is now ready for download.
It is available as usual from

Main changes:
1. Other In My Diary files can be dragged to an open (main) diary and the events display as 'ghost' events in grey text.
The display of the additional diaries can be turned off and on as required from a new 'Added Diaries' menu and a ghost event
can be brought into the main diary by clicking one and selecting OK in the Edit Alarm window. More details
2. 'All day' option when setting time for events, and all day events imported from other calendars are recognised as such.
3. Daylight Saving Time (as set in your Special days data) is taken into account when importing from other calendars
4. Repeating events with a finishing date, when copied or moved to a new date, can either have the original finish date preserved,
or automatically reset relative to the new start date.
5. New attractive suede diary border, and new border change icon so borders can be changed without going into the Options menu

Clicking the note symbol on a repeating event other than the first one now opens the note.
Finish dates for repeating events are more reliable when the start or finish time is close to midnight.
Some special days were showing incorrectly in the search window

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.90 -> Portable PIM (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 06.05.14, 20:55
von @thehop
Version 2.90 update is now ready for download.
It is available as usual from

I have finally got around to extending the functionality of repeating events - something that has
been requested a number of times by users. You can now set events to repeat on, for example:

The 2nd Wednesday in every month
The last Tuesday of the month
The last day of every month

Specific dates can also be omitted from the repeats schedule.

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.92 -> Portable PIM (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 23.05.14, 15:35
von ^L^
Version 2.92 update is now ready for download. It is available as usual from

2.92 / 23 May 2014

1. Users can now select from 14 pre-installed (or import their own) sounds for event and anniversary warning alarms.
2. There are two new window-top icons for easy access to anniversary and special day editing.
3. The page turn symbols are a little bigger and easier to see.
4. I introduced a bug in 2.90 where the content of one-off events did not copy or move properly to other days (repeating events were OK). This is cured.

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.93 -> Portable PIM (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 10.06.14, 18:00
von @thehop
Version 2.93 update is now ready for download.

THIS IMPORTANT UPDATE FIXES A WINDOWS VERSION BUG RELATING TO THE PROGRAM PASSWORD - the program was still accessible from the hidden icons area even if the password window was closed without adding the correct password. Also a crash could occur if a password is set and an alarm is due as the program opens.


Unfortunately, fromm version 2.93 onwards, I will only be releasing updates for the WINDOWS versions of In My Diary. This is in part due to recent changes in circumstances which now make it difficult to properly test the versions for MacOS and Linux, and also due to the sheer amount of time involved anyway in supporting nine versions. The known distribution of useage is:

Windows 81%
MacOS 11%
Linux 8%

Bugs found in the MacOS and Linux versions will initiate an update.

This current WINDOWS update is available from

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.94 -> Portable PIM, Kalender, Tagebuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 28.06.14, 12:36
von ^L^
Version 2.94 update is now ready for download.

Intended for:
ALL windows versions
SELF-CONTAINED versions for MacOS and Linux

Just a couple of small bug fixes. You can now set longer early warning periods for one-time events
without the (unneeded) repeat days period preventing this.

The new page turn symbols were in the wrong place for the Notes and Calendar sections,
and not needed at all for the Password section so have been removed

This current update is available from

Re: In My Diary 2.95 -> Portable PIM, Terminplaner, Kalender, Tagebuch (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 10.08.14, 4:44
von ^L^
Version 2.95 update is now ready for download.

Intended for:
ALL windows versions
SELF-CONTAINED versions for MacOS and Linux

1. There is now an automated system built into the self-contained version
so that all your data can be easily copied and preserved if you are converting from the standard edition (not on Linux, sorry).

2. The Notes index can be put into alphabetical order by clicking over the head of the list.

This current update is available from

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.96 -> Portable PIM (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 12.08.14, 1:21
von ^L^
Version 2.96 update is now ready for download.

1. Addresses can now be searched when using either the Contacts or Global search facilities.
2. Journal and Password database now also copy over when converting from Standard to self-contained edition when using the startup automated system.
3. I left a test button (untitled) in version 2.95. Pressing this would do no harm but was unsightly, hence the speedy revision.

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.98 -> Portable PIM (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 18.11.14, 23:23
von @thehop
Version 2.98 update is now ready for download.

Intended for:
ALL windows versions
SELF-CONTAINED versions for MacOS and Linux

1. Contacts can now be assigned categories for the purpose of printing labels etc. Initially there are four default categories (Work, Friends, Home, Christmas cards) but these can be renamed and others added to a maximum of 12. Individual contacts can 'join' as many categories as is appropriate for that entry.
2. Some errors concerning repeating alarms showing incorrect dates for 'past' events have been corrected.
3. Where a repeating event has passed its final repeat, but the diary has not been opened or saved for a lengthy period after that, further entries were being created in error. This has now been corrected.

This current update is available from

Thank you,
Kevin Edwards

UPDATE: In My Diary 2.99 -> Portable PIM (Lotus Organizer Alternative)

Verfasst: 20.11.14, 17:42
von ^L^
Version 2.99 update is now ready for download.

1. Alarm messages for diary events, anniversaries and birthdays can be turned off in the Options window
so they do not pop up. Email messages will still be sent, and the warnings can be turned on again as required.

2. Fixed an important security bug in Windows version where, if the program password became
deleted or corrupted, the diary was still minimizing to the task bar instead of closing down.

This current update is available from

UPDATE: In My Diary 3.0 -> Portable PIM, Terminplaner, Kalender, Tagebuch (Lotus Organizer Alt.)

Verfasst: 07.01.15, 15:36
von ^L^
Version 3.00 update is now ready for download.

This is a major update allowing the text within the program to be displayed in a choice of many different languages. For this major update, I am pleased to say there is also a standard version for MacOS, although minor updates for the standard version on Mac will still not be generally continued. Unfortunately there is no new standard version for Linux, but self-contined versions for all three platforms are always available.

Intended for:

STANDARD VERSIONS for Windows AND MacOS versions
SELF-CONTAINED versions for Linux, Windows and MacOS

1. In My Diary now uses multi-language lookup files so that the displayed text can be in any one of a number of languages in addition to English. Currently Dutch, Italian, Danish, Czech, Spanish, Greek and Portuguese are available with French, German and Swedish in preparation. More translations can easily be added to the program as they become available.
2. The built-in language editor allows users to create their own translations either for private use or which can be added to the distribution.
3. Editing 'Special Days' (Saint's days etc.) is much simpler, and copies the interface used for adding anniversaries. Clicking over a Special Day in the diary also opens a list with the clicked event highlighted for easy identification.
4. In addition to opening and running files on your computer, setting an event as a 'computer task' now also recognises http, www, ftp and mailto URLs so that websites etc. can be launched by the diary at specified times and on startup.
5. More contacts data is exported to excel (title, early birthday notification, categories joined etc.)
6. Importing contacts from an excel file is now possible, either from one saved from In My Diary or as an import from another PIM.
7. The Help file has been updated and is now in a more readable bookmarked PDF format.
8. Repeating event reference numbers no longer show when hovering over text or in diary print outs
9. Note section pages 'turn' in a more natural (virtual) manner.

This current update is available from

Kevin Edwards