Visual Studio Code 1.70.2 / VSCodium - crossplattform Code-Editor von MS

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Re: Visual Studio Code 1.70 / VSCodium - crossplattform Code-Editor von MS

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Die Juli 2022-Ausgabe v1.70 ist (schon) da:
  • Title bar customization - Hide/show menu bar, Command Center, or layout control.
  • Fold selection - Create your own folded regions in the editor.
  • Search multi-select - Select and then act on multiple search results.
  • Tree view search and filtering - Find and filter in tree views such as the Find Explorer.
  • Terminal improvements - Shell integration on by default, extended PowerShell keybindings.
  • Command line option --merge - Use the 3-way merge editor as your default merge tool.
  • Notebooks: Go to Most Recently Failed Cell - Jump directly to notebook errors.
  • Python Get started experience - Quickly install and configure Python within VS Code.
  • Sticky scroll preview - New scrolling UI shows current source code scope.
  • Dev container CLI topic - Learn about the updated development container CLI.

Das alternative VS-Codium gibt's hier:
VS-Codium Homepage
Release Downloads auf Github