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mightymacros Excel Utilities

Größe: 4 MB
Homepage: http://www.mightymacros.tools/index.html
Lizenz: Freeware für private Nutzung
Features include:

A shortcut organizer where you can store your file and folder paths.
A tool to protect and hide multiple worksheets with a store password facility
A multi-find tool that finds and colours for filtering, multiple items with a single click.
A navigation tool that maintains row and column header position and comes with a line guide for large worksheets.
A multi-lookup tool that can return more than the first match as well as the option to return formats
A multi-header lookup tool that performs multiple lookups with a single click.
A multi-find and replace tool
A multi-filter tool with reverse filtering, that you can save, store and retrieve saved filter criteria
A store and insert text tool to save repetitive typing
A bookmarks tool where you can sort and arrange sheets
A clean and trim text tool
A toll for removing empty rows
A tool to insert rows on changing values for separating data with the format options of row height and colour.
A Show duplicates as well as all repeating values tool.
A text tool for changing case
A cell editing tool where you can insert, move, delete text within cells
A rounding number tool
A tool for compare tables
A variety of date tools
On line help and more...

Nach der Installation hat man in Excel eine zusätzliche Ribbonleiste mit einigen netten Extras. Schöne Ergänzung zu den ASAP Utilities (EFB-Suche).
Für Excel 2010 - 2016 - und nur die 32bit-Version.

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