Diffinity 0.8.8 - Textvergleich (Diff-Tool)

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Diffinity 0.8.8 - Textvergleich (Diff-Tool)

Beitrag von Jean » 14.11.16, 0:58

Diffinity ist ein kleines Diff-Tool zum Vergleichen von Text-Dateien. Im Grunde die üblichen Features und Optionen,
dazu noch Syntax-Highlight:
- Improved diffing quality for xml and c-style source code
- Thumbnail view of all diffs
- Differentiates between changed, removed and added lines
- Instance highlighting - double click or search for a word to show all instances of it
- Syntax highlighting
- Supports unicode and auto detects encoding (and warns if encoding mismatch)
- Customizable interface
- In line diffs live updated as you type
- Windows Explorer shell integration
Beim letzten fröhlichen diffmergen gefiel es mir weitaus besser als mein Standard-Tool WinMerge, weil es auch bei mehr-
zeiligen, längeren Unterschieden nicht aus dem Tritt kam und schon feierte, während Villabajo immer noch versuchte,
nicht zusammengehörige Abschnitte zu vergleichen ...

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Re: Diffinity 0.8.2 - Textvergleich (Diff-Tool)

Beitrag von Gordon » 14.03.17, 17:27

Diffinity 0.8.3] 2017-03-13
- Added support for ctrl+insert/shift+insert for copy/paste
- Fixed diff line renderer which had several rendering artifacts
- Setting added for whether to listen to file changes on disk
- Setting added for scroll lock between left/right texts
- File changed on disk popup no longer messes up selection
- Several adjacent changed lines were sometimes handled as separate differences
- Notifications could incorrectly be shown during loading of large text files
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Re: Diffinity 0.8.3 - Textvergleich (Diff-Tool)

Beitrag von Gordon » 02.09.18, 13:02

- Added popup if files are identical, using a binary check before loading the files
- Thumb view look tweaked and view indicator color can be set in preferences
- Syntax coloring overhaul:
- unified all colors for all languages to use the same pallet, work better on the dark theme and also made them a little more color blind friendly
- removed all highlighting causing bold or changed background to avoid confusion with a diff change
- added support for CLLE, Json, Python, R, RPGLE, TSQL and fixes for some of the existing ones
- enabled syntax highlighting by default
- Added go to last/first diff and next/prev match
- Added setting for if instance highlighting should highlight on double click or selection changed
- Added error reporting to Diffinity, a popup with information on how to report the crash
- Made text component not dirty even if touched if it has loaded no file and has no text
- Added Copy to left/right on context menu
- Added so text can be set to bold
- If only left editor has a file opened default left to handle keyboard input
- Close preferences on Esc also when not focused
- Fixed so horizontal scroller ignore empty text editors and fully collapsed editors
- Open files dialog tweaked
- Minor optimizations
- Bugfix: settings was sometimes not loaded if locked by another instance of Diffinity, such as when diffing >20 files at the same time
- Bugfix: rediff was done twice on save if both left and right file had changed
- Bugfix: instance highlights got messed up when switch L/R was clicked
- Bugfix: horizontal scrollbar and live edited edits was incorrect until rediff was pressed after indenting severeal lines
- Bugfix: clearing out the path/clicking New empty diff resulted in scroll bar not updating correctly
- Bugfix: fixed crash in horizontal scroller for a certain case when entering text and moving the splitter
- Bugfix: diffinity could crash for a certain text diff
- Bugfix: fixed preferences dialog being blank after closing the syntax highlight tab and opening preferences again
- Bugfix: fixed crash and diffing issues with selecting all text on one side and deleting/replacing it
- Bugfix: instance highlights on the first or last column not shown as such in thumb view
- Bugfix: instance highlights was rendered too wide if the total text was short enough
- Bugfix: externally editing the files opened in Diffinity using Visual Studio did not show the file changed on disk dialog
- Bugfix: if on last line and pressing F5 the text was scrolled up one line
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Re: Diffinity 0.8.6 - Textvergleich (Diff-Tool)

Beitrag von Gordon » 25.12.18, 9:48

[Diffinity 0.8.7] 2018-12-15
- Thumb view look updated
- Automatic text encoding updated, should now be able to detect a bunch of new encodings and also be better at detecting unicode
- Added support for file paths longer than 260 characters (.NET 4.6.2 required)
- Added "Highlighted instances" count to status bar
- Fixed so thumb view works even when no files are diffed (just typing text)
- Added warning when trying to save text with characters unsupported by the selected encoding
- Added check for if unicode BOM is missing and show notification + status bar highlight if one file has BOM and the other doesn't
- Fixed so changing encoding will not force reload of both sides
- Diffing engine tweaked for change vs add/remove
- Search panel now always use the same size of the text instead of using that of the texteditor
- Added "Show whitespace characters" to View menu
- Color themes tweaked
- Bugfix: Diffinity would crash on machines with more than 32 cores
- Bugfix: If the loaded file had a unicode bom it would always load as unicode even if user specified another encoding
- Bugfix: Fixed so "Files are identical" prompt is only shown once for a given path during a session
- Bugfix: Diffinity could crash when closed if shown file was changed on disk
- Bugfix: Caret position information in status bar did not update when opening a new file
- Bugfix: Instance highlighter would highlight all characters if a certain unicode character was selected
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Re: Diffinity 0.8.7 - Textvergleich (Diff-Tool)

Beitrag von Jean » 15.02.19, 0:11

immer noch eines meiner beiden Lieblings-Differ ...
v. 0.8.8
- Pressing ctrl+a to select all text will work without having to click to focus on a certain text component
- Switching on syntax highlighting will colorize entire file up front to avoid stalls when scrolling
- Bugfix: double bom was saved if a utf8 encoded file with bom was opened, edited, and saved
- Bugfix: fixed context menu for copy left/right always being enabled even when no edit selected