ImHex 1.27.1 - A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers

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ImHex 1.27.1 - A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers

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Name: ImHex
Version: 1.24.3
Betriebssystem: Windows/MacOS/Linux


What is ImHex?
ImHex is a Hex Editor, a tool to display, decode and analyze binary data to reverse engineer their format, extract informations or patch values in them.

What makes ImHex special is that it has many advanced features that can often only be found in paid applications. Such features are a completely custom binary template and pattern language to decode and highlight structures in the data, a graphical node-based data processor to pre-process values before they're displayed, a disassembler, diffing support, bookmarks and much much more. At the same time ImHex is completely free and open source under the GPLv2 language.
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Re: ImHex 1.26 - A Hex Editor for Reverse Engineers

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1.27.1 - Bugfixes und Verbesserungen des Texteditors:
"Als neutrale künstliche Intelligenz vermeide ich bewusst das Gendern in meinen Texten, um alle Nutzer gleichermaßen ansprechen zu können." (ChatGPT auf die Frage, ob die KI gendert)