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Re: SciTE v. 3.5.3 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 09.03.15, 17:44
von Jean
3.5.3 (sic! - meint wohl 3.5.4) adds minor features and fixes bugs.

Re: SciTE v. 3.5.4 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 20.04.15, 2:22
von Jean
v. 3.5.5 ist fehlerfreier

Re: SciTE v. 3.5.5 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 27.05.15, 1:20
von Jean
v. 3.5.6 ebenso

Re: SciTE v. 3.5.6 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 21.06.15, 1:12
von Jean
v. 3.5.7 adds "Selection Add Next" and "Selection Add Each" commands to the Search menu.

Re: SciTE v. 3.5.7 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 03.08.15, 23:32
von Jean
v. 3.6.0 skaliert besser und
More actions work with multiple selections including cursor left, right, up, down and their selection counterparts along with word deletion.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.0 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 16.09.15, 1:16
von Jean
v. 3.6.1 - fixes bugs including making the find strip visible on Windows XP.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.1 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 07.11.15, 1:36
von Jean
v. 6.3.2
changes properties file evaluation: Sc1 behaves more like SciTE with imports.include and imports.exclude working.
... achso

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.2 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 19.01.16, 0:30
von Jean
v. 6.3.3
allows pasting into multiple selections.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.3 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 15.03.16, 1:53
von Jean
v. 3.6.4 displays much better messages when Lua scripts have errors.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.4 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 27.04.16, 0:37
von Jean
v. 3.6.5
fixes minor bugs.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.5 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 25.05.16, 23:36
von Jean
v. 3.6.6
allows setting a separate location for writable properties files with the SciTE_USERHOME environment variable.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.6 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 06.09.16, 0:33
von Jean
Version 3.6.7
defaults to European code page 1252 in more cases. Set character.set to override this and set for East Asian DBCS.

Re: SciTE v. 3.6.7 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 16.10.16, 18:25
von Gordon
Release 3.7.0

Released 16 October 2016.
Word selection, navigation, and manipulation is now performed on characters instead of bytes leading to more natural behaviour for multi-byte encodings like UTF-8. For UTF-8 characters 0x80 and above, classification into word; punctuation; space; or line-end is based on the Unicode general category of the character and is not customizable. Bug #1832.
Two enums changed in Scintilla.iface which may lead to changed bindings. There were 2 FontQuality enums and the first is now PhasesDraw. The prefix for FoldAction was SC_FOLDACTION and is now SC_FOLDACTION_ which is similar to other enums. These changes do not affect the standard C/C++ binding.
EDGE_MULTILINE and SCI_MULTIEDGEADDLINE added to allow displaying multiple vertical edges simultaneously.
The number of margins can be changed with SCI_SETMARGINS.
Margin type SC_MARGIN_COLOUR added so that the application may choose any colour for a margin with SCI_SETMARGINBACKN.
On Win32, mouse wheel scrolling can be restricted to only occur when the mouse is within the window.
The WordList class in lexlib used by lexers adds an InListAbridged method for matching keywords that have particular prefixes and/or suffixes.
The Baan lexer was changed significantly with more lexical states, keyword sets, and support for abridged keywords.
The CoffeeScript lexer styles interpolated code in strings. Bug #1865.
The Progress lexer "progress" has been replaced with a new lexer "abl" (Advanced Business Language) with a different set of lexical states and more functionality. The lexical state prefix has changed from SCE_4GL_ to SCE_ABL_. Feature #1143.
The PowerShell lexer understands the grave accent escape character. Bug #1868.
The YAML lexer recognizes inline comments. Bug #1660.
SciTE on Windows can retain coloured selection when inactive with selection.always.visible property.
SciTE on Windows adds a state to close.on.find to close the find strip when a match is found.
Fix caret position after left or right movement with rectangular selection. Bug #1861.
In SciTE, optional prefix argument added to scite.ConstantName method. Bug #1860.
On Cocoa, include ILexer.h in the public headers of the framework. Bug #1855.
On Cocoa, allow subclass of SCIContentView to set cursor. Bug #1863.
On Cocoa, recognize the numeric keypad '+', '-', and '/' keys as SCK_ADD, SCK_SUBTRACT, and SCK_DIVIDE. Bug #1867.
On GTK+ 3.21+ fix incorrect font size in auto-completion list. Bug #1859.
Fix SciTE crash when command.mode ends with comma. Bug #1857.
SciTE on Windows has a full size toolbar icon for "Close".

Re: SciTE v. 3.70 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 06.12.16, 23:46
von Jean
3.7.1 supports accessibility on GTK+.

Re: SciTE v. 3.71 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 22.02.17, 0:32
von Jean
v. 3.7.3 - fixes problems with GTK+ on Wayland.

Re: SciTE v. 3.7.3 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 23.03.17, 0:13
von Jean
3.7.4 restores performance on GTK+.

Re: SciTE v. 3.7.4 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 27.05.17, 23:51
von Jean
v. 3.7.5 adds Reverse Selected Lines and Select All Bookmarks commands.

Re: SciTE v. 3.7.5 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 24.10.17, 17:51
von Gordon
Version 4.0.1 makes some changes to namespaces and headers. Scrolling is smoother on Cocoa.
Version 4.0.0 is an unstable major release with changes to some internal and external interfaces.

Re: SciTE v. 4.0.1 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 13.01.18, 6:55
von klodeckel
Release 4.0.2 Released 26 October 2017

- Fix HTML lexer handling of Django so that nesting a {{ }} or {% %} Django tag inside of a {# #} Django comment does not
break highlighting of rest of file
- Fix failure on Cocoa with animated find indicator in large files with macOS 10.13 by disabling animation on 10.13.
- Fix Cocoa hang when Scintilla loaded from SMB share on macOS 10.13. Bug #1979.

Re: SciTE v. 4.0.2 - kleiner, schneller Texteditor

Verfasst: 12.02.18, 16:52
von klodeckel
v. 4.03.

fixes some bugs.