Mem Pad v. 3.68 - Notizverwaltung

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Mem Pad v. 3.68 - Notizverwaltung

Beitrag von kangoo »

Name:Mem Pad
Homepage neu:
Grösse: 22KB

MemPad verwaltet kleine Notizen mit einem handlichen Index.
Das Programm bleibt nicht im Speicher - es lädt schnell genug, wenn es gebraucht wird.
MemPad bietet die üblichen Edit-Functionen inkl. ausschneiden, kopieren, einfügen und rückgängig machen.

Hi, ich habe den Homepage-Link mal repariert
Träume sind die Basis der Wirklichkeit
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Beitrag von taffit »

Update, Version 2.20 ist aktuell...
Download: (35 kB)

Das Teil erkennt auch Links zu URLs/lokalen Dateien im Text, es ist klein, schnell und handlich...
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Beitrag von xxiii »

aktuell ist: MemPad 2.50
MemPad 2.45: TAB issue fixed
Mempad 2.50:
  • * File handling: Name for a new MemPad file is asked later, when saved.
    * Empty MemPad (no index) is possible (if new file or all pages deleted).
    * First MemPad use: prompt for file extension (default "lst")
    * Separate menu "MemPad" (New window, Explore folder); new Window opens empty
    * Improved behaviour on flash drives, CD-ROM's, where shortcuts fail.
    * Links: file:///c:\download now also works with 1..3 slashes. File links with variables supported, like file:%userprofile%\desktop
    * Separate font for index pane
    * Restore feature: either from current file or from backup file
    * New page import function
    * Input fields for export title decorations
    * Return after search
schade, dass die neue import-funktion (vorerst?) nur für einzelseiten funktioniert und nicht für ganze zweige.
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Beitrag von clickfish »

Version 2.51 ist aktuell:
Version 2.51 - 14 January 2006
  • Bugfix: Window dimensions were not saved correctly
  • Bugfix: Import / add under node
[url=]... just another site[/url]
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Beitrag von xxiii »

inzwischen bei Version 3.0:
Version 3.0 - 02 June 2006
  • Pages no longer limited to 60Kb
  • Page index structure up to 100 levels deep
  • Move (cut&paste) index structure
  • Page insert functions: before, as next (same level) or child (new level)
  • Insert page with text from a file
  • Export to text file and import (insert) preserving index structure
  • New buttons with images, new insert menu
  • Crypting option to allow data exchange between Win98 and newer systems
Download-Adresse wie bisher.
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Beitrag von ^L^ »


Version 3.03 - 01 September 2006
Bugfix: Export title decoration
New Info (About) window

Version 3.02 - 25 August 2006
Internal: new INI file handler to speed use on USB sticks

Version 3.01 - 18 June 2006
Bugfix: delete the only/last page (empty MemPad)

Korrigiert - war der übernommene Tippfehler
aus der History.txt des :roll: :wink:
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Beitrag von vorkoster »

Der Vollständigkeit halber - die Version vom 01.09.06 heißt v3.03.
Hat sich nun ^L^ oder der Autor Horst Schaeffer auf der Webseite vertippt :)
^L^ hat geschrieben:
MemPad History

Version 3.02 - 01 September 2006
Bugfix: Export title decoration
"Alles ist möglich, aber nicht überall."
Angela Merkel
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Beitrag von RoadRunner »

Version 3.04 vom 01.10.2006

- Minimize to System Tray
- Save data on Windows shutdown
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Beitrag von David »

Dieses kleine feine Notiz-Tool ist jetzt bei 3.12


Version 3.12 - 10 December 2006
Bugfix: Import empty page (import file required two empty lines)
"Saved to file": visual confirmation

Version 3.11 - 15 November 2006

Version 3.10 - 14 November 2006
New "!" button to pre-select Insert Page mode (Alt-1 or Alt-!)
Plus buttons reduced to two, "Insert before" available with Shift
Hotkeys ALT+Insert, Alt+Shift+Insert; Plus (numeric pad) alternative to Insert
Context menu modified
Page link by outlook:page (has nothing to do with M$ Outlook); see Help
Return stack (Ctrl or Alt +"R") to be used after jump by page link or search
Help file revised, new structure
Added: function to collapse all nodes except path to current page
Bugfix: Flush internal cache when file saved
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Beitrag von David »

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Beitrag von thegreatjoker »

MemPad 3.21

Mittlerweile bei 3.21
MemPad 3.21:
Diary support with year/month/day index structure
Search window redesigned
Memory stack now can save multiple positions within a page
Auto change focus to text pane when scroll wheel rotated over text
New function: Expand all nodes
Multi line indent: insert/remove Tabs
Bugfixes, internal improvements

MemPad 3.20:
New full width Toolbar
Node moving buttons: To parent level as next node, To child level of preceding node
Page memory stack: Remember/Recall to jump back
Lock/unlock Editing for all pages or current page.
Auto Save option: every 4-5 minutes, if there are any changes
Set Tab width
Custom popup menus to select and insert words, phrases; tokens for current date, time
Search: find within current node only; search next/previous
Start option /hide
Internal improvements, fixes
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Beitrag von vorkoster »

Version 3.22 (17.09.2007)

"Alles ist möglich, aber nicht überall."
Angela Merkel
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Beitrag von hubutz »

MemPad 3.30 (07.12.2007)
  • * Hotkey brings MemPad to the foreground
    * Page memory: browser-like back/forw. buttons; extended page memory option
    * New mini launcher (tool button, popup menu)
    * New menu in SystemTray (right mouse click) incl. launcher menu
    * Background color separately for text, index
    * Search window redesigned; option to keep window open; case sensitive search
    * Search & Replace
    * New modification flag (asterisk)
    * Lookup feature: (local) programs can be launched as well
    * Initial page as command parameter: index path supported
    * Encryption: checkbox "Win98 compatible" now in password window
    * Auto save: interval can be changed in INI file
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Beitrag von David »

aktuell ist: MemPad 3.32 (18.11.2008)
Bugfix: select background color
Bugfix: buffer overflow if too many background colors
Launching and text links: now supporting *.cpl, *.scr ..
Crypting XP,Vista: "Strong Cryptographic Provider" fixed (not by default)
New INI file handler (internal)
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Beitrag von appo »

MemPad 3.33.1 (07.08.2009)

Version 3.33.1 - 07 August 2009
Bugfix: paste problem (different source font)

Version 3.33 - 02 August 2009
internal handling changed (supports Chinese now)
new option: whole word
Launcher and context menu:
Submenus (one level) supported
Launching a program without path: Windows' PATH variable applied
Max number of launch items is no longer limited
Internal page links:
Context menu "Page Link (Ctrl+O)" shows index link to insert
Auto saving index path (manually by ALT+O) upon new node and name change
Saved index path remains for multiple use
Local file links:
New: Insert file links (browse or drag&drop)
Multiple file links by drag&drop
Set tab stops:
Internal calculation improved
+++ attn: your individual tab width settings may be lost +++
Ctrl+Alt+T as alternative key combination for Windows Vista
Export: parameters all saved (INI file)
Moving nodes: internal handling improved; smoother index update
Line number display (optional): INI file item LineNumber=1
Option "Extended page memory" removed (now always "extended")
Message boxes now centered in MemPad window (not screen centered)
++++ for more details see MemPad help ++++
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Re: Mem Pad v. 3.33.1 - Notizverwaltung

Beitrag von Vivre »

MemPad Version 3.40 - 16 February 2010 (neue Adresse ! Mai 2011)
New index sort: sorting siblings (nodes on same level with current node)
Index menu; Alt F12: sort ascending, Alt+Shift F12: descending
Seach window remains active (unless string found in index)
New: Language support for user interface; see file: languages\~languages.txt
New: Main menu: MemPad / Language (changing language requires restart)
Hotkey assignment handling (window) changed
Search window a little larger to handle different languages
INI file tweak: TextMargin (see Help: Tweaks)
Bugfix: empty page somtimes showed previously viewed page
Bugfix: Launching issue if not full path supplied
Bugfix: aborting node background color selection
Bugfix: refresh issue when replacing with nothing
Window position also saved, if window not visible when MemPad closed
klein und durchdacht - ein tolles Tool :)

es gibt auch auf einer Beta-Seite ein kleines Ergänzungswerkzeug, mit dem man seine MemPad-Datei nach HTML exportieren kann. Hierzu lassen sich auch eigene Stil-Templates einrichten.

mpHTML 0.6-b :
MPhtml generates an HTML output from MemPad's Export:
+ the text will be indented according to the index structure
+ title lines will be highlighted and/or colored
+ "horizontal ruler" between pages (optional)
Other features:
+ user defined HTML templates are used as framework for the output
+ HTML tags are supported in MemPad text (in square brackets)
+ some special tags for current date, titles etc. are supported
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Re: Mem Pad v. 3.42 - Notizverwaltung

Beitrag von msel »


Version 3.42 - 08 June 2011
Black background issue fixed
INI file: ToolMode=1 >> only [x] button shows in title bar; will escape to systemtray
see Help:Tweaks
Encryption: Password required for each read operation incl. "Reload" and "Restore"
see Help: File/Encryption

Version 3.41a - 29 November 2010
New compilation; Kaspersky false positive issue again.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Greetings

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study, copy, modify, and redistribute computer software, and to defend the
rights of Free Software users.”
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Re: Mem Pad v. 3.42 - Notizverwaltung

Beitrag von Jean »

aktuell ist v. 3.52, inzwischen u.a. neu
Program/data folder info improved (menu:?)
Unicode support
Language files converted to Unicode UTF-8
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Re: Mem Pad v. 3.52 - Notizverwaltung

Beitrag von Jean »

inzwischen bei v. 3.55, seither
Multi monitor: search window position adjustment if necessary
Edit option (menu, Alt+S): wide spacing of selected text
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Re: Mem Pad v. 3.55 - Notizverwaltung

Beitrag von Jean »

v. 3.57
PureBasic compiler 5.31
Error message if file opened on other computer
File/open menu: currently open file is marked with radio button