[Shareware] FlashPaste Lite 3.5 (Standardtextphrasen verwalten und einfügen)

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[Shareware] FlashPaste Lite 3.5 (Standardtextphrasen verwalten und einfügen)

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Name: FlashPaste Lite
Version : 1.0
Grosse: 127 Kb
Homepage: http://softvoile.com/flashpaste.php
Downloadlink: http://softvoile.com/download/flashpastelitesetup.exe
FlashPaste lite is a free utility for making it easier to enter the frequently used text blocks: greetings, standard phrases, e-mail addresses, Internet addresses, logins/passwords, etc.
You enter the necessary text once in the database. When you need to enter a pre-defined phrase, you just press the hot key and select the necessary line from the popup list. To select the line, you may type its first symbols.

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Beitrag von Gordon » 07.10.04, 13:44

Inzwischen größere Änderungen
Version 2.1

* Bugs while functioning under WinXP SP2 are fixed.
* The possibility of setting the minimizing mode instead of closing the program is added.
* Error with show the tooltip in the system tray at each launching is fixed now.
* Improved interface.
* Added drag&drop support in the string tree.
* Now you can see the entire text to be inserted in a tooltip.
* Now the dialog box for selecting the line to be inserted has hotkeys 1...0 to quickly select the necessary line and Ctrl-1...Ctrl-0 to quickly select the insert a line.
* Now you can store the database of the program anywhere.
* The program interface is improved.
* A few minor improvements.
DL: http://flashpaste.softvoile.com/download.php

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Re: FlashPaste Lite 2.1 (Standardtextphrasen verwalten und einfügen)

Beitrag von kellerfrau » 05.03.11, 11:55

Das Programm heißt jetzt nur noch "Flashpaste" (ohne "Lite") und ist in der aktuellen Version 5.22 Shareware:

FlashPaste Lite als Freeware in der Version 3.5 findet man noch hier:


und hier

http://download.cnet.com/Flashpaste-Lit ... 36561.html

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