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Re: RJ TextEd 13.20 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 30.05.18, 6:44
von klodeckel
Version 13.25 (May 29, 2018)

Document map
The page marker can now be dragged and used as a scrollable handle and even replace the scrollbar.

Options added:
* Hide vertical scrollbar when document map is visible.
* Document map width.

Indent by Fold
Indent by fold is a simple way to format your code. A menu item has been added to the format menu. The function will indent selected code or the entire document, if nothing is selected. Indention follows the code folding and should indent blocks inside a code fold.

For the most part it formats the code fairly well, but some manual editing may be required.

* Code explorer issue.
* Toolbar button and dropdown issues.
* Dual document view issue with compare mode.
* Close document tab issue.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.30 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 08.07.18, 14:58
von klodeckel
Version 13.30 (July 8, 2018)

Chrome Preview
Updated the chromium component and libraries to version 67.0.

Goto Function/Line/Bookmark... (CTRL+G)
Redesigned the "Goto line..." page in the modal search window and added a search field and a list with all classes, structures, methods, properties and functions found in the current document.

Use the search field to find a code element and, if necessary, the up and down arrows to select the class, method or function you wish to go to.

There are four different keyboard actions to open the goto page.

GotoAction - will open the page with the last active option (Ctrl+G).
GotoSelectFunctionAction - will open the page with the function option active.
GotoSelectLineAction - will open the page with the line option active.
GotoSelectBookmarkAction - will open the page with the bookmark option active.
Find/Replace dialog box
Redesigned the modal search window and added a new page for "Find in Files".

All buttons are now placed to the right of the find/replace text fields.

Most combo boxes have been replaced by radio buttons to make option selection easier.

Search bar
Made several changes to the search bar, removed some dropdown lists and added a popup form to the folder option button.

Find in Files
Added a "Find in Files" menu item and toolbar button.

File Explorer Panel
Added navigation history buttons and moved a few buttons to the new "more" button dropdown menu. I also added a favorites button.

History navigation can also be done using the mouse back/forward buttons. But it only works if the explorer panel has focus.

Navigation history
It's now possible to navigate backwards and forward using the mouse back/forward buttons (if you have them).

Clear recent list string issue.
A few replace issues.
Remove item in recent file list.
A few issues reported by users.
Some minor visual changes.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.30 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 11.09.18, 2:39
von Jean
v. 13.40
Chrome preview - Updated all files and component to version 68.0.2440.
Advanced Sort - Redesigned the advanced sort window and added new options and functions.
Redesigned the options window to make it easier to maintain and to add new options.
Color Window - The color dialog box can now handle alpha transparency.
Modal Search Window - Made the window dialog resizable.
Search multiple folders - Added folder drop down menu items to handle multiple folders
File Commander - Made some changes to font settings.
Scripts - Scripts can now be executed every time the program is focused.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.40 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 03.12.18, 0:49
von Jean
v. 13.50 - weniger Fehler
Search Results (find and replace all) - Items are now selected by a single mouse click,
Recent files list - Fussy search is now used to find and list items in order of relevance.
Text clip and abbreviation synchronization - Added a synchronize sub-menu to the more menu on the text clips panel.
Chrome Preview - Updated all files and components to version 70.0.3538.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.60 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 14.01.19, 7:29
von klodeckel

Es wurden mehrere Änderungen vorgenommen, um einige Probleme mit hoher DPI zu beheben, wenn das Programm zwischen Monitoren verschoben wurde.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.61 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 23.01.19, 8:07
von klodeckel

Es wurden umfangreiche Änderungen vorgenommen, um High DPI- und 4K-Displays zu verarbeiten. Alles sollte jetzt korrekt angezeigt werden, auch wenn Sie Themen verwenden.

* Alle Fensterleistenelemente sollten in der gesamten Anwendung korrekt skaliert werden.
* Alle Nachrichtenfenster sollten korrekt skaliert werden.
* Fenster zum Öffnen / Speichern von Dateien sollten korrekt skaliert werden.
* Alle Elemente auf der Startseite sollten korrekt skaliert werden.
* Mehrere Komponenten ersetzt.
* Mehrere kleinere Probleme im Programm behoben.

Neue Option zum automatischen Ausfüllen von Suchfeldern hinzugefügt. Wenn aktiviert, wird automatisch die Suchfeldliste angezeigt.

Linien Nummern
Geändert, wie Zeilennummern für die aktuelle Zeile im Zeilenumbruchmodus angezeigt werden.

* Ausnahmefehler im Dialogfenster "Tab-Farbe".

Re: RJ TextEd 13.61 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 18.02.19, 0:34
von Jean
v. 13.70
High DPI: Panels and panel buttons should work better now on high DPI displays.
Chrome Preview (Chromium): Updated libraries and component to version 72.0.3626.
Fold highlighting: Redesigned the fold highlight feature.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.61 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 19.02.19, 0:35
von Jean
v. 13.71 - weniger Fehler

Re: RJ TextEd 13.71 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 02.03.19, 1:22
von Jean
v. 13.72
Added new menu items to pin or unpin left, right and bottom panels. The menu will not close any panels. Just open and pin them, or hide (unpin) them.
Note that it doesn't works if e.g. all left side panels are closed.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.73 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 10.03.19, 8:28
von klodeckel
Version 13.73 (Mars 9, 2019)

* Minor theme color issue with hints in open/save dialog windows.
* Tab key issue in search bar.
* Some issues reported by users.

Re: RJ TextEd 13.80 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 26.03.19, 15:05
von klodeckel
version 13.80

Chrome Preview (Chromium)
Updated libraries and component to version 73.0.3683.75.

Code explorer favorites
It is now possible to add classes, functions, properties, tags etc. to a favorite list. Favorites and TODO:s are displayed in the same pane, but in different tabs.

komplettes Änderungsprotokoll gibt's hier: ... ff6#p16379

Re: RJ TextEd 13.8x - Texteditor

Verfasst: 02.04.19, 0:59
von Jean
v. 13.81 repariert Fehler

Re: RJ TextEd 13.8x - Texteditor

Verfasst: 14.05.19, 0:51
von Jean
v. 13.9
neues Emmet plugin

Re: RJ TextEd 13.9x - Texteditor

Verfasst: 19.06.19, 17:38
von Gordon
Version 14 bringt kleinere Neuigkeiten:

Re: RJ TextEd 14.01 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 24.06.19, 6:30
von klodeckel
Version 14.01

Internal Chrome browser crash.
Some misc document map issues.
Open as binary file issue.
Copy in message panel.
Maximize issues.
Open files from minimized.
Hex view issue.
Misc issues reported by users.

Re: RJ TextEd 14.01 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 26.06.19, 17:52
von jasonliul
Version 14.02 (June 26, 2019)
* Text caret issues with word wrap and last open documents.
* Strange save issue that may occur if you try to exit the program, but cancel when saving your work.
* Context help issue in options.
* Hex view scrollbar issue.

Re: RJ TextEd 14.03 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 01.07.19, 6:31
von klodeckel

* Öffnen Sie Dateien aus dem minimierten Zustand.
* Öffnen Sie das Projekt und die Projektdateien beim Start erneut.
* Verschiedene Probleme, die bei der Überprüfung des Codes gefunden wurden.

Re: RJ TextEd 14.03 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 03.08.19, 23:18
von Jean
v. 14.10 - weniger Fehler
It is now possible to open up to six document views.
Emmet abbreviations can now handle filters
Search result option - Added an option to use double click to open found items, instead of single click.

Re: RJ TextEd 14.10 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 22.08.19, 0:56
von Jean
v. 14.12
Highlight Expressions - Added a new function in the "Search" highlight menu
Hint on auto hidden panels

Re: RJ TextEd 14.12 - Texteditor

Verfasst: 09.10.19, 2:16
von Jean
v. 14.20
Chrome Preview - Updated component and libraries to version 76.0.3809.
SFTP - Updated the SFTP component to the latest version.
Search (All open files) - Find and replace can now be used on all open files.
Highlight Expressions - Added expressions are now stored between sessions.