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Beitrag von Alex.HH »

This site hosts projects done over the last 15 years. The programs are written for DOS or Windows, most of them are freeware or open source. Mostly source code and make files are included, the implementation languages are ASM, C and/or C++.

The HX DOS extender is pretty well known in the DOS world. It has some features quite unique among these kind of products, allowing to run Win32 console and (some) GUI applications on DOS systems.

Win32Inc is useful for MASM and/or PoASM programmers only and offers a full set of include files and samples to write Win32 applications and dlls. It is Public Domain. It's purpose is to be an alternative for MASM32, which has license restrictions not allowing to write Open Source software with it.

COMView is a Win32 GUI tool to view, run and test COM (ActiveX, OCX) binaries. It will give an overview of what COM objects are installed on the current computer. One might create instances of these objects, view their type library, edit their properties and run their methods. This is useful for both examining foreign modules as well as testing self-written ones.

ProcWin is another Win32 GUI tool which displays information about currently running processes. With it one might examine all modules used by a process, its memory usage and its threads.

The reason for ExplorerASM coming into existence was more or less to have a simple platform available for running and testing Win32 shell extensions. It's a working clone of the Windows Explorer, however, and since it is supplied with source code, it can be used to write an explorer which has all the features you're missing in the versions supplied with the OS.

Joe is a POP3 mail reader, a Win32 GUI application. It was written at times when fast internet connections were not available for (almost) everyone and it was therefore advantageous to first check the mails on the host, and being able to delete the ones identified as spam right there before downloading them.

httpdASM is a web server (written in ASM), with a fully functional ISAPI interface. In combination with Jasp it supports active contents, since this ISAPI module will provide support for Active Server Pages (ASP).

Jemm is an Expanded Memory Manager (EMM) for DOS, requiring far less resources than any other EMM. It's based on the FreeDOS Emm386, which in turn is based on a project published by "c't magazin fuer computer technik" (a German computer periodical) in 1990.

debxxf is a set of debuggers intended to debug DPMI applications. It is slightly related to the HX DOS extender, but should also be able to run other DOS extended applications.

h2incX is a .H to .INC file converter (MASM), way more powerful than other similiar tools available.

Further tools are HDEdit (hard disk editor), SERegEdt (shell context menu extension to edit the registry), PE (COFF file dumper), VWin32 (displays memory usage on Win9x), S (text mode file viewer and hex editor) and TstSockW (a graphical socket test program in explorer look).
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Beitrag von @thehop »

Kleine tlw. einzigartige Hilfs-Tools für den Windows Desktop ...

On these pages you will find links to various free software applications. All are developed by the owner of this site.
Please feel free to download and use any of these applications. If you find anything useful, please let me know through the link below.

[efb]Sonar 4[/efb] (677Kb)
Provides an expanded ring around the mouse pointer for users who have difficulty locating the pointer.

[efb]MouseShade 2[/efb] (687Kb)
MouseShade is an essential tool for everyone doing presentations or demos. If turned on, it dims the screen and puts
a spotlight on the area around the mouse pointer, easily guiding the audiences attention to an area of interest

[efb]Mouseketeer[/efb] (559Kb)
Mouse clicking replacement software.
It can carry out left click, right click, double click, highlight and drag-drop actions.

[efb]MouseMixer[/efb] (679Kb)
This application enables quick and easy swapping of the primary mouse button.

Edgeless (272Kb)
This application causes the mouse pointer to wrap around the screen instead of stopping at the edges.

mmFollow (863Kb)
mmFollow quite simply adds a cartoon character to the mouse cursor.

KwikLoupe (527Kb)
A simple screen magnifier.

Designers Ruler (564Kb)
On screen ruler, configurable for horizontal, vertical, centimetres, inches, pixels and colour.

Vu-Bar 4 (684Kb)
A unique piece of software, provides an on-screen, slotted ruler.
Useful with dyslexia, when the user skips lines or drops from one line to the next.

KeyCounter (529Kb)
This package counts the number of key depressions.

RapidSet (539Kb)
Allows quick and easy changing of the background and font colours

Washer (786Kb)
Washer simply renders everything underneath its window in a grey scale format.

QuickRes Resolution Changer (682Kb)

Colour Calculator 3 (527Kb)
A quick and easy way of designing your colours for web pages etc.

Colour Analysis Tool - CAT (725Kb)
A colour brightness and contrast analysis tool.

Mr Memory (686Kb)
It provides a quick check of how your system memory is doing at any time

Bigger Cursors (28Kb)
A selection of bigger cursors for anyone who finds the existing cursors too small.

Chunky Cursors (24Kb)
A selection of chunky cursors for anyone who finds the existing cursors too small.

Screen Skier Screensaver (982Kb)

DigiClock Screensaver (648Kb)
A nice clean, rotating digital clock as a screensaver.
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Beitrag von @thehop »

Auf der Seite von Michael Zacharias finden sich hochwertige Systemtools - jedoch benötigen alle NET Framework.
Die 11 Tools gibts auch als all-in-one Archiv (rund 7 MB).

Mz Ultimate Tools
These programs will try to speed up your computer and make it work faster, without any malfunctions.

Try my programs, they are free!

To run my programs you will need .Net Framework 2.0 or higher, installed on your system,
you can download it here: .Net Framework 2.0 or higher version.

Mz Ultimate Tweaker
AutoMz Ultimate Tweaker
Mz Vista Force
Mz Ram Booster
Mz Cpu Accelerator
Mz Registry Optimizer
Mz Registry Backup
Mz Ultimate Cleaner
Mz Shutodown Sched.
Mz StartUp Manager
Mz Services Manager
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Beitrag von ^L^ » (Massimo Fabiano - ITALY)
I am an italian developer of systems for industrial automation, machine vision, robotics and health care.

OpenSource This section contains some of the applications I've written and released as open source.
Linux | Mobile | Scripting | Windows

OpenSource: Windows You are browsing the applications of the Windows category.

[efb]Acrylic[/efb] (0.9.11, stable)
Acrylic is a local DNS proxy which improves the performance of your computer by caching the responses coming from your DNS servers. It acts as a caching forward-only local DNS server which actually overrides the validity time indicated into the server's DNS response providing its own internal caching mechanism and thus allowing a configurable (and usually longer) validity time for every response. For more informations please refer to the Acrylic DNS Proxy Home Page.
Download the application's binaries (302k) or its source code (55k)

CHReader (0.9.3, stable)
An application, written in Borland Delphi, which compresses a group of related web files (along with images, resources, etc...) to a single compressed archive (whose length can be up to 4 Gb) and let you browse it using your preferred internet browser without even decompressing it (acting as a dedicated web server on port 8078 of your machine). This way you can retrieve very large sites with web spiders and keep them in an optimal space-saving way always ready to be browsed.
Download the application's binaries (214k) or its source code (20k)

[efb]FolderStyle[/efb] (0.9.1, stable)
An application, written in Borland Delphi, which generates hierarchycal file listings with many different styles for reporting purposes, hypertextual navigation through disks, multimedia file scanning, etc... (the generated reports can always be printed or saved for later use). It supports a wide range of filtering options to exclude non-relevant files from the reports (file name parts, size and date constraints, etc...). Additionally it can load and save an unlimited number of profiles of the most common searches to ease repeating jobs.
Download the application's binaries (248k) or its source code (15k)

Four in a Row (0.9.0, example)
A classical board game with very simple rules, written in Borland Delphi.
Download the application's binaries (1865k) or its source code (18k)

Hash (0.9.4, example)
Hash is a cross-platform application for calculating file hashes written in Borland Delphi 7. It can be useful to check file consistency of copied or downloaded files similarly to the md5sum application. Since it can recurse into subfolders it can also be used to verify the consistency of entire directory trees (e.g. removable media like a CD-ROM, etc...). Due to its object oriented architecture it allows easy integration of hashing algorithms and can be used as a testbed for optimizing and verifying new ones. It has been written mainly for me to better understand hashing algorithms and to test some design principles (for informations about its usage type hash.exe at a command prompt).
Download the application's binaries (54k) or its source code (10k)

IEBot (0.9.1, stable)
IEBot is a suite consisting of two applications, IEConsole and IEBot, written in Visual C# 2003, which allows scripting languages to control invisible Internet Explorer instances without the need to interact with the native COM interfaces, thus shielding the script code from lot of the complexities involved in the automation process. For more informations please refer to the IEBot Home Page.
Download the application's binaries (1646k) or its source code (12k)

[efb]Optima[/efb] (2.5.2, stable)
An application, written in Borland Delphi, whose aim is to remove temporary and useless files from your drives. It performs a deeper cleanup than the standard Windows cleanup tool while allowing you to identify useless files and remove them with the same ease. Furthermore it offers a unique place from which you can install/remove applications, components and perform your own cleanup on the most important folders. Additionally a very intuitive tree size view allows you to spot the most "space consuming" folders of your drives at a glance.
Download the application's binaries (245k) or its source code (14k)

PsTools (0.9.0, example)
A suite of simple console tools, written in Borland Delphi, related to windows and process manipulation written mainly as a reference on how to manipulate processes and windows on the Windows platform using Borland Delphi. It consists of PS, a process informations lister, KILL, a process killer, PRIORITY, a process priority changer and WINLIST, a windows informations lister.
Download the application's binaries (94k) or its source code (7k)

[efb]Raindrop[/efb] (0.9.4, stable)
An application, written in Borland Delphi, whose aim is to produce natural ambient sounds along with some special stimulating sounds for deep relaxation, sleep induction and perceived noise suppression. It is bundled with a series of highly realistic sound sets (tropical rain, birds, etc...), meditation loops (mantra chants, instrumental vibrations, etc...) and a binaural beats generator. Binaural beats are perceptive illusions that happen when your ears receive two slightly different sine waves and your brain erroneously "reconstructs" the signal as a "beat" (hence the name). Depending on its frequency (which is given by the difference of the two sine waves) the binaural beat can effectively change the alertness state of your brain, thus inducing fast reactions (high frequencies), mild relaxation (medium frequencies) or deep sleep (low frequencies).
Download the application's binaries (11858k) or its source code (252k)

[efb]Sentinel[/efb] (0.9.4)
An application, written in Borland Delphi, which analyzes your network traffic against a set of known attack patterns and warns you about them in real-time. It is designed as a simple intrusion detection system for your computer. For more informations please refer to the Sentinel Home Page.
Download the application's binaries (240k) or its source code (36k)

SlickManager (0.9.0, example)
SlickManager is a user control for ASP.NET (C#) which adds file system manipulation capabilities to a web site. It currently allows you to securely navigate a file system hierarchy within specified bounds, to upload and download files, to make cut/copy/paste/delete operations to a selection of files and folders and to create new ones. It can be effectively used to allow people outside an organization to manipulate shared folders without concerns, or for a web developer to be able to still modify a web site or its resources after deployment. For more informations please refer to the SlickManager Home Page.
Download the application's binaries (231k) or its source code (62k)

[efb]Tron Automation[/efb] (0.9.1, stable)
Tron is a console application which simulates user intervention for otherwise unscriptable applications. It can simulate keystrokes (along with special keys like shortcuts, etc...), mouse clicks and movements and it is designed to be invoked from scripts from which it can control applications running in the foreground. It can be used to write flexible automated tests for user interfaces or to ease repetitive jobs with applications which do not support scripting natively. It has a modular design and is not tied to any particular scripting or programming language. For more informations please refer to the Tron Automation Home Page
Download the application's binaries (206k) or its source code (15k)

Wave Normalizer (0.9.0, example)
A small console application, written in Borland Delphi, which simply normalizes 44khz 16bit stereo wave files volume. It can normalize a group of audio files as a whole (thus using the smallest normalizing factor found within that group) rather than as single tracks like other similar applications. This is particularly useful with classical music, where a single piece often consists of many movements that, if normalized singularly, would lead to awful final results.
Download the application's binaries (49k) or its source code (3k)

[efb]WebServer[/efb] (0.9.0, example)
A simple web server written in Borland Delphi with speed considerations in mind. It is very small, blazingly fast and it features very low memory usage. It supports parameters in http get requests for servicing dynamic contents. Due to its architecture it is ready to be extended with web pages written directly in ObjectPascal allowing extremely fast page serving for hundreds of simultaneous connections. It may also be integrated into existing Delphi applications to add them server http capabilities. It has been written mainly as an example of how to use the Windows Winsock library in Delphi.
Download the application's binaries (42k) or its source code (8k)

Zoomer (0.9.0, example)
A simple application, written in Borland Delphi, which displays a magnified image of the surroundings of your mouse in a small window located in your lower right part of your screen.
Download the application's binaries (155k) or its source code (7k) Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen |
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Beitrag von @thehop »

Tools and utilities for Windows by Olof Lagerkvist:

ImDisk (EFB-Suche) Virtual Disk Driver
ImDisk is a virtual disk driver for Windows NT/2000/XP/2003. It can use one or more disk image files
to create virtual hard disk, floppy or CD/DVD drives .
TIPP: ImDisk as a PEBuilder RAMdisk replacement, Does not require XPE ... ntry135574

Zero and Random device driver
The drivers can e.g. be used with the classic dd tool or with my rawcopy tool to fill files, devices etc with
zero or random characters, e.g. to wipe out the contents of a hard drive.

Small command line utilities
Works on Windows NT/95/98/ME/2000/XP/2003 unless the description says something else.
Some of them also run on Windows 3.x with Win32s but then without displaying anything because
Win32s on Windows 3.x has no console support. - 3.28 KB - compiled 2006-03-08
- Displays information about and optionally changes the priority class for a given process id. (Same function as the priority
change option in Task Manager, but this is a command line tool that works in Windows 95/98/ME too.) - 3.63 KB - compiled 2006-03-08
- Copies a complete directory tree to another location. This tools copies files, directories (even empty ones),
all attributes, extended attributes, time stamps, security information including access permissions
(except in some cases owner and auditing information).

Small utilities with graphical user interface (or with no user interface at all)
Works on all versions of Win32 unless the description says something else. This includes at moment
Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 and Windows 3.x with Win32s installed. - 6.80 KB - compiled 2006-03-08
- Registry Replace Tool. This program is useful if you have missed a "replace all"-function in the Registry Editor.
The new version also supports remote operation on other computers on the network and selecting subkey where the
search and replace should start. It supports replacing Ansi and Unicode texts in
REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_EXPAND_SZ and REG_BINARY type registry values. - 18.7 KB - compiled 2006-03-08
- A small utility to view and change settings for the Winlogon process. This includes settings up auto logon feature,
logon dialog options and settings for Windows File Protection. Operates on local and remote computers.
Requires Windows NT, 2000, XP or Server 2003. A help file with some how-to instructions is included.

.NET applications
These applications are written in Visual Basic 2005. They run in Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista and they
require .NET Framework 2.0 or 3.0 to be installed first. If they don't work and you have not installed.

GraphViewer - published 2007-03-25
- A math application to view graphs of functions.

ODBC Dataviewer - published 2007-03-25
- A small utility to make ODBC connections and send SQL queries.
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Beitrag von ^L^ »

Der Datenretter DTI Data (Florida/USA) bietet (verstreut) auch einige Freeware Datenrettungstools an ...
DTI Data Full Version Freeware Data Recovery ... a-recovery

Free Data Recovery Software
This section of software is totally free! They are not demo or trial versions, but the actual full versions of some of our premium products.

FREE NTFS Partition Repair Tool
- This link will take you to the partition recovery tool's home page. The link to the software itself is at the bottom of the page.
The reason is this is an extremely powerful tool, and misused can destroy data. Please read the page carefully
and call us if you have any questions.

Floppy Disk Data Recovery Tool ...
- This tool can recover data from even damaged floppy disks. Quick and easy tool for those still using the ole floppy disks.

FREE FAT & FAT 32 Fast File Undelete ... covery.htm
- Once our flagship product, this small but powerful tool that can recover or undelete deleted files or data
from recycle bin or even emptied from the trash. It is small enough to fit on a floppy so you can download
and run it direct to and from the floppy drive to further prevent data loss.

Freeware Data Recovery Resources
All of our Freeware data recovery have supporting technical articles on our website and blog that can help you get through data loss situations. Below you will find all of our freeware listed along with corresponding articles and tutorials.

RAID Diagnostic Toolkit Help Articles and Tutorials

RAID Diagnostic Toolkit Freeware Main Page - This page has all the background information about the RAID Toolkit

RAID Configuration and Parity - This is the primary instructions with screenshots about the
Freeware data recovery program - RAID Diagnostic Toolkit. ... rity-check

Use Bad Block Frequency to Determine RAID 5 Stale Drive - This article by Dick Correa shows
how to use the RAID Toolkit to determine a bad drive within a RAID 5
Analyzing RAID Parity Here you will learn how to analyze the parity of your RAID Array.
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Beitrag von ^L^ » (Franz Körner - GERMANY)
Meine Freeware-Programme sind fast alle infolge von Eigenbedarf erstellt worden.
Einige Programme sind durch Anregungen von Homepage-Besuchern entstanden.

| CSV-Editor | CSV-Table Creator | Date-List Creator | Edit-Referrer | HTM-Blanker | JS-Menue Creator
| Link-List Creator | phpCMS-Blanker | SiteMap Creator | Web-Album Creator

- Album
- Biorhythmus
- BZipper
- CD-Menue Creator (EFB-Suche)
- Crypted
- Digi-Uhr
- Kalender
- Lotto
- MakeBackup
- MakeThumbs
- Notizbrett
- No Icons
- SetStamp
- Weltzeit
- Wallpaper-Changer
- Wallpaper
- WebAdressen-Sammler
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Beitrag von @thehop »

Günay Say aka Dead'Soul (TURKEY) Freeware + Donationware : ... -9886.html

- AeroDesktop
Customize Transparency

- DosGameBox
Easily run DOS games without compatibility problems. Uses DosGameBox Packages (.dgb) to easily install a new game.
Works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista

- KeyboardLink
can easily run and control your media player, launch Notepad, Calculator, MS Paint, Wordpad and Microsoft Office.
In addition, you can control your computer's master sound setting.

- Parameter Spy
Allows you to find parameters of a file when it launched.

- Ejector
Ejector allows you easily eject and retract your optical drives via its tray icon menu

- FreshIP - BossMode - CalcFire - QuickLaunchLink - ShutDown Suite - NumLocker - DriveXplorer - Portabilizer - Phlox
- 7zipSilencer - GIMPminimizer - GameMinimizer - SuperCharger - FlashOffliner - AeroMaxxed - GamepadMania
- Tray Icon Manikin - SlowMousion - PortableDock - UPXcmd
Jacek Pazera (POLAND) Freeware + Donationware :

Pazera Free Video to Flash Converter (EFB-Suche) 1.1
Pazera Free Video to iPod Converter 1.1
Pazera Free Video to 3GP Converter 1.1
Pazera Free 3GP to AVI Converter 1.2
Pazera Free FLV to AVI Converter 1.2
Pazera Free MP4 to AVI Converter 1.2
Pazera Free MOV to AVI Converter 1.1
Pazera Free PSP Video Converter 1.1
Free Zune Video Converter 1.1
Free Video Downloader 1.2
Pazera Free Audio Extractor (EFB-Suche) 1.2
Lame Front-End 1.3
Free Uninstaller 1.1
Tik-Tak 1.0 (Stopwatch & timer, internet time, Swatch Time, UTC)
WinInfo 1.0.3
Free UPX 1.1 (Graphical interface for the UPX packer)
PEInfo 0.9 BETA (DLL, EXE analyzer)
Rozeta (english version) 2.0 (Rose diagrams, structural geology)
PasToHtm 2.0
Bismillah Hir Rahmaanir Raheem (BANGLADESH) Freeware + GPL Open Source :

[-] Rahman CHM Maker for windows (EFB-Suche)
[-] Create chm files on linux Rahman CHM Maker (EFB-Suche) [Linux]
[-] Convert html to chm Tarabi (EFB-Suche) html2chm
[-] Use webcam as a security tool Baseer Webcam Security Tool
[-] Play flv offline Waahid FLV Player
[-] Audio player Jalal
[-] Use joypad like a mouse Mizan Joypad Mouse
[-] Extract links from url Zaahir Link Extract
[-] Reduce jpeg image's size Tutu Jpeg Reducer
[-] dll to make force feedback effect xffd-force-feedback-dll
[-] Split and join file Saboor File Splitter & Joiner
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Beitrag von ^L^ »

Canadian Mind Products Downloadable Utilities by Roedy Green (CANADA)

All of the utilities posted here are free! and come with well-commented source.
However, they all have a non-military use restriction.

INFO: Ingesamt über 100 System & Programmier & JAVA Tools für Windows und DOS - hier etwas übersichtlicher: ... ducts.html
CCSchmidt Network Monitoring Software and Utilities by Carsten Schmidt (GERMANY)

On this page you will find my network software based on SNMP covering traffic and utilisation monitoring,
forward database retrieval from switches, as well as squid log analysis and network performance measuring
with variable size ICMP requests (pings) and lots more.
Feedback from users is always welcome. Donations and gifts are appreciated as well. :-))

[efb]FDB Get[/efb]
This little gadget will try to retrieve the forwarding table entries (Mac to interface number) of switches (layer 2 devices).
This comes in handy when you want to know to which interface of a switch a particular NIC (e.g. computer) is attached to.
Now suppports parameters for command line use.

Interface Traffic Indicator
is a graph utility to measure incoming and outgoing traffic on an interface in bits/sec, bytes/sec or utilization.
Works on all SNMP-capable devices (computers, NICs, switches, routers, etc.) with adjustable poll intervall down to three seconds.
You can use this program in a professional network environment to monitor selected network interfaces (even backplane ports if
the device provides the information) or you can monitor your home network or cable/modem/ISDN connection to the internet.

Performance Pinging
a tool for testing availability, response times and performance using ICMP. It writes data to a text file
for later interpretation with e.g. Excel. Allows you to change IP address, ICMP timeout and data size during runtime. Comes
with a nice little graph for realtime testing. Now includes PerfCopy for testing network performance by copying files to UNC locations.

MultiPing Grapher
is a further development of Perfping with the ability to graph up to 10 different ICMP results.
Includes logging and average calculation.

Squid Efficiency Analyzer
interprets a Squid log (native) to determine how much traffic can be retrieved from the cache and how much
comes from the web servers in the internet. Tested with log files from Squid 2.5 STABLE 5 for Windows NT 4.0/2000/XP/2003.

Unix Timestamp Converter
UTC is a little utility with only two functions: convert a Unix timestamp (seconds since January 1st 1970 to date) to a human readable
DateTime format and vice versa. So simple it does not need a help file or further information. Includes Delphi source code

Screenshot Grebba
is a little tool that makes screenshots of up to 10 different program windows and displays them on its own webpage.
I use it on a server with various monitoring programs to get an overview of what is happening in the network.
Developer page - James Chapman (GREAT BRITAIN)

Freeware multi-format audio player for Windows supporting MOD/S3M/XM/ IT/MP3/OGG/ FLAC/WMA/WAV/CD formats.

A simple audio capture tool with timed recording and file splitting features.

VUMeter application was designed to help you monitor sound levels.

An application designed for helping you test for errors in MP3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC and WavPack files.

MCP application was designed to be a small tool for the synchronous playback of up to 3 audio files.

JC Player
Player application was designed to be a Gracenote enabled freeware CD player for Windows.

modlander is a freeware module player with online access to a
selection of songs from the modland archive.

Intel JPEG Library Video Codec
Intel JPEG Library Video Codec was designed to be a VFW driver based on the Intel JPEG Library.

cool edit / adobe audition file filters
These filters extend the functionality of Cool Edit or Adobe Audition
by providing support for opening and saving additional file formats.

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Beitrag von @thehop »

Franz Blank (Neuhaus/GERMANY) :

WatchDog (EFB-Suche) @FB
Verschiedene Ordner in einer bestimmten Zeit auf Änderungen überwachen

DiskObserve (EFB-Suche) @FB
Zwei Laufwerke auf die noch verbleibende Festplattenkapazität überwachen.Es kann für jedes Laufwerk eine
getrennte Warnschwelle eingestellt werden. Wird diese überschritten, werden Sie per E-Mail benachrichtigt.
Somit ist DiskObserve @FB ideal um z.B. Server usw. laufend zu überwachen.

Fast Viewer Client (EFB-Suche)
Fast Viewer Client für die Remote-Unterstützung und Präsentation.

NetSend (EFB-Suche) @FB
Nachrichten in einem Windows-Netzwerk auf komfortable Art versenden

HotKey (EFB-Suche) @FB
Mit HotKey @FB kann mit einer Mausbewegung der ganze Desktop minimiert werden

IE-Anonymizer (EFB-Suche) @FB
Mit IE-Anonymizer können mit einem Klick alle temporären Dateien des Internet Explorers gelöscht werden.
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Beitrag von vorkoster »

Luigi Auriemma (Italien):

Kleine Problemlöser im Bereich Programmierung/Netzwerk als Konsolenprogramme, Open Source.

multiplatform (Win/*nix/mac):
# Executable's strings lister and replacer 0.2.3
this tool has the main purpose of finding any ASCII and unicode string inside PE and ELF executables with the possibility of modifying them using any external text editor and re-injecting them in the original executable.

# Bynaryo 0.1
tool for converting binary strings to ASCII or to numbers of 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits (both big and little endian) and vice versa for example for converting "hello" in 0110100001100101011011000110110001101111 and again in "hello".
the tool is able to recognize the input automatically and so choosing the needed conversion, anyway there are various options available which allow to force a specific conversion, using a file as input or output, choosing if the input/output is a hex or decimal number or an ASCII char and doing the hex dump of the output.

# hosts file/list DNS checker 0.1
tool which checks if the hostnames listed in a file or contained in a hosts file can be resolved or not.
supports multi-threading, logging, delay between each query and allows to choose the type of primary query (A record by default) and a backup one in case the first fails (for example A and then NS).
thanx a lot to Andrew Short of Global Advert Servers Blocklist for all the ideas, suggestions and testing of the tool on over 100000 hosts.

# webimgms 0.1.2a
experimental tool for refreshing the same image or a sequence of images and for slide show.
works on both local and remote web images and allows to dump them too.
it's fully configurable for specifying an exact format of the files (in C printf style like %d or %08x) and has also some other small options.
it uses SDL, SDL_image and SDL_resize to work (all the needed runtime files for Windows are already in the package).
one of its ideal usages is with the recorded streams of jmeetrec and awcamrec or with static URLs like those used to monitor the cars traffic and other webcams or collections of images.

# NRG2CUE generator 0.1
simple tool which generates a CUE file (the one of the couple BIN/CUE) from a NRG one, both NRG v1 and v2 supported.

# Mydown and mydownlib 0.2.5a
mydownlib is an HTTP client library written for being easily used in my tools and Mydown is a complete multi-thread command-line downloader.
it supports almost everything needed, included compression (deflate, gzip, compress), chunks and the complete control over the parameters and fields which compose the HTTP request.
for the moment there is no support for large files bigger than 2 gigabytes.

experimental tool which decodes the morse codes from a PCM WAV file using a volume/peak based method.
the tool can also decode the morse codes from text files or from a RAW PCM file

# Morse generator 0.2
very basic tool which converts an input file to morse notation, like ...___... for SOS.

# DTMF2NUM 0.1c
tool for decoding the DTMF and MF tones from PCM wave files
supports any type of wave file (frequencies, channels and 8, 16, 24 and 32 bits), automatic optimizations (DC bias adjust and normalization) and both WAV and raw PCM data.
the program has been successfully tested with many audio files and moreover with those highly dirt and damaged, for example recorded with a microphone in a room or at a very low volumes or with some noise.

# myftpidx 0.1.3
tool for indexing recursively any file available inside a FTP server or one of its folders.
it has options for verbose output, full or relative URL, fields to visualize and HTML output.
I wrote it because sometimes happens to need a specific file or a set of files available on a FTP server but we don't know in what folder they are located or if exist different and most updated versions and copies of that program/file, so this tool lists all the names and sizes of the files inside a specific FTP directory or just in the entire server for allowing an easy searching of these files in the local list.

# DAA2ISO 0.1.7b
program for converting the DAA files (Direct Access Archive, used by PowerISO) to ISO, supports multipart files too.
on Windows the tool works from both command-line and GUI (double-click on daa2iso.exe & use).

# UIF2ISO 0.1.7c
program for converting the UIF files (Universal Image Format, used by MagicISO) to uncompressed images depending by the input file type: ISO, BIN/CUE, MDS/MDF, CCD/IMG/SUB and NRG.
on Windows the tool works from both command-line and GUI (double-click on uif2iso.exe & use).

# Proxymini 0.2.1
proxy server that fully supports all the following protocols: HTTP, HTTP CONNECT (for HTTPS and so on), SOCKS4 (TCP and TCP bind) and SOCKS5 (TCP, TCP bind and UDP).
it's designed to be small and for being used in trusted environments where there is no need of complex or advanced options and other boring things, double click on it and it will work immediately.
it supports also some options like binding a specific interfaces for incoming or outgoing connections, custom port to bind (default is 8123), stdout and file verbose logging.

# Signsrch 0.1.5a
useful tool for searching signatures inside files. it can recognize tons of compression, multimedia and encryption algorithms and many other things like known strings and anti-debugging code which can be also manually added since it's all based on a text signature file read at runtime and easy to modify.
supports also the scanning of the processes, the loading of custom signature files and their automatic checking for avoiding errors.
the tool supports 8, 16, 32 and 64 bits, float and double plus automatic CRC table creation and C style strings.

# CMDsock 0.1.2a
simple tool which acts like a telnet server (or shell binder) and works on any Windows and *nix OS.
supports some options for setting a password, changing the listening port and interface, reverse shell (the tool connects to a specific host:port) available also over UDP and automatic LF to CR/LF conversion.

# MyWAV 0.1.1
simple set of (uncommented) functions for reading and writing WAV headers.
an example of how to use them is WAVEhead in the TestingToolz section.

# BDE64 0.2.1
quick tool which performs base64 decoding and encoding.
supports both stdin and stdout, automatic hex dump visualization if has not been specified an output file, Gamespy base64 and automatically ignores spaces, bad chars and uuencode's begin (like begin-base64 644 file) from base64 files during reading.

# Lanfile 0.1.2
nice program for sending and receiving files with many features: MD5 hash, multiplatform, large file support, listen and connect mode for using it when is not possible to receive connections (NAT/router), file resuming, compression through LZO, password (APOP-like), execution of commands when each file is received, allowed hosts, stdin and others. it's really a very useful and simple tool, perfect for LAN.

# ICMPInfo 0.2
tool that uses ICMP type 13 (timestamp RFC792) and 17 (netmask RFC950) for retrieving the current time and the netmask of a remote host.

# Simple UDP proxy/pipe 0.4a
advanced UDP proxy/datapipe/packets forwarder and modifier with multiple functions.
a datapipe is like a minimalistic proxy which acts as a bridge for connecting to a specific host, so the input connection can be any UDP client while the output is ever the same IP:port (clients->stcppipe->target).
it supports multiple clients allowed, creation of tcpdump capture files (like a sniffer), packets forwarding (chat style, each packet is forwarded to all the other clients and server connected), packets injection (the tool opens a specific UDP port to which is possible to send the customized packets that will be sent to the server), support for multiple target hosts plus some interesting options for controlling the outgoing sockets, hexadecimal visualization and plugins support for the modification and visualization of the packets.

# DCE Messenger 0.1
this tool is able to send the DCE messages become infamous due to their usage for spamming home users, as far as I know and in my tests SP2 no longer supports them.

# Net send spoofer 0.2.1
the name says all: it sends the winpopup messages with spoofed source.
it contains a normal version for Windows and a Netbios-free version which can be used on any operating system since builds the packet in real-time.
supports also some interesting options like the loading of the message from a file, multiple destinations (IP and hostnames) and the funny/lame message flooding.

# THEGUI 0.3.1
THEGUI is an almost universal front-end for many command-line programs which works on both Windows and Linux because it uses the GTK+ library.
it has been successfully tested also with programs like nmap, netcat, gcc, tidy, nasm, lame, curl, almost all my tools and many others.
it is also very easy to use and has tooltips so is enough to keep the mouse pointer over a button to know what it does.
if still doesn't work add ;C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\bin to your PATH environment variables.

# sendto_spoof.h 0.1.2
a sendto() replacement which automatically enables the spoofing of the UDP packets in any existent program.
compatible with both Windows and other operating systems and little/big endian CPU.
read the header of the file for all the needed informations.

# Calcc 0.1.4
excellent console calculator (double-click & run) which supports multiple input and output formats and lot of operators.
input formats: hexadecimal, binary, base4, various time identifiers, float/double, decimal, octal, IPv4/IPv6 address, percentage and current date/time.
output formats: decimal, hexadecimal, octal, binary, signed decimal, ascii, explonential, base4, IPv4/IPv6 address, base32 (rfc4648), base64 (rfc4648), date/time, float (*(float *)&number) and double (*(double *)&number).
operators: parenthesis, complement, not, shift, rotate, xor, or, power, root, byte and bit swapping, multiplication, division, modulus, addition and substraction.
it's available in two executables which support max 32 and 64 bit numbers, so is possible to choose the 32 bit one in specific cases.
can be used also like a quick and easy to use numbers converter.
I wrote it just because I needed it for my tests and programming and there was nothing similar in all Internet.

# CmdDiz 0.1.2a
a console interface/translator for the huge amount of free dictionaries of The Dictionary Team.
supports also wildcards like *hello* or hello* and *hello.

# DirComp 0.2
tool for comparing the files contained in two or more directories.
the output is easy to read and lists all the files which differ (the check is performed on both size and content) and those who are not available in certain folders.

# Byte2C 0.2a
great tool for converting files into 8, 16, 32 and 64 bit numbers and float and double types too.
supports many options and the manual handling of the format string for the visualization of the numbers like hexadecimal, decimal, unsigned and all the various flags used in the printf() C function.
very useful for retrieving arrays (crc tables, arrays of float numbers and so on) from an executable.

# Lame Patcher 0.4.3
file patcher available with both GUI (on Windows) and command-line mode and various features.
it uses some text files with the lpatch extension for getting the list of operations to perform on the target file to patch.
these text files are trivial to create and edit and allow to specify comments, the default name of the file to patch, an introduction to display before apply the patch, MD5 hash verification, the modification of a byte at a specific offset, the substituition of a sequence of bytes or a string, wildcards and more.
exists also an older version of "patch files" used for substituiting bytes at fixed offsets and are identified by the lpatch.dat name.
this patcher and its patch files are the only that I use for my patches.

# PackZip 0.1.1
a nice tool to create raw zipped (aka deflate) files or inject zip data in any file choosing all the possible options available in the zlib library (compression level, windowBits and strategy).
useful for modifying archives of unknown format replacing only the data which has been modified without touching the rest.
anyway keep in mind that the compressed data could be bigger than the original in some cases (even if the input data is the same), this is caused by zlib which doesn't compress enough if compared to other much efficients deflate algorithms.

# Web passwords and links checker 0.2
nice tool for checking all the URLs in an input text file and scanning them sequentially.
its primary purpose is to verify if the username and password for a website are valids but can also check if pages exist or not.
read the text file inside

# Read/Write bits to buffer 0.1.2
two functions I wrote to use in my programs that read and write number of a certain amount of bits (max 32) into a buffer, useful for bit packing.

# Offset file unzipper 0.3.3
a very useful tool to unpack the zip (zlib/gzip/deflate) data contained in any type of file included raw files, packets, zip archives, executables and anything else.
it's needed only to specify the offset where the zip data starts or using the useful -S search options able to find any possible zip block contained in the provided file.
naturally there are also other options for extracting all the zip blocks which have been found or dumping them as in their original compressed form.
it's also possible to choose a windowBits value for scanning both the zlib (RFC1950) and deflate (RFC1951) blocks (for example -z -15 for common zip files and so on).

# ether_hdrlen 0.2
two simple functions that return the size of some data_link levels and ethernet types.
I have collected the values while playing with Ethereal/Wireshark and Nmap and is enough useful to write simple ethernet sniffers.

# Simple TCP proxy/pipe 0.4.6
simple datapipe for TCP connections with multiple options and features.
a datapipe is like a minimalistic proxy which acts as a bridge for connecting to a specific host, so the input connection can be any TCP client while the output is ever the same IP:port (clients->stcppipe->target).
it supports multiple clients at the same time (it uses a thread for each client), binding of a specific local IP, allowing only certain hosts/IPs, multiple target hosts to which is possible to connect at the same time or one at time (the first available), reverse connection, dumping of the connections in tcpdump format or stdout, support for SSL connections useful for dumping the data exchanged between a SSL client and server in MITM (man in the middle), a lame XORing function and more.

# Byte2hex 0.2
converts any byte from a file or stdin to a format of your choice (hex is default but is possible to choice octal, decimal and more since the format string is controlled by you).

# Hex2byte 0.3
converts any hex char like 0x61, \x61 or just 61 from a file/stdin into the relative bytes.
the default format is a fast hexadecimal but is possible to choose alternative C-like formats like octal, decimal and others which are handled by the sscanf() function.
the tool has also a special option for handling the hexdumps like: "01C99BB0 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 6a 6b 6c 6d 6e 6f 70 abcdefghijklmnop".

# show_dump.h 0.1.1a
optimized function to show the hex dump of a buffer to stdout or to write it into a file/stream.
exists also a 0.2 version which adds a new parameter for specifying the spaces to add at left of the visualization.

# Formatted tabs to spaces 0.1
useful tool to convert tab in spaces with the possibility of choosing the number of spaces which will substituite the tabs.

# Fcomp 0.3.1
very good binary file comparison tool with support for multiple files, ASCII and hexadecimal visualization and offset of the files from where starting the comparison.

# Sleepy 0.2.4
this tool waits a custom amount of time (milliseconds, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks and local/UTC time) and then exits or executes a program specified by the user one or more times.

# Pings 0.2.3
this tool allows to send ICMP packets with a custom type, code, ID and sequence (for ping query and reply) and allows also to send multiple packets or filling them with the data of a file or with a specific size and some other options.
it has also a listening mode but works only on some systems.

# ZipComp 0.4.1a
quick tool for comparing the size and then the CRC32 checksum of the files contained in a zip archive with that of the files in the current directory or in another zip file specified by the user.
it can also compare two zip files and self-extractors too.

# MyCRC 0.3
easy and fast tool to calculate the checksums CRC8, CRC16, BSD16, 2 types of FCS16, sum16, 4 types of CRC32, sum32, MD2, MD4, MD5 and SHA1 of a file or a stdin stream.
useful to check if an unknown field of a protocol or file format could be a checksum or an hash.

# Xor 0.2
simple tool for XORing an input file with a byte or a key chosen by the user, which can be a file, a string or a sequence of hex bytes.

# Zipweb 0.4.1
utility for viewing the index of remote ZIP packages located on HTTP servers without downloading them.
the program supports proxy and automatic keep-alive and has a lot of options and useful functions as the interactive download of the files in the ZIP package or their download based on part of filenames (so for example is possible to download a text file of 2 kilobytes from a ZIP file of 3 gigabytes in a couple of seconds) and the CRC32 comparison between the remote files in the ZIP and the local files on the disk.
it works with both ZIP and auto-extracting ZIP files so use it also with EXE files and can be used also to show only the size of any remote file.

# CHD 0.1
a mini tool of some lines of C that displays each given char/string in its hex, decimal, octal and binary format.
very small but very useful.

# Charcount 0.1.4 (Zeichen zählen zähler)
gives the number of ASCII chars contained in one or more files.

# Bincat 0.1
concatenator of multiple binary files, similar to the "copy /b" of Windows.

# Rmchar 0.1.1
removes all the occurences of a specific byte in a file.

Windows only:
# Proxocket 0.1.5
Proxocket is a dll proxy project for the main Winsock functions which allows to capture any type of packet and data sent/received by a specific software of your choice and optionally modifying its content or the connect, bind and accept functions through a custom dll very easy to create.
Proxocket handles the following functions for both ws2_32.dll and wsock32.dll: WSAStartup, socket, WSASocketA, WSASocketW, closesocket, connect, WSAConnect, bind, accept, WSAAccept, recv, recvfrom, WSARecv, WSARecvFrom, WSARecvEx, send, sendto, WSASend, WSASendTo.
it has also specific support for TCP, UDP, ICMP, IGMP and RAW packets with handling of SOCK_STREAM, SOCK_DGRAM and SOCK_RAW on both incoming and outgoing data.

# DLL proxy skeleton generator 0.1.1b (dllproxyskel)
quick tool for generating a base C code to use for proxifying the exported functions of any DLL.
with the resulted code is a lot more simple and easy to hook a specific function of a dll (like recvfrom or sendto and so on) so that then is only needed to modify the wanted functions to hook.

# Mini Winamp input plugins player/converter 0.1 (wampmini)
mini command-line tool which takes a Winamp input plugin (like in_plugin.dll) and an input file and plays it or generates a wave file or shots the raw pcm data to stdout.
other than for the playing and converting job it's also a good way for testing single plugins and/or knowing what of them is able to read a certain file format.

# QuickRVA 0.2.3
cool and easy to use RVA converter for various types of executables which allows to convert file offsets to a memory offsets and viceversa.
at the moment the tool supports DOS, LE, PE (both 32 and 64 bits), VXD, ROM, OS2, ELF (both 32 and 64 bits) and XBE executables in little-endian mode.
it contains tons of useful features like drag'n'drop, files and processes loading, C style text/binary search, hex visualization of the data at current offset, various informations about each section of the executable, real-time disassembling (16, 32 and 64 bits supported) of the visualized bytes with parsing of the ASCII and unicode strings, navigation in the window of the hex dump and the disassembled instructions and more.

# Mylibaow32 0.1
a simple libao clone which works on Windows using waveOut.
some functions like ao_open_file have not implemented because useless.
thanx to David Overton for his useful Windows waveOut tutorial.

# Winamp plug-in info 0.1.1 (wainfo)
interesting tool which shows all the informations about the plugins for Winamp, XMPlay, MusikCube and The Core Media Player.
it's extremely useful when in doubt about a version of a specific plugin or what it does without loosing time.
for example you have two plug-ins with the same name and don't know what is the most recent.

# Winerrmsg 0.1.1
some lines of code to convert Windows error codes into comprehensible error messages in your language, supports also socket errors.

# Show Interfaces 0.1 (showifaces)
example code to show available network interfaces on Windows.

# MD5 on the fly 0.1 (md5fly)
simple utility for Win32 that calculates CRC32 and MD5 checksum of a file and shows the result in a MessageBox.
To use it: copy or link the file md5fly.exe in the SendTo folder of Windows (example "c:\windows\sendto" or "C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\SendTo") or use drag'n drop.

# Winerr.h
this is a very useful function I have written to use in Windows programs for handling the Winsock and common I/O errors (using errno).
I use it in ALL my network related tools

# Findadapter 0.2
example code that shows your Winpcap adapters (need Winpcap)

others old or unsupported or very small/basic tools:
* Sendtest and Recvtest 0.1 (sendrecvtest)
these two toolz are useful to know how much time is passed during the sending and receiving of a specific amount of megabytes of data between two computers. sendtest is the client, recvtest the server.

* POSTStrike 0.1
this tool has 2 features, it is an upload bandwidth meter and it is also an alternative type of Netstrike attack, in fact instead of downloading data (html, pages or images) it uses the POST method to upload data and to consume the server bandwidth.

* GetCookie 0.2
very simple tool to retrieve cookies from specific URLs.
it can also show the full header, both header and data or only the data after the header.

* TcpCRLF 0.1.1a
basic TCP tool that uses 2 threads and allows to choose between all the carriage-return formats (CR, LF, CRLF, LFCR, or none).
I have written it only because sometimes I need CRLF when I want to test some applications.

* Rot13 0.2
simple tool for ROT13ing (aka "Caesar cipher" which means summing or substracting a number to a byte like +0x12 and -0x12) an input file with a byte or a key chosen by the user, which can be a file, a string or a sequence of hex bytes.

* GetHEAD 0.1.2
simple tool to see the HTTP headers of the web servers.

* Cutfile 0.2a
simple utility for viewing and dumping specific portions of a file with supports to stdin and stdout too.

* vBulletin Forum Attachments Downloader (vbfdown) 0.5 (vbfdown)
old utility for downloading all or some of the attachments in the threads of vBulletin forums.
the options availables are a lot and the utility is very flexible (with the -x option it should work on a lot of vBulletin forums).

* Swapfile 0.2.2
this tool can reverse the bytes and also the bits of a file, for example the first byte/bit will be the last.

* Registry values patterns changer 0.1.1 (regpatt)
this nice old tool lets you to change all the occurrencies of a specific pattern into any value of the Windows registry.
read the text file inside and use it ONLY if you know what you are doing.

* Driverfinder 0.1.1
old utility for Windows 9x that I wrote for recovering the files of a driver in a computer which had it pre-installed and without other copies.

* Webcompare 0.1 /(webcomp)
this tool is useful for people who make a lot of updates to their website but are never sure if the material on it is the latest or if there are differences between local and remote files.
the comparision is between local and remote filesize only because HTTP returns only this information.

* Pdown 0.1.5
this useful tool is a sequential file downloader to download sequential files from each sequential directory specified by the user.
supports HTTP proxy servers, download recovery and starting of downloads by a specific byte of the file (this option is very useful if you want to download only a part of a file instead of all!). For sequential filenames uses C language formatters as %d, %02d, %x, and so on.

* HTMLRef 0.2.2
very simple tool for checking local HREF and SRC links in local html files with some other functions like MD5 calculation and filesize.

* WADExt 0.1.1
a simple tiny extractor for the old ID-Software data files (.wad), with identification of MUS files.

* Addmac 0.2
old utility for adding hosts in the ARP table of a LAN machine (Win32 needs Winpcap)

* Winarp 0.3
old LAN Denial of Service for Windows machines through the usage of spoofed ARP packets (Win32 needs Winpcap).

* SplitALL 0.7.1
old tiny utility for splitting and reassembling files in some formats (italian).

* POPrmft 0.1.1
the long name is "POP3 remove mails FROM and TO": this tool is useful to remove a range of mails from mailboxes on POP3 servers. It also supports APOP (secure authentication).
note that this tool is old and I wrote it only for an occasion in which I needed a similar program.

* Windows 9x/NT4(old) generic TCP connections spoofer 0.2.1 (tcps)
an old experiment of TCP connections spoofer which works with the Win9x/NT systems precalculating the SYN numbers.
the source code of the previous older version is available here.

* Bestsite (tcp pinger) 0.1.1
this tool is like an alternative ping program which doesn't use ICMP packets but TCP connections and returns the delay in cents of second (second/100) needed to establish a connection to each server given as command-line argument.
I wrote it for finding the best mirror where downloading a file but it can be useful also to monitor a server which doesn't reply to ping.
for Unix only

"Alles ist möglich, aber nicht überall."
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Beitrag von @thehop »

LoRd MuldeR (Berlin/GERMANY)

[efb]MPlayer for Windows[/efb] ... ts#mplayer
The award-winning OpenSource media player available for Windows now!

MakeInstantPlayer (EFB-Suche) ... s#instplay
Tool for creating self-running video files, based on the MPlayer engine

Avidemux (EFB-Suche) for Windows ... s#avidemux
Video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks

[efb]LameXP[/efb] ... cts#lamexp
Encoder Front-End for LAME MP3, Ogg Vorbis and Nero AAC

[efb]UHARC/GUI[/efb] ... s#uharcgui
Graphical user inerface for the UHARC file archiver with unique features
Furthermore there is a new SFX feature included in this GUI.

[efb]Double File Scanner[/efb] ... doublescan
This tool will detect multiple copies of the same file on your HDD, based on MD5 hashes.

Directory Size Calculator (EFB-Suche) ... irsizecalc
Tool for recursively calculating the total size of a directory tree

[efb]SFX Tool[/efb] ... ts#sfxtool
Graphical user interface and script generator for the Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
My SFX Tool, a nice and intuitive frontend, allows you to generate and compile NSIS scripts.
This way you can create installers with no need to write a single line of script code.

System Information (EFB-Suche) ... ts#sysinfo
A simple tool to display information about your local system.

Chromium Updater (EFB-Suche) ... s#chromium
Automatically update the Chromium web-browser to the latest build available.

Temp Cleaner (EFB-Suche) ... s#tmpclean
Lists all files located in your TEMP directory and reliably removes these files from your system.

MEncoder264 (EFB-Suche) ... encoder264
Graphical user interface for H.264 video encoding based MEncoder and x264 [ Discontinued Project ]
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Matthias Schleicher (Konstruktion & Softwareentwicklung) Zwickau /GERMANY ... /index.htm

SpeedAddress / SpeedAddressPro
Adressen-, Dokument-,Termin- und Auftragsverwaltung (Kalender,SQL-Editor,
Betriebsnummerngenerator,BLZ, Import/Export, Volltextsuche sind integriert).

SynchroPro (EFB-Suche)
Datei- und Ordnersynchronisation für eine beliebige Anzahl von Ordner bzw. Rechner.

SBSBackup - Simple Backup System V2006.12
Für alle Disk-, Zip- und Netzlaufwerke, DVD/CD-RW-Brenner.

KHelp V2008.08
Hilfesystem und Dokumenten Viewer

WinExit V2009.01
Computer Herunterfahren, Neustarten, Ausloggen, Power Off oder ein Programm ausführen.

DiskArchiv V2005.12
Programm zur Archivierung von CD-Rom Inhalten. Suchen nach Dateien ohne die selbstgebrannten CD´s einzulegen.

Kalender V2008.12 (ein ewiger Kalender)

Panel für den Bildschirmrand mit allen Laufwerken, Laufwerksfunktionen, Systemfunktionen, Plattenpflegetool und mehr.
Zusatz-Module: AutoDiskXp / Repedit / LastFile

Finden Sie die Platzfresser auf Ihren Festplatten. Laufwerks-Scanner mit graphischer Anzeige. Das Tool ist in MiniSpezi integriert.

Tool zum (rekursivem) Ausdrucken von allen Ordner- und Dateinamen in Verzeichnissen. Auflistung wird im Standardeditor angezeigt.
Das Tool ist in MiniSpezi integriert.

Tool zum (rekursivem) Umwandeln von allen Ordner- und Dateinamen in Verzeichnissen von Groß in Kleinbuchstaben,
(bzw. 1. Buchstabe groß) und umgekehrt. Das Tool ist in MiniSpezi integriert.

Testbild zum Einstellen von Monitoren. Das Tool ist in MiniSpezi integriert.

System: Windows™ 2000 / XP
In diesem Tool tragen Sie alle Anwendungen ein mit denen Sie sonst Ihren Computer in Ordnung halten.
Dieses arbeitet dann Laufwerk für Laufwerk alle ausgewählten Programme automatisch ab.

Wallpaper V2009.03
Hintergrundbild - Manager / automatischer Bildwechseler mit Timer. Alles per Drag and Drop.

Programm zu öffnen des EmailAccounts (SMTP after POP)

RepEdit V2004.07
Editor mit sehr vielen Funktionen, wie z.B. Sortieren, Systemdateien-Sofortzugriff, Umwandlung von (ASCII<->ANSI),
(Groß-Klein-Schrift), Export, Sammeldatei ... usw.

KuckucksEi V2006.12
kontrolliert bei jedem Windowsstart oder Programmstart alle Eintragungen in der Registrierung im Autostart-Ordner
in der Autoexec.bat, Win.ini und alle DFÜ-Verbindungen und was Sie selbst nochhinzufügen.

Betriebsnummer V2008.10 (BDE - Borland Database Engine erforderlich)
Betriebsnummern-Generator - Auftrags-, Kunden-, Lieferanten-, Angebots-Nummern usw. + Eigenene Nummern.

HomeChart V4.4 (BDE erforderlich)
Für alle Leute, für die ein herkömmliches Börsenprogramm zu kompliziert ist. Verwaltet alle Fonts, Aktien,
usw. auf einfachste Art und Weise.

BKZFinder (BDE erforderlich)
Das Programm sucht alle passenden Berufskennzahlen für Sie zusammen. Diese Nummern-Kette können
Sie dann in die Suchmaske des Arbeitsamtes eingeben. Die Ergebnisse sind beachtlich.

IconFinder V2008.10
Icons in DLL und EXE-Dateien auf dem gesamten Rechner (rekursiv) finden, als ICO speichern
und weiterverwenden oder mit Ihren Desktopicons tauschen durch Drag & Drop.

PlotFix V2008.01
Hilfsprogramm zum Stapleplotten.

LastFile V2007.10
Die zuletzt bearbeitete Datei eines voreingestellten Typs finden und/oder starten
und/oder den Ordner mit dem Explorer öffnen.

Kredit V2008.09
Berechnung von Krediten und Kalkulation von Immobilien.

DFÜChanger V3.1
Windows™ 95/ 98/ SE/ ME (NT/ 2000/ XP nur zur Kontroll-Anzeige)
Automatisches wechseln der Standard-DFÜ-Verbindungen, zum einen um zu verschieden Uhrzeiten einen
preiswerten Provider anzuwählen und zum anderen dient es zum Schutz vor ungewollten DFÜ-Verbindungen. Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen |
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Stefan Trost Media @ Bottrop.DE

DP: ... 60674.html

Einige (auch einzigartige) englische/deutsche Standalonetools - mit dezenter Eigenwerbung & Spenden (= Donationware)
Our Freeware Software

TextConverter: Replacing, deleting, inserting and formating of text or lines in many files at the same time. More..

Image Resizer: Resize and change lots of images at the same time easily and quickly. More..

ImageConverter: Change lots of images at ones (color, size, watermarks, blur, file format and more). More..

Pipette: Pick up colors from your screen, change and work with them in many models and learn all about colors. More..

Filelist Creator (EFB-Suche): Create file lists including all information you want as text, image or HTML document. More..

Index Author: Creates keyword and file indexes as text or HTML from your documents automatically. More..

Text Images: Write text on images, for example for the headlines of your homepage. More..

WordCreator: Creates readable words, sentences or texts from syllables and letters weighted with probabilities. More..

Print My Fonts: With this tool, you can win the overview over all of your fonts on your computer back. More..

Clipboard Saver: Change and save texts and images in your clipboard automatically. More..

File Renamer: Rename multiple files and folders according to your rules and desires at once. More..

AnswerCoach: Study like a professional. Practise for your next examination with the AnswerCoach. More..

Sudoku: Play Sudoku at your computer, print them, compare yourself with other players in the Highscore. More..

Unit Converter: Convert and calculate with values from over 4500 units of 33 categories. More..

Slippy Clerk: This tool guarantees fast, productively and precisely working. Start a new dimension of writing. More..

Easy MP3 Player: A tool for music enthusiasts, tall collections and people really liking music. More..

A detailed overview over all of these applications, you get here. + (deutsch)

Individuelle Lösungen
Neben dem Download der Programme, bietet Ihnen Stefan Trost Media einen weiteren Service an:
Das Programmieren individueller Software, die genau auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist.
suchen finden tags: linklisten file list maker creator filelist dateilisten generator
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DJ Sures (Ontario/Calgary - CANADA)
Kanadischer "Multi-Developer" (A.I., Robots, Cars, Electro-Music ... uit%20Tree :supa:
etc.) bietet einige seiner Software Betas (ohne Datumsangabe = 2009) als Freeware an ...
DJ's Media Center ... nter%20V3/
This is a Media Center replacement that plays every file type that you have codec's for
(mkv/bluray, divx/xvid, mpg, etc). It also has a front-end gui for a Nintendo NES and MAME Arcade Emulator.
For news, there is a built in Reuters Video Stream from RSS feeds.

ID3 Tag Fixer
This utility will use the Folder Name and MP3 filename to determine the ID3 tag information.
It will also download the album art from the internet and embed it into your MP3.

MP3 Sort (Last Updated: 1999)
Sorts your mp3 folder by creating Artist Folders and moving m3p files into them. Uses ID3 tags and filename to extract artist.

WCapture V2! - Webcam Software
WCapture V2 Features:
- Multi Camera Support
- Saving and Loading of setting files
- Built-In Web Server
- Statistics (Bandwidth, Requests, IP Addresses)
- Extensive Logging
- User Friendly
This version of WCapture V2 was designed for the following uses:
- Weather Cameras
- Motion Detection Security
- Outdoor Security Cameras
- Indoor Security Cameras
- House Sitting Cameras
- Personal Webcam

VMWare Disk Mount GUI (Last Updated: 2008)
The VMWare Disk Mount utility allows you to mount a VMDK file as a drive. VMWARE distributes a command line utility with
no graphical interface (GUI). This is my graphical interface for the VMWare Disk Mount. It is a MSI install file and requires .Net.

Bulk File Rename
This utility lets you rename multiple files at once. You can specify a folder, wildcard and rename criteria.
There is also a Simulation mode ...

Bulk Image Resizer
Use this utility to bulk resize images in a folder.

I wrote this utility to sort files into folders of the first letter of the filename. All files starting with A will move to a folder
named A, and so on. Use this utility to organize a large folder of files.

Battery Logger
This program runs on the System Tray and logs your laptop's battery percentage. It also "predicts" the total ammount
of supply of your battery at your notebooks current state. I built this program to test an extended life battery.
It'll help you diagnose bad batteries or how your laptop responds to wierd battery behaviour.

SMSGPS (Windows Mobile)
This utility is in CAB install form. It's for windows mobile 5 and up devices with GPS. It uses the Settings->GPS configuration
to connect to the configured gps device. Displays your valid Long & Lat and your contact list. Select a contact and press
the Send button. An SMS message with your GPS location and a link to it on google maps is delivered to the recepient.
Includes Google Map location.

Pic BTC EEPROM Convert (Last Updated: 2008)
This is a great little utility that converts Roman Black's BTC format to a ROM import file for CCS's PCW Pic Compiler.
Check the installation folder for information of how to play back the audio.

AutoNews (Last Updated: 2003)
AutoNews displays clickable article headlines about the automotive industry from my assembled RSS feed.
AutoNews by DJ Sures is currently version 0.1b. Which is beta. It doesn't do much except show the news autonews.
It will someday do more, just not now. The filesize is large containing debugging information.

Web Scroll (Last Updated: 2003)
A transparent desktop application for keeping track of website updates. Add URL's to a list and specify the display interval;
then the program will scroll through each URL so you can see website updates throughout the day. Useful if you're busy
at work but also want to keep track of weather, news, stocks, forums, etc.

Make Thumbs (Last Updated: 2001)
Created a list of thumbnails and webpage of a directory of graphics. If you visit my photo gallery, you can see it in action.

Jpg To Film (Last Updated: 2001)
Takes an input of jpegs and puts them in a neat film reel graphic. Great for webcam images and presentation.

Hwnd (Last Updated: 1999)
Displays handles of all processse in Win32

Table Dump (Last Updated: 1999)
Produces a .csv of a database table using either ODBC or DSN

Zero Kwwl (Last Updated: 1999)
A silly little windows multiplayer game version of my old 1995's -=STATE=- Tic Tak Toe.
Just for fun and expirementing with some network techniques.

-=STATE=- Classic Games
When I was younger in the early 90's, I ran a demo group called -=STATE=-. I used to make little apps to
demonstrate my programming ability. The apps were mostly coded in C with Assembler graphic routines
(vertical retrace and direct memory writes, etc). Anyway, I put together a little app that contains DosBox
and 3 of my old demo apps. This installer includes Game2, 0KwwL, and Cybrpong. Enjoy :)

1999: Cyber Pong (Last Updated: 1999)
The windows multiplayer game version of my old 1995's -=STATE=- cyberpong.
Experimenting with network multiplayer positioning.
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Linksammlung & Auflistung: Webseiten hochproduktiver Freeware-Autoren!

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Folgendes scheint eine Mini Office & Extras Perlensammlung zu sein - zwar durchwegs im Win95 GUI Design
- jedoch extra OHNE .NET oder JAVA 8) - und zumeist auch USB Portable verfügbar ... (© SSuite Office Software / Henk van Loo | @ Langebaan / SOUTH AFRICA)
Van Loo Software developer profile ... 13031.html

SSuite Office - Excalibur Release 2.2
A premium office suite for the latest Windows operating systems. (Windows 2K / XP / Vista / 7)
Create a cleaner desktop with enhanced performance and advanced interfaces.
File size: 39.80 MB

SSuite Office - The Fifth Element 2.1
The Future of Desktop Office Suites
File size: 37.70 MB

SSuite Galaxy Class
Provides a more uncluttered desktop, cleaner looking application interfaces, and faster software interaction.
File size: 23.40 MB

SSuite Office Portable 1.21
An Office Suite that runs from any portable memory device e.g. Thumb Drive, Memory Stick, Flash Drive etc.
File size: 15.90 MB

SSuite Office - Personal Edition 3.2
Features a full set of communication utilities that allow you to contact everyone
on your LAN network or through the internet.
File size: 18 MB

SSuite Office - Advanced Edition 2.2
Features a full set of communication utilities that allow you to contact everyone
on your LAN network or through the internet.
File size: 26.80 MB

Suite Office - My Personal Briefcase (formerly Suite Office - Portable Briefcase) 2.2
Keep all your documents in one place while you are on the move.
File size: 684 KB

SSuite Office - FileWall 3.0
A secure client-server database to archive all your sensitive documents in one place.
File size: 2.46 MB

SSuite Office - WordGraph 7.2
An advanced stand alone word proccessor for everyone to use.
File size: 13.80 MB

SSuite Office - CleverNote PIM 1.2
A personal information manager that will keep you up to speed and informed at all times.
File size: 6.18 MB

SSuite Office - CleverNote PIM Portable
A personal information manager that will keep you upto speed and informed at all times.
File size: 1.15 MB

SSuite Office - Year and Day Planner Portable 1.1
A portable year and day planner for people on the move
File size: 602 KB

SSuite Office - Address Book Pro - Portable 1.1
This addressbook has all the features and functions you need to keep in contact.
File size: 804 KB

SSuite Office - Photo Gallery - Portable 1.1
Store all your favourite images to multiple albums of your choice
File size: 795 KB

SSuite Office - My Calendar Diary Portable 1.1
Portable Calendar and Diary for people on the move
File size: 640 KB

SSuite Office - My Money 1.0
A free personal finance manager
File size: 9.02 MB

SSuite Office - My Money - Portable 1.2
A simple to use Personal Finance Manager.
File size: 1.25 MB

SSuite Office - MonoBase
An application that allows you to create databases
File size: 9.25 MB

SSuite Office - Master Invoice 1.0
Create invoices for products or services provided by your company.
File size: 8.34 MB

SSuite Office - Expression Builder 1.0
Create mathematical expressions from installed fonts.
File size: 323 KB

SSuite Office - System Monitor 1.1
A simple desktop system monitor.
File size: 317 KB

SSuite Office - VOIP PC Phone 2.0 ... 4098-1.htm
All you need is a headset and microphone to make a call. Voip Phone works only on LAN and DSL connections.
The minimum bandwidth required is 64Kbps (continuous).
Voip PC Phone does not rely on Third-Party Vendors or Special Internet Websites to make calls.
File size: 4,15 MB
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Re: Linksammlung & Auflistung: Webseiten hochproduktiver Freeware-Autoren!

Beitrag von Gordon »

kleine nützliche Tools von Arqendra
MultiLogMonitor is aimed to be the ultimate frontend monitor for all applications or services running on a single computer which logs messages in a dedicated log text file.
As many log files as you want can be monitored. Every observed log file is monitored in a dedicated tab. Furthermore, the process itself which writes messages in the log file can be monitored.

W32TimeManager is a frontend monitor and manager for Microsoft Windows time service (W32Time).
Starting from Windows 2000, every Microsoft operating system integrates a time client and server based upon NTP protocol.

ACLCron is an ACL scheduler based on NTFS security descriptors to allow or refuse permissions to file system objects (directories or files) to users on specific date and time.

Acrylic DNS Proxy Monitor is a frontend monitor for Acrylic DNS Proxy, a free personal DNS proxy server.

KUpdater performs download of virus definitions update files for Kaspersky products from version 7 to version 9 (Kaspersky Anti-Virus aka KAV and Kaspersky Internet Security aka KIS).

m3u2cue reads content of a .m3u file (list of mp3 files) and creates the corresponding .cue file (structure file to create an audio cd).

DirStruCopy allows to copy directories structure from a source path to a destination folder.
Hence, only directories and structure are copied, not any file.

ShMediaManager allows to activate/desactivate ShMediaManager.dll.

FilesListSearch allows to look for pathless files of a files list in a folder and create a new files list updated with path of found files.

Tftpd32-DHCP is a frontend to manage DHCP reservations for Tftpd32 directly with Windows registry.
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Re: Linksammlung & Auflistung: Webseiten hochproduktiver Freeware-Autoren!

Beitrag von Gordon »

Winaero mit 25 Tools
WMP12 Library Background Changer

Win+R Alias Manager
Handy and fast way to run your favorite software

TakeOwnershipEx - allows you to take ownership and get full access to files and folders

Taskbar Thumbnails Tuner
Allows you to modify some hidden settings of taskbar thumbnails in Windows 7 and Windows 8

Drag'n'Drop Editor
Allows you to change default behavior of drag-n-drop in the Windows Explorer

Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8
Win+X Menu Editor for Windows 8 allows you to add or remove Win+X menu items

User Picture Tuner allows you to change behavior/appearance of user picture in Start Menu
Take control on user avatar in Start Menu. Change animation and picture frame

AniExplorer allows you to enable hidden Explorer UI animations in Windows 7 and Windows 8
Version is available for download

Aero Patch 1.4 enables Aero transparency and personalization features in Windows 7 Home Basic and Windows 7 Starter
Unlocks Aero, Transparensy and Personalization in Windows 7 Starter/Home Basic
mehr auf der Homepage
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Re: Linksammlung & Auflistung: Webseiten hochproduktiver Freeware-Autoren!

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Bernd Leitenbergers Download Ecke:
SmartEditor Ein Editor für Programmierer, Syntax Highlight für 50 Sprachen
EasyBackup Ein dateibasiertes Backuprogramm, das im Hintergrund ihre wichtigen Dokumente auf eine externe USB-Festplatte oder eine zweite interne Festplatte sichert.
SmartMove Ein Programm, das bestimmte Verzeichnisse (z.B. Downloadordner) überwacht und Dateien dort nach Filterkriterien in eigene Ordner für Bilder, PDF's, Ausführbare Dateien etc. verschiebt.
Stoppuhr Eine kleine Desktop Uhr / Stoppuhr / Wecker
Formelrechner Ein Rechner in dem man Formeln und Variablen definieren und schnell durchrechnen kann.
Lineare Regression Ein Programm zur Berechnung und Darstellung einer Regressionsgeraden.
Backgroundplayer Ein Programm das im Hintergrund einen mit Musik beduddelt.
Random Copy (english) A Program to create a random filelist for your MP3 Player and copies the files to the mp3 player
Random Copy (deutsch) Ein Programm um eine zufällig zusammengestellte Musiksammlung für CD's oder MP3-Spieler zu erzeugen.
SmartSearch Eine Suchfunktion für Text in Dateien, besser als die Windows Funktion : Verwendung regulärer Ausdrücke und Speicherung des Ergebnisses
Schnellstarter Ein Programm zum Starten von Applikationen über einen Hotkey.
SchnellStarter Portable Die portable Version für den USB Stick oder die USB Festplatte zum Starten ihrer Anwendungen auf dem USB Drive.
FileSync Ein Programm zum Abgleichen von zwei Verzeichnissen z.B. für den Datenaustausch
FileSplit Splitten und Zusammenführen von Dateien die alleine für einen Datenträger (USB Stick, Diskette...) zu groß sind.
SmartIconizer ... und dasselbe über das Anklicken von Icons. Wie beim Desktop nur braucht es weniger Platz und Iconlisten sind ladbar.
Notenauswertung Für Dozenten: Zum Auswerten von Klausuren nach ECTS Kriterien.
Zusammenkopieren Macht nur das was der Name aussagt aus vielen Dateien (gesplittete Dateien) eine große.
SmartFotoCopy Kopiert Fotos von der Speicherkarte sortiert nach Datum in einzelne Verzeichnisse
HTML Fileman Ein Programm zum automatischen Bearbeiten von HTML Dateien
MP3 Datenbank Eine einfache Such- und Abspielfunktion für MP3 Dateien. Liest die Tags aus den Dateien aus und erlaubt die Suche nach Titel, Künstler und Album.
Passwort Generator Ein Programm das basierend auf einem Masterpasswort für jede Url ein eindeutiges Passwort generiert und ohne Listen etc. auskommt.
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Re: Linksammlung & Auflistung: Webseiten hochproduktiver Freeware-Autoren!

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Die Freewareabteilung von Two Pilots
Two Pilots ist ein internationales Unternehmen: wir haben Mitarbeiter in den USA, Deutschland und Russland,
mit dem Hauptsitz in Moskau, Russland. Das Unternehmen wurde 1991 gegründet ...

Freeware programs

For Handling Forms
Filler Pilot™ Filling out forms created with Form Pilot Office free Download

DjVu Printer Pilot™ Converts any documents into DjVu files using a virtual printer free Download
PDF2Text Pilot™ Open-source PDF to text converter free Download (2.0M)
PDF Printer Pilot™ Virtual printer software for coverting any documents into PDF free Download

For Digital Camera Users
Color Pilot Junior™ This invention makes color correction simple for children free Download (4.5M)
Exif Farm Free™ View EXIF/IPTC/XMP, create and edit EXIF and EXIF GPS data in Windows Explorer free Download
Exif Pilot Free™ EXIF/IPTC data viewer, EXIF data editor & creator free Download (2.3M)
Layer Pilot™ Form a new version of a photo using separate color layers free Download (6.0M)
Retouch Pilot Lite™ Software for retouching photos free Download (3.6M)
Rotation Pilot™ Handy tool for rotation and resizing your photos free Download (2.0M)
Secret Photos™ Turn your photos into puzzles and create gifts for your friends free Download (1.0M)
Wire Pilot Lite™ Remove wires and other unwanted linear objects to enhance the outdoor scenes free Download (2.5M)

Useful Utilities
Annotation Pilot (EFB-Suche)™ Captures screen appearance and labels the screenshot free Download (3.9M)
Data Pilot™ Expand Microsoft Excel data analysis options free Download (823K)
dPilot™ Friendly User Interface for GNU WGet Downloader free Download (214K)
Family Tree Pilot™ Creates an image of the family tree using personal photos free Download (6.8M)
Home Typist™ Adds typewriter sounds to your computer keyboard free Download (341K)
PDF Presentation Pilot™ PDF presentation creator free Download (3.2M)
Screenshot Pilot (EFB-Suche)™ Capture a screenshot and e-mail it or save as a graphic file free Download (3.2M)
Speed Typing™ Typing frequently used text quickly and easily; lite version of Type Pilot free Download (140K)
Voice E-Mail Pilot™ Say what you think and send it by e-mail free Download (1.0M)

For Macintosh OS
Form Pilot for Mac™ Fill out paper forms of any type (instead of a typewriter) free Download (2.0M)
Color Pilot for Mac™ Software for quick color correction using the natural language of color free Download (2.7M)
PDF Pilot Maker™ Edit Portable Document Format (PDF) files. You can add annotations, graphic objects and pictures to PDF files.
Curve Pilot for Mac™ Learn the basics of color correction free Download (840K)
Red Eye Pilot for Mac™ Remove red eyes from your photos free Download (537K)
Spool Pilot for Mac™ Convert printouts in popular graphic formats free Download (912K)
PDF Pilot One Page Saver™ Save a page from your PDF document as a separate file. free Download (512K)
PDF Pilot Pages Extractor™ Create a new PDF document using a set of pages from another PDF file. free Download (883K) Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen |