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Giveaways bei Softpedia

Beitrag von Gordon » 23.11.08, 18:43

Wer das Softwareportal Softpedia nutzt (und wer macht das nicht), kann bis Ende die ansonsten kostenpflichtige Bildbearbeitung Photo Pos Pro herunterladen und einen freien Key erhalten! Ich kenne die Software nicht weiter, die Beschreibung klingt aber ganz gut und auch die Bewertungen bei Softpedia sind recht ordentlich (4,2 von 5 Punkten = sehr gut).
Here are some key features of "Photo Pos Pro":

· Support of many picture file types including a password protected file type.

· Support of scanners and digital cameras - The software supports a wide variety of digital devices which capture images such as scanners, digital cameras and more.

· Advanced Image Enhancing and editing tools and functions - With these tools and functions you can improve, repair and enrich pictures. Among other things, here you will find automatic tools for picture repairing, tools and functions for repairing and improving pictures, tools for editing and changing colors and textures, a variety of filters, tools for resizing and changing the resolution and orientation of pictures and more.

· Tools for precision repairs and editing - With these tools you can perform precision repairs on pictures such as removing scratches and unwanted details, enriching, emphasizing, sharpening, blurring and spreading of areas on a picture and many more pinpoint operations. You can even remove zits and moles from facial pictures (portraits).

· Tools for creating Computer Graphics - With these tools you can create and enrich pictures using stunning, colorful graphics. The computer Graphics tools include regular brushes, custom brushes (apart from the variety of brushes that come with program, you can crate your own brushes yourselves), tools for drawing lines and shapes, the filling tools and more. The Graphic tools support Transparency, Textures, Patterns, Gradients and much more.

· Rich Text Tools - With the text tools, you can enrich your works using a variety of different texts. You can add different text to pictures, from simple, one-hue texts to complex texts which use complex multi-hue colors and textures, including Texts along Paths (such as a text along a circular path, a text along a rainbow path, a text along a wave-shaped path and more). Like the Graphic tools, the Text tools also support Transparency, Textures, Patterns, Gradients and much more.

· Special Effects - The software contains dozens of functions with which to create special effects. With them, you can both enrich your works and create stunning and eye-catching works.

· The Selection Tools - With these tools you can isolate desired areas on a picture and edit only these areas. The software offers a variety of powerful selection tools including a number of automatic tools for isolating desired areas. The Selection tools support Transparency, Feather, Smooth (Antialias) and more.

· Layers - One of the important properties of the software is the ability to create pictures with numerous layers. For each layer you can set the level of Transparency, place in the hierarchic level of layers, Blend Mode, Curve Graph and more. The use of layers offers infinite editing possibilities to the user as well as maximum working flexibility.

· Masks - The software supports Masks and Alpha Masks. Apart from the variety of masks that come with the program, you can create new masks on your own or use mask files which others have created.

· Gradients, Patterns and Textures - The software supports a variety of Textures, Patterns and Gradients. You can use the variety of Textures, Patterns and Gradients that come with the software or alternately, create new ones on your own.

· Script Tools - The Script tools enable you to define a series of image enhancing operations and to save them. You can create powerful scripts and run them on as many files as necessary. Screenshot...

· Batch Operations - The software enables you to perform a variety of operations on a number of picture files at once (a Batch Operation) and by doing so, makes it possible for you to save time by not having to perform monotonous operations on each separate picture file (for example, you can reduce the size of all the picture files in a certain directory and improve their quality by sharpening them all at once without having to open each file separately).

· Converting Picture File Types (Formats) - The software enables a quick and easy conversion of the format of picture files (For example, you can convert a directory of pictures with Bmp format to Jpg format in one easy stroke).

· The Picture Browser - The Software contains a built-in picture browser with which you can easily browse through the pictures saved on your computer. With the browser, you can easily perform a variety of administrative operations.

· The Ability to expand the software yourselves - One of the most important possibilities that the Photo Pos Pro software offers is the ability to expand the capabilities of the software yourselves! You have an idea for a new Feature that does not exist in the program? In many cases, you can add this Feature yourselves! You can create new functions to define Color and Brightness (using the Curve Tool), various filters and more. You can combine a number of operations with the Script Tool in order to create Scripts which will perform new operations, according to your needs. In addition, you can share the new Features which you have created with anyone you wish simply by sending them the relevant files!


· 256 MB of RAM,
· 300 MB of free disk space,
· 16-bit color display adapter 800x600

DL: ... -Pro.shtml (50 MB)


Nach der Eingabe der Lizenzdaten ist eine einmalige Onlineaktivierung erforderlich!
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Zemana AntiLogger HIPS: 1-Jahres-Lizenz bei Softpedia (Giveaway)

Beitrag von vorkoster » 15.03.10, 10:37

Name: Zemana AntiLogger
Homepage: ... gger.shtml
Lauffähig ab (Win95, 2000, XP): XP SP2
Nativ x64?: nein, nur für 32-Bit!

Bei Softpedia wird eine 365 Tage gültige Lizenz für Zemana AntiLogger angeboten. Hierbei handelt es sich um ein host intrusion detection system (HIPS) zum nicht-signaturbasierten Erkennen von Keyloggern, Trojanern oder Spyware/Spionagesoftware. Leider nicht für 64-Bit-Systeme!
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Beitrag von Gordon » 22.03.10, 17:26

Da Softpedia ja doch öfter mal Software verschenkt, habe ich die bisherigen Threads zu einem Sammelthread zusammengeführt!
Aktuell gibt es die Systemoptimierungssuite WinUtilities Pro ... ties.shtml
Here are some key features of "WinUtilities [GIVEAWAY]":

· Disk Cleaner - Cleans disks from information that clogs your system and reduces the performance of your computer.
· Registry Cleaner - Scans the Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information in the Windows Registry.
· Startup Cleaner - Helps you to easily manage program execution at windows startup.
· History Cleaner - Erases all traces of activity on your computer, save spaces and protect your privacy.
· File Splitter - Splits any type of file into smaller pieces and rejoin them to the original file.
· File Shredder - Erases files and make sure that no data thief can get his hands on your sensitive data.
· EXE Protector - Protects any Windows executable file with a secure password.
· Memory Optimizer - Optimizes the Memory Management of Windows. No special configuration is needed, Memory Optimizer will auto configure itself.
· Duplicate Files Finder - Helps you to free disk space by finding and removing duplicate files from your system.
· Shortcuts Fixer - Provides you with an easy way to address the invalid shortcuts and reports back to you so that you can remove it from your system.
· Process Manager - Allows you to check your system's performance and manage the running processes.
· Uninstall Manager - Manages the programs installed on your system and uninstall unneeded software.
· System Information - Shows you the detailed information for your computer hardware and software.
· Registry Backup&Restore - Back up and restore the Windows Registry.
· Registry Search - Searchs the Windows Registry by a specific wildcard. then you can delete or export them.
· BHO Remover - Manages the BHOs that are currently installed.
· Auto Shutdown - Schedules your computer for log off, stand by, hibernate, or shutdown at a specific time.
· Windows Tools - Provides you an easy way to launch the utilities build in Windows.
· System Control - Organizes and manage your Windows Settings
· Task Scheduler - Configures the cleaning tasks that take place automatically.
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Re: Giveaways bei Softpedia

Beitrag von Gordon » 31.10.10, 11:22

aktuell gibt es den recht leistungsfähigen ExtraRenamer als Giveaway
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