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Jitsi 2.10 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von airblaster » 29.08.09, 11:45

Name: SIP Communicator
Version: 1.0 alpha 3 (snapshot)
Homepage: http://sip-communicator.org/
Supportforum: http://www.sip-communicator.org/index.p ... ilingLists
Lizenz: LGPL
Screenshot: http://www.sip-communicator.org/index.p ... creenshots
abhängig von: Java

SIP Communicator is an audio/video Internet phone and instant messenger that supports some of the most popular instant messaging and telephony protocols such as SIP, Jabber, AIM/ICQ, MSN, Yahoo! Messenger, Bonjour, IRC, RSS and counting.
Ein in Java programmiertes SoftPhone.
Noch keine Stabile Version, wird aber aktiv weiterentwickelt (Siehe Statistiken)

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Re: SIP Communicator 1.0 alpha3 - VoIP

Beitrag von Gordon » 26.07.12, 17:03

heißt inzwischen Jitsi und ist stabil bei 1.0 - außerdem gibt es nightly builds der 1.1

Während sich Viren leicht in schwachen Körpern ausbreiten, passiert dasselbe mit Verschwörungstheorien bei schwachen Geistern, insbesondere wenn Antikörper in Form von Bildung fehlen.

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Re: Jitsi 1.0 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von plombe » 06.03.13, 20:08

Seit heute Sprung auf 2.0.
Among the most prominent new features you will find quality multi-party video conferences for XMPP, audio device hot-plugging, support for Outlook presence and calls, an overhauled user interface and support for the Opus and VP8 audio/video codec.
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Re: Jitsi 2.0 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von plombe » 12.05.13, 19:31

Jitsi 2.2
Following is a list of the most important changes brought by this build:
Adds an alternative to PortAudio using Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) (Not yet but soon to become the default audio system on Windows).
Adds the possibility to send message or call a specific contact resource over XMPP.
Allows setting the video bit rate.
Adds presence, avatars and phone types to the “Transfer Call” dialog.
Fixes duplication of incoming messages and file transfer panels when show history in chats is enabled.
Adds a new Jitter Buffer implementation that greatly improves audio in lossy networks such as Wi-Fi.
Adds support for searching for contacts in Thunderbird address books.
Adds organization name in LDAP and OS X Address Book search results.
Detects video support in XMPP vCard-s (important for CUSAX deployments).
Improves Jitsi Videobridge call stability (Work In Progress).
Fixes false-alerts for chat window closing.
Implements a way for users to disable call waiting via configuration.
Fixes various problems with video calls.
Adds “push to talk” functionality (quick unmute while pressing Ctrl+Shift+T).
Prevents firewall prompts from popping up every time Jitsi is started on Mac OS X 10.6.
Fixes copying of smileys, links and message headers in the chat history window (which wasn’t previously possible).
Adds TLS client certificate login strategy for XMPP.
Adds a minimal (configurable) duration for RTP DTMF tones.
Adds retransmissions for 180 Ringing SIP responses over unreliable transports.
Fixes NAPTR sorting by preference.
Allows use of distinct (configurable) port ranges for audio and video streams.
Improves incoming call window placement.
Upgrades to latest ice4j version, for better WebRTC compatibility (Work In Progress).
Makes conference related menu items available regardless of the currently active window.
Fixes the event configuration file chooser to remember the last stored file location.
Reverts to use of vanilla bouncy castle libs to address comments received during the Debian submission.
Logs dates in all history files as ISO 8601 with time zone.
Various other fixes and improvements.
Full commit log
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Re: Jitsi 2.2 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von Jamez99 » 10.09.13, 13:57

Thank you for the reply! I was looking through the forums, and it's obvious you put in a lot of work keeping up with all the threads. So thank you for taking the time to respond and Thank you for this great news and your article.

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Re: Jitsi 2.2 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von plombe » 28.01.14, 20:52

Jitsi 2.4 is now available for download. It comes with improved security, better audio quality, WebRTC compatibility, greatly improved chat room support and numerous other features and enhancements.

Greatly improves Multi-User Chats with XMPP and makes all of them appear in the contact list.
Adds support for Socialist Millionaire Protocol with OTR, adds OTR support for SIP and fixes a number of other OTR-related issues.
Adds support for DTLS/SRTP (and WebRTC compatibility in libjitsi) through bouncycastle.
Adds Forward Error Correction (FEC) for SILK and Opus and Packet Loss Concealment (PLC) for all codecs.
Fixes a failure to preview the video device on GNU/Linux.
Adds a mobile indicator icon next contacts when they are detected to be logged in only from a mobile device.
Makes it possible to pre-provision Windows installations through MSI params.
Adds support for XMPP contact resources.
Improves random number generation for ZRTP.
Adds an option when using proxies to forward DNS traffic to an address, useful for Tor users to avoid DNS leaking.
Adds confirmation for video and image previews for security reasons.
Fixes SDES in-call reinitialisation.
Improves stability for the WASAPI audio system and makes it the default on Windows.
Adds greatly improved native echo cancellation on Windows.
Updates to Opus 1.1
Adds native CoreAudio support on OS X.
Fixes an issue which could cause some participants in merged and cross-protocol calls to not hear others or not be heard by others.
Improves audio mixing performance.
Added translation to Asturian, Czech, Swedish, Scottish Gaelic.
Adds a configuration property editor.
Fixes the “Jitsi crashed” reports that were sometimes experienced on Windows.
Drops Java 1.5 compatibility.
Enables the detection of PulseAudio and Video4Linux2 systems under FreeBSD. Tzanetos Balitsaris.
Numerous other fixes and enhancements.
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Re: Jitsi 2.4 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von Brutus5000 » 14.12.15, 1:16

Mittlerweile bei 2.8 (ein Changelog zwischen 2.4 und 2.6 habe ich nicht gefunden): Download
Changelog 2.8 hat geschrieben: Security fixes

Update the embedded JRE to 1.8.40

New features


Removed support

GTalk and Google ICE remnants


Fixes crashes in call recording in mp3 format)
Fix audio silence of conference focus
Correctly retrieve source address for UDP SIP sockets (OSX only)
Honor presence changes while logging in
Improve state tracking of OTR in conversations
Close only the active chat window with the window close button (thanks to Filip Maciejewski for the fix)
Delete Felix cache on minor version updates (avoids e.g. duplicate config options)
Remove system wide default key bindings
Fix alphanumeric dialpad labels
Updated translations
Fix Forward Error Encoding (FEC) in SILK audio codec


Fixes an access violation in H.264/video
Add "File Version" attribute to the launcher for software inventories
Update Unbound wrapper for DNSSEC
Fixes a segmentation fault in desktop capture
Show warnings on unsupported OSX versions
Re-added support for OSX 10.6
Fix Character encoding in Growl notifications

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Re: Jitsi 2.8 - OpenSource-Skype-Alternative

Beitrag von Gordon » 28.04.20, 17:03

die Desktopversion hat jetzt 2.10 erreicht, ansonsten kann man im Browser auch Jitsi Meet nutzen:
Während sich Viren leicht in schwachen Körpern ausbreiten, passiert dasselbe mit Verschwörungstheorien bei schwachen Geistern, insbesondere wenn Antikörper in Form von Bildung fehlen.