nPOP V. 1.1.0 / nPOPuk v.3.04 Mailprogramm und -checker

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nPOP V. 1.1.0 / nPOPuk v.3.04 Mailprogramm und -checker

Beitrag von ehead » 24.02.02, 9:34

Name: nPOP
Version: v.0.9.6
Grösse: ~ 165kb
Download: ...

This software allows you to access e-mail on a POP3 mail server on your Pocket PC or PC. It provides the function of common remote e-mail access.

The mail displayed by nPOP is only the mail on the present on the server. Therefore, if mail is deleted from your server it will disappear from a list, even if the mail is displayed in the list.

When you connect using nPOP, the mail is listed and you can see the header only. From that list you can select e-mail you want to receive on your Pocket PC or PC. This is more efficient than downloading all the e-mail on your Pocket PC or PC.

It can be use for management of the mail on a server etc. as a method to check for the arrival of new e-mail. It is convenient, for people that switch machines often since you can put your information on one floppy disk where all the processing can be performed.

Receive E-Mail (POP3 and APOP)
Send Mail (SMTP and SMTP-AUTH and POP before SMTP)
User specified ports for POP3 and SMTP
Multi-account support (round reception is possible)
Automatic check for new mail
Mail is saved in a message box.
A thread display of the mail list
Support for attachments when sending and receiving e-mail (RFC 2231)
Filters for Routing Received E-Mail
Simple address book
Dial-up management
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Beitrag von AMIGO » 20.10.03, 18:34

nPOPQ version 1.0.1b ist eine Weiterentwicklung des Originals npop.

Gibt dem Fenster von nPOP ein "gewöhnliches" Aussehen eines E-mailprogrammes.

nPOPQ.exe einfach ins npop Verzeichnis kopieren. Einstellungen werden übernommen. ...


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Beitrag von Shimao » 14.02.05, 19:35

--this part is deleted--

sollte wohl mal die threads genauer lesen

und nicht zu vergessen auch die UK-support-Seite

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Beitrag von clickfish » 25.11.05, 23:35

Laufen auch GMail-Accounts in der Zwischenzeit mit dem Teil?
[url=]... just another site[/url]

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Beitrag von Lesmo16 » 27.11.05, 12:29

clickfish hat geschrieben:Laufen auch GMail-Accounts in der Zwischenzeit mit dem Teil?
Tut mir leid, das kann ich nicht beantworten.

BTW: Könnte mal jemand den Titel ändern?
nPop, nPopW und vor allem nPopQ sind weit mehr als nur E-Mail-Checker.
Sie sind zwar winzig, jedoch vollwertige Clients (ideal für USB-Sticks!).
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Stoppt Bierversuche!

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Beitrag von clickfish » 27.11.05, 13:19

Ich meinte damit jetzt nicht speziell GMail sondern generell SSL/TSL Unterstützung.
[url=]... just another site[/url]

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Beitrag von AMIGO » 27.11.05, 16:27

clickfish hat geschrieben:Ich meinte damit jetzt nicht speziell GMail sondern generell SSL/TSL Unterstützung.
werden leider noch nicht unterstützt.



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Beitrag von AMIGO » 20.02.06, 11:04

UPDATE: Version 1.03 ist da

jetzt mit SSL-Unterstützung =D>

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 30.11.06, 9:11

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Beitrag von Gordon » 12.02.07, 19:29

der UK-Zweig wurde jetzt abgekoppelt und wird als eigenständiges Projekt unter dem Namen nPOPuk weiterentwickelt
In January 2007 significant further enhancements were made, by Geoffrey, with the release of nPOPuk v2.0. (Confusingly, it was the first version to use the nPOPuk name!) Multiple saveboxes meant that nPOPuk could truly begin to compete with mainstream e-mail programs, whilst retaining its unique portability.

This renamed version of nPOP used revised data structures to permit some of the new features. nPOPuk will read nPOP mailboxes and convert the nPOP.ini file. (The intention is always to maintain this upgrade path.) However, it does mean that some mailbox information may be lost if an older version of nPOP is later used to read the converted mailboxes.

Before the end of the same month v2.04 was released. Its most significant additional feature was a command line option that enables it to be used by multiple users whilst keeping mail data private. It also helps those running nPOPuk from a flash memory device, by aiding portability.
alles nachlesbar unter

DL der Version 2.04:
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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 17.08.07, 17:37

aktuell: v2.07 (13-Jul-2007)
changelog hat geschrieben:nPOPuk v2.07 (13-Jul-2007)
  • Message Data Format: MBOX format is available as an option (MBOX is a non-proprietary format supported by a number of popular e-mail clients. Exchange of message data with alternative programs becomes possible)
  • The Find dialogue: Can search the OutBox and there are additional facilities for InBoxes
  • Command Line Options:
    /q Launches nPOPuk, checks for mail and exits
    /s Launches nPOPuk and sends a predefined message
  • nPOPuk.ini:
    [GENERAL] settings:
    - CheckEndExecNoDelMsg= behaviour has changed and new options added. This setting controls the dialogue that appears when updating the server. Now the default provides 3 options (Yes, No, Cancel); Cancel aborts the server update, No should just download and send, with Yes deleting messages marked for deletion.
    - CheckQueuedOnExit= controls a warning dialogue that appears on exit, to indicate that there is mail in the SendBox that is marked for sending.
    - TimeoutInterval= value is now in seconds, not minutes
    [MAILBOX-X] section settings:
    - Filename= define Mailbox file name
    - StartInit= will initialise individual accounts (Previously only documented as a [GENERAL] setting)
  • Account Settings dialogue:
    - Filter tab: The two conditions for a filter item can be combined with AND, OR or UNLESS operators
    - SMTP tab: Renamed "Always Bcc" setting adds an option to control the address that may be automatically blind copied
    - Add MailBox dialogue: Added an Import SaveBox option
  • Global Options dialogue:
    Added: "View" tab: Options to control the scanning and skipping of messages
    Added: "Advanced" tab: Options to control the loading and format of message data files
    Dial-up tab: Wording change: "Force connection to check mail at start" becomes "Auto-connect to process mail"
    Sort tab: Added option to allow swapping of the Subject and From columns in the Main Window
    Check tab: Added a checkbox for "Update after check" with a range of options available for handling mail marked for deletion
  • Main Window:
    File Menu: "Backup files..." now saves all data files (including the address book) to the specified directory
  • Mailbox menu: The Initialise Dialogue has a "Fill in" option that allows synchronisation of mailboxes with servers that renumber mail (e.g. Yahoo!Mail)
    Status Line: View and Server size is reported
    OutBox: When selected, CTRL-M will move a message
  • Mail Edit Window:
    Edit Menu: Added Find and Find next options
  • Mail View window:
    File Menu: Added "Mark as read" and "Mark as unread" and a matching pair of keyboard shortcuts. Added a Delete from List item
    Improved navigation to new mailboxes when viewing first or last messages in a mailbox
  • Many internal improvements to the code

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Beitrag von JohnDoe » 16.10.07, 8:31

aktuell: nPOPuk v2.08 (16-Sep-2007)
changelog hat geschrieben:nPOPuk v2.08 (16-Sep-2007)
  • Attachments: Added: Attachments of the type message/rfc822 may be opened directly in nPOPuk (This is type of attachment is generated by nPOPuk when an entire message with its atttachments is forwarded)
  • Attachments: Added: The components of a multipart/digest message are handled seemlessly, as if separate messages
  • Attachments: Added: Ability to shift-click on an attachment listed on the extended Mail View window Edit menu, bypassing the Attached file dialogue
  • Forwarding Messages: Changed: The default action is to foward all attachments (other than text/html attachments) that have been fully downloaded.
  • Forwarding Messages: Added: The original text may be quoted or sent as an attachment (or both!)
  • Forwarding Messages: Added: Messages forwarded as an attachment do include any text/html part.
  • Forwarding Messages: Changed: The default header for forwarded messages includes "From: %F"
  • Address Book: Added: The entries can be sorted by column
  • Address Book: Added: Ability to make an "incremental search" on either the Mail address or Comment column by typing a few letters
  • Address Book: Added: On opening, the entries displayed can be limited to a named group
  • Address Book: Added: "Jump 10 entries" buttons to the Address Book window
  • Other: Improved: The Recipients dialogue, replaces the Cc/Bcc dialogue, allows To,: Cc: and Bcc: addresses to be selected.
  • Other: Added: Option to display the Cc: line only if the Cc: is non-null in the header for Replies and Forwarded mail and when viewing message headers
  • Other: Added: "Paste as quotation" option to the Edit menu of the Mail Edit window
  • Other: Added: Setting (in nPOPuk.ini file) to warn, when nPOPuk is closed, if there are messages marked for sending or sending failed.
  • Other: Fixed: Copy/Move filters are reapplied on full download of messages
  • Other: Fixed: Many internal improvements in the code

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Beitrag von Achim » 18.01.08, 17:33

nPOPuk 2.09

Address Book:
Added: Facility to allow immediate editing of addresses added from the Address Information dialogue

Address Auto-completion:
Added: Facilities to ease address entry. Type the first few letters of an e-mail address or comment to jump to a matching address book entry. Pressing the spacebar finds further matches. Typing a group name from the Address Book will enter all addresses in the group

Mail Filters:
Added: Special codes to permit filtering by age of mail ("older than" and "newer than") and by an address's presence in the Address Book

Added: Settings to generate sounds when selecting various message types on the main window, designed to assist visually impaired users
Added: A setting to add command line options to the application launched when a web link in a message is clicked (URLAppCmdLine=)
Changed: nPOPuk.ini file comment lines may now start with either a semi-colon (;) or a hash (#)

Program Interface:
Added: Indication on the folder list and status line of unsent mail
Added: A pop-up (disabled by "disable warning pop-ups") for the backup dir going missing
Fixed: Ctrl-C will now copy selected text from Sent mail in the OutBox
Fixed: Problem with window size adjustment when swapping to a platform with smaller screen

Program Code:
Added: Ability to salvage mail data received before an unexpected disconnection from a POP server
Changed: The open/save dir defaults if the setting is not a directory:
1) if it's an attachment, it'll go in DataDir/attach
2) if it's a backup, this remembers its own path
3) if it's saving a message, it goes in DataDir
4) if it's opening, then it passes nothing to the open file routine, so windows makes up its own mind.
Fixed: In outgoing mail, if the body is 7-bit, nPOPuk no longer generates a header claiming the body is q-p encoded (since the body is not encoded).

Many other internal changes to the code to enhance efficiency, remove memory leaks, etc.

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Beitrag von BSA » 11.01.09, 12:37

Version 2.11 * (am 24.11.2008)
179KB / 345 KB


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nPOP V. 1.0.9 / nPOPuk v. 2.12 Mailprogramm und -checker

Beitrag von rothom » 31.08.09, 22:31

Aktuell ist Version 2.12


New in 2.12

Installation Aids:
- Added: Facility to load new account details from a template file

MailBox Controls:
- Added: Setting to prevent an empty pop mailbox from causing all messages to be deleted
NoEmptyMailbox=0 in the [GENERAL] section; set =1 to fix gmail problems, =2 should not be an error, proceed to next account
- Added: A Redirect facility.
This is similar to forwarding but removes any indication that the message passed through an intermediate account. (Servers at GMail defeats this facility)

Message Management:
- Added: "Reject" action to Global filters
- Added: Option to use header encoding (RFC2047 rather than RFC2231) for attachment filenames
- Added: In the Find dialogue, \\ can now be used as an escape sequence
- Added: A range of messages inserted at the top/bottom of message bodies with clickable text that initiates:
- Full download of incomplete message
- Opening/Saving of Attached files
- Viewing HTML message in Browser

Program Interface Improvements:
- Added: A "show attachments" menu item for drafts in a savebox. And, when you forward the draft, the attachment list gets copied over (previously, it wasn't being copied).
- Added: Flags in MailBox pane to indicate server activity (<) or error (#)
The # may not be as persistent as it should be
- Added: Global options dialogue, Advanced tab, has an "Append to saveboxes without loading" option
- Added: The Mail View window, View menu, will display a "View Images" option when image files are attached.
- Changed: The "File" and "Edit" menus on the Mail View window are now "Mail" and "View"
- Changed: The "Create copy" option, found when the Outbox is selected in the Main window, is renamed "Edit as new"
- Added: The File menu on the Main window has an "Enable autocheck" option (Avoids having to open the full Global Options dialogue)
- Changed: The Find dialogue has radio buttons instead of interdependent checkboxes
- Changed: A more specific error message appears when attempting to save an incomplete attachment
- Changed: New Mailboxes are now added below the active mailbox not at the bottom of the list
- Added: The Mail Edit window File menu has an "External editor" option
- Added: More options in Main window context menus
- Changed: In the Main window, the Esc key brings up the context menu, located on the item that has focus
- Changed: Clickable URLs the the message body are now in <angle brackets>

Program Code:
- Fixed: Flags should persist when copying/moving to a savebox
- Fixed: Correct re-naming of default named files when reordering mailboxes
- Fixed: Some nPOPuk.ini clutter will be removed after moving accounts
- Fixed: Adding mailbox while server transaction in progress could have caused major problems
- Fixed: Errors in Filename column of mailbox summary window
- Fixed: Issue when running nPOPuk under Wine on Linux
- Fixed: Removed duplicate accelerator letters on some menus
- Fixed: Global filters updated when saveboxes are renamed
- Fixed: Handling of \t \r and \n tokens in Find dialogue
- Fixed: FixContentType code - a message from an AppleMail user didn't display
- Fixed: Subject line splitting
- Fixed: Various other code improvements
D/L: (Version with Unicode support)


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Beitrag von HomiSite » 16.10.09, 18:02

Heute bzw. am 14. Oktober ist v2.13 erschienen, Changelog:
Program Code:
- Added: SSL functions built-in; extra DLLs are no longer required.

Program Interface Improvements:
- Added: Advanced Global Options Editor (Allows edting of the [GENERAL] section of nPOPuk.ini)
- Added: "Find" and "Find Next" buttons to Main, Mail Edit, Sent Mail and Mail View windows
- Changed: The Sent Mail window shows "Prev mail", "Next mail" and "Edit as New" toolbar buttons

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Re: nPOP V. 1.0.9 / nPOPuk v. 2.14 Mailprogramm und -checker

Beitrag von HomiSite » 06.01.11, 11:07

Mittlerweile bei 2.16:

Program Code:
Added: Preview pane
Added: Per-account receive settings
Added: Ability to change toolbar buttons and icons
Updated: SSL code (to patch buffer overrun vulnerability)
Changed: Sound files should now be located in a subdirectory named Resource; SoundDirectory is ignored
Fixed: Select-all problem in Outbox
Fixed: Timezone conversion bug
Fixed: Command-line option /s

Program Interface Improvements:
Added: Ability to rename mailbox files from within the program
Added: Ability to sort messages by sender's e-mail address only (not the full From: string) and to ignore Re: and Fwd: when sorting by subject
Changed: Reply now bypasses the Property dialog and goes directly to editing the message
Added: For WindowsMobile users, a way to disable scrollbars so that drag-select will work (dragging normally scrolls on some WM devices)
Download in verschiedenen Versionen (mit/ohne Unicode, SSL) hier.

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Re: nPOP V. 1.0.9 / nPOPuk v. 2.14 Mailprogramm und -checker

Beitrag von Achim » 09.02.11, 14:28

HomiSite hat geschrieben:Mittlerweile bei 2.16:

Program Code:
Added: Preview pane...

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UPDATE: nPOPuk v. 2.16p2 Mailprogramm und -checker

Beitrag von @thehop » 03.05.12, 20:36

nPOPuk v. 2.16p2 (29. Jan 2012)
What's New
This version extends the original nPOP v1.0.9 version to include the following features:

* A Mail Forwarding facility (Further improved over nPOPw v1.0.1.4 Beta 2, with the ability to forward the message as an attachment or in-line, with or without attachments, as well as additional Global Option settings, such as different headers for Reply and Forward, and whether to add the signature to forwarded mail.)
* A message-preview pane.
* A progress bar to graphically show the percentage of a message being downloaded or sent.
* Ability to Find in the OutBox.
* Ability to Flag messages for follow-up.
* Ability to group addresses in the address book, and show addresses based on their group membership; further improved in 2.08 so one can set a group that is shown by default.
* Ability to handle embedded images when opening text/html messages in a web browser.
* Ability to ignore "Re:" or "Fwd:" when sorting the main window's list of messages by subject.
* Ability to import Internet Setup files (*.ins) to configure accounts. Templates for popular mail services (GMail, Yahoo! Mail, etc.) are available.
* Ability to open attached messages in nPOPuk itself, including an ability to parse MIME-digests into separate messages.
* Ability to redirect messages (conditional on your ISP supporting this function)
* Ability to salvage mail data already received if the connection is lost (wifi, dialup, or otherwise).
* Ability to sort by the bare e-mail address when sorting the main window's list of messages by the 'From' column.
* Ability to supply your own icons.
* Ability to suppress text in the forwarding and reply headers, if the corresponding header in the orignal message is blank.
* An advanced options editor, to modify the global options by editing in a text window.
* An option to Save all working files without exiting.
* An optional second pane in the main window to list the accounts (for easier access than the drop-down list).
* Auto-complete of addresses.
... etc ...

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Re: nPOP V. 1.0.9 / nPOPuk v. 2.16p2 Mailprogramm und -checker

Beitrag von HomiSite » 04.05.12, 9:55

Die Changelogs einzelner Versionen von nPOPuk sind nicht so gut kommuniziert; das aktuelle "Patch 2"-Release hat wohl nur folgende Änderungen (2.17 derweil in Beta, wie es scheint):
Fixed (216p2): Issue with very long (>1023) BCC lists.
Fixed (216p2): Issue fully-downloaded messages not appearing as complete.