E-Mage for Web v1.0.22

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E-Mage for Web v1.0.22

Beitrag von ehead » 24.08.02, 1:32

Netter HTML Image Gallery Maker

Name: E-Mage for Web

Version: v1.0.22

Homepage: http://www.v-methods.com/

Grösse: ~ 750kb

Download: http://www.v-methods.com/emh/em4w1b22.zip

Screenshot: http://www.v-methods.com/emh/shots.shtml

Info: E-Mage for Web is a simple generator of image galleries.
It is possible to put images on HTML page in many different ways. When you create HTML image galleries you are likely to encounter two typical problems. First, it's necessary to write multiple repeating and almost identical pieces of text (HTML code). Second, it may be hard to collect necessary data about every image - it's name, dimensions, file size, etc. In these cases, E-Mage for Web can be very useful. It has a simple and flexible built-in language for creating page templates, as well as an automatic thumbnail generator.

• Easy-to-use file selector.
• Automatic thumbnail generator.
• Flexible page templates.
• Built-in template editor.

besonders die Template Funktion finde ich klasse :)

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war mal Free => kostet

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dann zu ...