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[Shareware] jAlbum v. 11.6.1 (letzte Freeware) - Imagegalerien für Webseiten

Verfasst: 15.11.02, 10:01
von taffit
Name: jAlbum
Version: 2.8
- ohne JavaVM (1.7 MB): ... jalbum.exe
- mit JavaVM (7.5 MB): ... jalbum.exe
jAlbum ist ein extrem mächtiges Werkzeug zum Erstellen eigener Imagegalleries für Websites.
* Easy to use. Just drag and drop an image folder onto JAlbum, select an output directory and press "Make album"
* JAlbum supports deep hierachies of image folders. Each folder is represented by a folder icon in the resulting web. You can easily organize thousands of images.
* Movie files like mpg, avi and wmv can also be added to albums, not just images.
* Integrated smart FTP client with synchronization ability so you publish the created album on the Internet in a snap.
* EXIF support. Camera make, shutter speed, aperture and other metadata can be extracted from images and used in albums
* Album apperance can be highly customized through use of skins (HTML template files, style sheets, customized icons etc). Create your own album look by making your own skin! You only need HTML skills.
* Really advanced album functions can be scripted in a Java-like language called BeanShell. This allows for limitless extensions to JAlbum
* It's a JavaBean! The inner engine of JAlbum is a JavaBean meaning that you can easily integrate it into existing Java applications. An example could be inside a webserver for automated album generation. Here is an API for the bean.
* It runs in console mode too (shell window). This allows for easy automation repeating album generation tasks through batch files etc.
* Runs everywhere. It's Java so it runs on Windows, Macintosh OS X, Linux, Solaris, AIX, OS/2, eComStation... Any platform that supports Java 1.3
* It's free and that's no bull. No expiration dates. No nag screens. No bad conscience :-)

Kurz: man kann eigene Vorlagen definieren, das Programm ist über eine Java-ähnliche Sprache skriptbar, es ist für verschiedene Systeme verfügbar, und und und...
Screenshots gibt's hier , Sample Albums gibt's hier ...
Die Kommentare von Usern auf der Webseite überschlagen sich fast vor Begeisterung, wobei man sich natürlich fragen muss, inwiefern man dem Glauben schenken darf ;)

Verfasst: 22.05.08, 11:21
von catman
Jalbum 8.0 (21.05.2008)
News and updates
User interface now completely supports drag and drop. Arrange files and folders between folders too
New image editor with pluggable image filters: crop, red eye, color adjustment (brightness, contrast, saturation), gamma correction, rotate/straighten, grayscale, sepia, sharpen, blur, flip, invert and pixelate. The editor never touches your original images!
Images having filters applied to them can be saved separately
Faster and more memory conservative image scaling, especially for very large JPEG images
Originals can now be included for selected images
File picker now displays thumbnails
Faster loading of images lacking embedded thumbnails
Control-drag folders to have copies generated inside Jalbum containing links to the files in the dragged folder
Improved image property editor with rating, titles (for images too), file date and comments
Images can now be rotated and included/excluded in detail view mode
Filters applied to images can be copied and pasted onto masses of images in a quick way
Easy access file system from objects inside Jalbum
Full cacheing of thumbnails for images laching an embedded thumbnail
Synchronization between generated files and input files meaning that renames, moves and deletions to images in the input structure are reflected among the album files. No more dead files lurking around (A user preference)
Old problematic "clean files" function now restricted to the "res" and "gifs" folders
More powerful ja:fileiterator tag. Should minimize need for scripting for skin developers
New finally.bsh file for skin clean-up tasks
Media RSS support
Widget support
Preference to control if uploaded images open in browser or now
Reporting on number of objects, vs selected and excluded objects in Jalbum Explorer status bar
Modularized architecture (see new "lib" and "ext" folders for future plugins)

Bug fixes
Proper GPS coordinate reporting
Broken links are now displayed properly in UI
Various bug fixes

Verfasst: 11.07.08, 16:16
von ^L^
Update vom 10. Juni 2008 ... Jalbum 8.0.9
- inzwischen "It does not require Java preinstalled as it is compiled and packaged with Excelsior JET."
News and updates
- Link repair tool added.
- Some languages updated.
- Jalbum now removes leading or trailing spaces from folder and project names
- MetadataExtractor library handling EXIF, IPTC and XMP extraction moved to separate library file to facilitate further development by Jalbum community
- Made Jalbum prefer built-in JPEG ImageIO reader to the one bundled with the TIFF ImageIO reader (works better for some images)
- Border UI improvements for Windows ...

Verfasst: 09.03.09, 11:18
von hylli
JAlbum Version 8.2 ist aktuell (04.03.09)



Verfasst: 12.03.09, 8:30
von hylli
Neue Version 8.24 (10.03.09) mit interessanten Features

Jalbum 8.2.4 comes with Widgets:

* Commenting
* Visitor Counter
* Name Tagger
* About
* Share

News and updates

* Jalbum's internal text editor now improved in several regards
* Improvements to Jalbum's plugin API. It is now far easier for skin developers to write image specific custom user interfaces.
* Jalbum's color selector component now has a more convenient event handling scheme

Bug fixes

* Pressing Shift+E would launch Jalbum's internal text editor
* The delete published albums progress window was empty
* Old myjalbum accounts are now properly converted to jalbum accounts
* Links to original images were wrong under some circumstances
* Images containing an empty EXIF section would cause exceptions
* If a skin aborts an operation, the progress window didn't close
* Minor performance enhancements to property panel of Edit panel
* The degrees symbol for the rotate buttons didn't show up right in the English version

Re: jAlbum v. 9.6 - Imagegalleries für Websites

Verfasst: 20.09.11, 18:43
von Gordon
With the new jAlbum 10 we're taking a leap towards satisfying the needs of professional users.

Full xmp metadata support
Supports more image formats: TIFF, PSD, etc.
Easily embed albums in blogs and websites
...and more

Re: jAlbum v. 10.4.3 - Imagegalleries für Websites

Verfasst: 14.03.13, 17:15
von Gordon
Version 11 ist da, die Lizenzänderungen mit sich bringt, die kostenfreie Version ist nunmehr werbegestützt ...

Re: jAlbum v. 11.0 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 01.08.13, 23:59
von Jean
inzwischen bei v. 11.4, u.a.:
Significantly faster (around 10 times) loading of large album projects and sub folders
The user interface images and folders are now always in sync with the backing file system so changes directly to the file system, like added and deleted files are reflected in the user interface.

Re: jAlbum v. 11.4 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 10.08.13, 0:03
von Jean
aktuell ist v. 11.4.1, nur Kleinigkeiten und weniger Fehler

Re: jAlbum v. 11.4.1 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 11.09.13, 21:49
von Jean
aktuell ist v. 11.5
- Keywords can now be viewed and edited in thumbnail view
- One can quickly switch between viewing and editing file names, titles, captions or keywords
- Uploading albums to the root of the remote host or to any folder containing other folders than album folders is now considerable faster
- Less nagging: Only warns the first time a user attempts to upload an album to the web root of a server account
- Bundled "Minimal" skin now updated to use the new video tag

Re: jAlbum v. 11.6 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 04.12.13, 1:10
von Jean
v. 11.6.4 behebt u.a. einen fiesen Bug
jAlbum 11.6 could cause loss of original files if generating the album files to the same folder as the image folder and keeping "Copy originals" and "Link to originals" set

Re: jAlbum v. 11.6.4 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 12.02.14, 0:01
von Jean
v. 11.6.14
Reverted caption editor behavior to accept enter for newlines.
Added warning if image and output directory are the same
Speed up to loading of jAlbum objects.
More user friendly reporting of circular folder reference problems

Re: jAlbum v. 11.6.14 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 03.04.14, 19:17
von Gordon
Version 12.0 mit vielen Neuerungen und Updates:

Re: jAlbum v. 12.0 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 29.04.14, 0:00
von Jean
Gordon kann sich freuen: v 12.1
Improved printing support for printing multi-image contact sheets.
Easier to locate lost projects: Offers to open existing project when name of new project collides with existing project
Supports symbolic links
Disables "Preview" view mode if internal browser is switched off
jAlbum can now auto-update without requiring to run as Administrator
Embedded browser now allows local file acces

Re: jAlbum v. 12.1 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 19.09.14, 1:32
von Jean
weiter jubeln: v. 12.2
New full screen slide show, simplifying the process of approving images
Zoom support added to edit panel
Sub directories can now be chained, simplifying sequential navigation through large album trees
Improved reading of TIFF and JPEG 2000 files

Re: jAlbum v. 12.2 - Imagegalerien für Webseiten (Adware)

Verfasst: 25.10.14, 16:25
von kraftian
Seit Version 12 ist das Tool keine Adware mehr, sondern "nur noch" ne 30-Tage-Testversion...
Siehe hier unter "New model"
With jAlbum 12 we go from ad-supported freeware to a fully functional 30 day trial. This means that you can make fully functional* ad-free albums that continue to work after the trial period has expired, (given that you host the albums yourself). After the 30 day trial has expired you can no longer make new or update existing albums.

* During the trial, the albums may have discrete credit links and you cannot use the shopping cart feature.
Die letzte ad-supported Freeware ist damit jAlbum 11.6.14.
Die älteren Versionen lassen sich alle von hier herunterladen: