Serva 3.0 - portabler Multiserver

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Serva 3.0 - portabler Multiserver

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Version: 2.0
Größe: 1 MB
Lizenz: Freeware
Serva is an all-in-one portable multi-server

HTTP server
FTP server
TFTP server
TFTP client
DHCP server
proxyDHCP server
BINL server *
DNS server
SNTP server
SYSLOG server
* MS WAIK independent RIS and WDS install server alternative

Serva is a full C/C++ multi-threaded application that runs from Windows 2000 to Windows 8.
Kleiner Server für alle Bedürfnisse - allerdings von mir ungetestet!
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Re: Serva 3.0 - portabler Multiserver

Beitrag von blackcrack » 19.08.18, 10:25

Neue Version : May 03 2016 v3.0.0 Download

If you are upgrading from Serva v2.x.x please remember Serva v3.x.x now uses an improved repository format therefore avoid running Serva v3.x.x on a 2.x.x repository and vice versa.

Always be sure Serva has write permissions on its own directory and its repository. Please consider if you joined a domain permissions might be inadvertently limited even if you are locally an Admin.

N - New feature, F - Fixed bug

May 03 2016 v3.0.0
Serva_Community_64_v3.0.0 Serva_Community_32_v3.0.0 Serva_Pro_v3.0.0

  • 138N - BINL UEFI support
  • 137N - BINL WIA_RIS_SHARE automatic test
  • 136N - BINL WIA_WDS_SHARE automatic test
  • 135N - BINL NWA_PXE_SHARE automatic test
  • 134N - BINL Recursive Boot.wim injection.
  • 133N - BINL Head directory name non-ASCII character detection
  • 132N - BINL Head directory name space character detection
  • 131N - BINL Head directory name as menu name when booting default named WIMs
  • 130N - DHCP White/Black list MAC filter engine
  • 129N - DHCP Embedded MAC Ethernet vendor codes
  • 128N - DHCP MAC Ethernet vendor codes manually add/overwrite
  • 127N - PDHCP Protocol Tab
  • 126N - TFTP Improved windowsize algorithm
  • 125N - HTTP Default root Favicon
  • 124N - ALL About/Settings/Help buttons moved to System menu
  • 123F - BINL WIM injection; count of multi referenced files
  • 122F - BINL Default menu title change after Serva update/upgrade
  • 121F - BINL Menu entry wrong order when using special chars on head directory
  • 120F - BINL Sub-Menus not capitalized when initially defined
  • 119F - BINL ServaBoot.wim creation fail if Boot.wim is read only
  • 118F - BINL Renaming head directory of unnamed WindowsPE assets
  • 117F - BINL Renaming head directory of RIS assets
  • 116F - FTP anonymous account not working properly w/o a registered account
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