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MusicBee v. 3.3.x - Musikverwaltung, Player

Beitrag von der_floh » 07.02.09, 10:23

Name: MusicBee
Version: Beta 0.2.3323
Grösse: 13.96 Mb
Lizenz: freeware for personal use
Standalone? nö (benötigt .NET Framework 2.0)
Admin-Rechte nötig? nein
Lauffähig ab (Win95, 2000, XP): k.a.
MusicBee is an application geared toward managing extensive music collections, easy to use and with a comprehensive feature set. It makes it easy to organize, find and play music files on your computer, on portable devices, and on the web. It provides playback of a wide range of audio formats, smart playlists with the ability to discover and play new music from the web, advanced tag editing with automated artwork and tag lookup, folder monitoring, automated file re-organisation, portable device synchronisation, and secure CD ripping with AccurateRip verification.
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Beitrag von der_floh » 13.02.09, 0:24

MusicBee 0.2.3329 Beta
- New Quick Tracks enables searching for tracks by Artist, Album or Genre from the notification tray without having the main application window open
- New double-click preference (play now or queue track), with optional prompting
- New display playlist duration or toggle to time remaining
- Improve startup time for people with very large collections
- Improve auto-tagging to download higher resolution artwork when available
- Improve artwork display to automatically display folder.jpg image if no picture is already associated
- Improve artwork display so non-square artwork is not distorted
- Fix saving invalid ogg file header in rare cases
- Fix podcast download not working when source url contained invalid file characters
- Fix global hotkey assignment not working when attempting to add a command already in use
- Various minor GUI fixes
DL: (Mediafire Link)

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Beitrag von der_floh » 16.02.09, 17:21

MusicBee 0.2.3333 Beta
New Player Preferences for how tracks are added to the now playing list
Improve quick track handling for long artist, album and track titles
Improve handling of read-only files
Improve album artwork file selector defaults to folder the music track is located
Fix cd ripper failing when invalid filename character in album title
Fix auto-tag occassionally displaying blank track selection list
Fix duplicate album artist name being displayed for re-scanned FLAC and OGG files
Fix library file scanner reporting error when adding or removing a large number of files from some drives
Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit nur die geänderten Dateien runterzuladen, um sie dann selber in das Installationsverzeichnis zu kopieren.

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Beitrag von der_floh » 27.02.09, 16:08

MusicBee 0.2.3340 Beta
- New preference for default sorting by multiple fields in Edit/Preferences/System
- New File Converter input to specify an organised filename for the converted file, and an option to always embed artwork into the converted file
- Change volume control so volume only affects MusicBee and not globally as before
- Change 'Choose Artwork' picture selector to default to directory of the music track
- Improve speed of copying files to portable devices using drag/drop, especially for devices with a large number of files
- Improve drag/drop of files to portable devices for formats not supported by the device - now prompted to set transcoding settings

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Beitrag von eyebex » 24.05.09, 10:31

Inzwischen schon be 1.0 RC 2 weil "Feature Complete" für die erste Version:

Change Log:

Wir werden alle störben!1!!

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Beitrag von der_floh » 27.07.09, 21:56

MusicBee 1.1.3494 Beta
- New Auto-Tag by Album and improved metadata extraction
- New Windows 7 support including Aero-Peek and Jump-List support
- New MusicIP Mixer integration for automatic playlist generation
- New layout arrangements
- New additional lyrics sources
- New support for on-the-fly splitting/encoding when synching or drag-drop lossless files to a device

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Beitrag von der_floh » 09.09.09, 20:49

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Beitrag von big_ben191 » 27.10.09, 12:51

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Re: MusicBee 1.1 RC 1 [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von ilikedirt » 13.05.10, 14:37

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Re: MusicBee 1.2x [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von ilikedirt » 01.08.10, 12:29

MusicBee 1.2.3861

Neuerungen (unter anderem)
Upcoming Releases available in the Internet/ Services section of the left Navigator
integration with CD Art Display for a skinable player.
layout options (dock now playing list in left panel, artwork only in left panel, a number of new combinations)
preference to configure number of columns in the track browser
ability to play video podcasts and music files with an external player
Remote Control support, with the option to run MusicBee as a server
improve performance when sorting tracks (approx 50% faster), and filtering (approx 10% faster)
improve scrolling with the artwork layout, with less flicker and faster scrolling
improve time taken to shutdown musicbee and time taken to switch libraries

Kompletter Changelog

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Re: MusicBee 1.2x [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von ilikedirt » 28.01.11, 14:25

Neue Homepage und neue Version


new Duplicates Manager
new Artist Visualiser that uses Home Theatre Backdrops ( and
new radio playlist
new autosweep on monitored folders
new support for multi-cpu encoding when synching to a device
new dock the playlist from the now playing list panel into a tabbed panel at the bottom of the main panel.
new setting for device synchronisation to exclude low bitrate files from being converted
new auto-synch love rating and playcount which can be enabled in Preferences/ Plugins/
new artist track count field
new right click/ Locate Artist available in the Now Playing list
new unlove a track
new 'Find More 'xxxx' in Library' right click context menu item, where 'xxxx' is the current clicked field
new Group By setting in the Artwork view (Album, Artist or Composer)
new nesting on auto-playlist query conditions
new remove tags function
new export subscriptions as OPML file

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Re: MusicBee 1.2x [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von mescaline » 15.01.12, 14:43

aktuelle version 1.3.4xxx / beta bei 1.4


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Re: MusicBee 1.3.4xxx / 1.4 beta [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von martin10018 » 12.02.12, 9:02

Mittlerweile wurde die finale Version 1.4 veröffentlicht:
CD/DVD burning for win7 and vista
artist photo slideshow and new "playing track" tab
new layout customisation settings
library explorer now has tabs to jump between different filters
play queue manager and auto-pruning for the now playing list
now playing list can now be displayed with album artwork
static playlists can now be set with specific views and fields
advanced naming functions for organising files
auto-calculated album ratings
volume analysis now allows adjusting the calculated replaygain values with clipping detection
option to automatically detect duplicates when importing files
new skins
completed Polish translation
various bug fixes
Wer MusicBee noch nicht kennt: Unbedingt mal antesten! Es lohnt sich.

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UPDATE: MusicBee 1.4 Final [Musikverwaltung, Player]

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MusicBee 2.0 [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von Luka » 11.10.12, 23:32

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Re: MusicBee 2.1 [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von HomiSite » 15.03.14, 21:08

Mittlerweile bei 2.3 (2.3.5173). Changelog:
thumbnail browser that shows artists, albums and genres with thumbnail pictures

"Track with Thumbnail" layout for the Now Playing list

improved layout and navigation for podcasts

improved podcast directory

new mini-player layout with artwork and spectrum visualiser

improved layout and additional configuration options for the Compact Player

improved search functionality in the Compact Player and Now Playing Assistant

volume analysis now uses the EBU R128 algorithm

OPUS is now supported for encoding

improved scrobble handling when the connection drops

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Re: MusicBee 2.3 [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von TheGaladras » 24.08.14, 12:28

Angekommen bei Version 2.4, neu unter anderem mehr Möglichkeiten zur GUI-Anpassung und viele kleine Enhancements u.a. beim File Converter.

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MusicBee 2.5 RC2 [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von Luka » 12.03.15, 16:18

Inzwischen ist MusicBee bei Version 2.5 angelangt, genauer MusicBee 2.5 RC2

Changelog / Download:

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MusicBee 2.5 [Musikverwaltung, Player]

Beitrag von milch-extra » 21.09.15, 14:04

ist bei 2.5.5721 angekommen.
umfangreiches Changelog