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Audacious 4.0.3 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 31.07.12, 16:39
von Gordon

Version: 3.2.4
Größe: 13 MB
Supportforum: http://redmine.audacious-media-player.o ... ous/boards
Lizenz: GNU GPL
Audacious is an open source audio player. A descendant of XMMS, Audacious plays your music how you want it, without stealing away your computer’s resources from other tasks. Drag and drop folders and individual song files, search for artists and albums in your entire music library, or create and edit your own custom playlists. Listen to CD’s or stream music from the Internet. Tweak the sound with the graphical equalizer or experiment with LADSPA effects. Enjoy the modern GTK-themed interface or change things up with Winamp classic skins. Use the plugins included with Audacious to fetch lyrics for your music, to set an alarm in the morning, and more.
und mal wieder Wikipedia dazu:
Motto war, „die höchstqualitative Audioreproduktion zu ermöglichen, vergleichbar mit der Windows-Software foobar2000, aber mit dem Aussehen von Winamp“
Audacious verfügt über eine Plug-in-Schnittstelle, die das Programm modular macht. Es gibt vier für den Anwender sichtbare Plug-in-Kategorien:
ermöglichen die Dekodierung und stellenweise auch Transkodierung von Audioformaten.
beschreibt generelle Funktionserweiterungen, beispielsweise OSD-Titelanzeige.
umfasst Plug-ins für die Audiovisualisierung.
modifizieren den Klang des Audiomaterials in Echtzeit während der Wiedergabe.
Bemerkenswert finde ich die smoothe und reibungslose Effekteinbindung.

Re: Audacious 3.4,2 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 21.07.14, 17:03
von Gordon
Audacious 3.5.1 released

This release contains updated translations and fixes for a few bugs

Audacious 3.5 released

With new features, bug fixes, and better Windows support.

Re: Audacious 3.5.1 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 01.03.15, 18:52
von Gordon
We have released Audacious 3.6. You can download it here.

Major changes in this version

A completely new Qt-based user interface, which can be installed alongside the existing GTK+ and Winamp Classic interfaces. The new interface is usable today but not yet as feature-rich as the existing interfaces. In future, it will be the basis of a Mac OS X port of Audacious—stay tuned.
We have switched back to using GTK+ version 2.x by default. It has now been over three years since the release of GTK+ 3.0, and yet the “legacy” version of the toolkit provides more features relevant to Audacious, better cross-platform support, a more stable API, and lower memory usage. Audacious can still be built with GTK3 if desired, but we recommend the GTK2 variant for any desktop environment other than GNOME 3.
The source code has been converted from C99 to C++11. In addition to making the Qt port easier, the use of C++11 is already allowing more rapid development by letting the compiler work out many details that previously had to be written by hand. The plugin API has also been changed to C++.

Re: Audacious 3.6.2 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 09.11.15, 17:23
von Gordon
We have released Audacious 3.7. You can download it here.

New features

Playlists can be shuffled by whole albums rather than single tracks.
Internet streams can be recorded while playing via a simple record button (GTK+ only).
The playlist export window displays supported formats in a drop-down list (GTK+ only).
A new, unified window has been added for managing equalizer presets (GTK+ only).
The user interface automatically adjusts to be more usable on high-resolution screens (GTK+ only).
An "Edit Lyrics" option has been added to the LyricWiki plugin, which opens the edit page for the current song.
Guessing of missing tag fields can be disabled (#513).
Decoding and playback of standard input is possible with e.g. echo file.mp3 | audacious -

Re: Audacious 3.7.2 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 23.09.16, 17:33
von Gordon
Audacious 3.8 was released on September 21, 2016. Download it here.

What’s new

With this version, it is finally possible to run multiple instances of Audacious (#635). Instances are numbered and can be started with audacious -2, audacious -3, and so on; once running, they can be controlled with audtool -2 <command>, audtool -3 <command>, and so on. Each instance remembers its own configuration.

Support for Windows has been improved:

There is a new installer using NSIS, based on work by Carlo Bramini (#342).
The user interface handles high-resolution displays better and no longer appears blurred due to scaling.
Audio output now uses the native waveOut API, allowing higher bit depths, lower latency, and better integration with the system volume control.
New audtool commands have been added:

Enable/disable stream recording (#594)
Enable/disable any plugin: effects, visualizations, etc. (#638)
Cuesheet support is more seamless, with the following fixes:

More robust logic to prevent adding duplicate entries (#630)
Display artist correctly for cuesheets with only a single PERFORMER line (#644)
Add audio files normally if cuesheet support is disabled (#650)
Track lengths correctly account for pregap with libcue 2.0 or later (#651)

Re: Audacious 3.8 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 25.09.16, 9:45
von Asmodis
Die Linux-Version davon war mir schon recht lange geläufig. Ich habe jetzt die Windows-Variante mal angetestet: und bis auf zwei Kleinigkeiten ist die richtig gut.

Re: Audacious 3.8.2 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 12.09.17, 17:46
von Gordon

Re: Audacious 3.9 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 02.07.18, 16:32
von Gordon
3.10 beta 1 bringt neben Bugfixes auch Neues
New features (general)
Shuffle history is remembered at exit to avoid repeating songs (#611)
Exported M3U and PLS playlists now use relative paths by default (#647)
Recursively adding subfolders to the playlist is now optional (#732)
The URL history shown in the Add/Open URL dialogs can be cleared (#733)
Toolbar buttons in the GTK UI now show tooltip hints (#750)
The adplug input plugin has a new settings window (#759)
The Search Tool can be configured to scan for new files at startup (#796)
The number of results shown in the Search Tool is now configurable
The Delete Files plugin is clearer about which files will be deleted
Icons from the desktop theme are used more consistently
Scalable icons are now used on Windows for better high-DPI support
The bottom info bar now matches the color tone of dark themes
The soxr resampler has some new, more detailed settings

Re: Audacious 3.9 / 3.10 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 09.08.18, 15:01
von klodeckel
Audacious 3.10 released (August 08, 2018)


Re: Audacious 3.10.1 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 27.12.18, 9:04
von klodeckel

Fehler behoben

Re: Audacious 3.10.1 / 4.0 beta - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 22.03.20, 20:05
von Gordon
Version 4.0 final, Umstellung auf QT5 und
New features and improvements:

Clicking on playlist column headers sorts the playlist (#8)
Dragging playlist column headers changes the column order (#10)
Application-wide settings for volume and time step sizes (#330)
New option to hide playlist tabs (#547)
Sorting playlist by path now sorts folders after files (#843)
Implemented additional MPRIS calls for compatibility with KDE 5.16+ (#900)
New OpenMPT-based tracker module plugin (contributed by Chris Spiegel)
New VU Meter visualization plugin (contributed by Marc Sánchez)
Added option to use a SOCKS network proxy (contributed by Róbert Čerňanský)
The Song Change plugin now works on Windows (contributed by Domen Mori)
New “Next Album” and “Previous Album” commands
The tag editor in Qt UI can now edit multiple files at once
Implemented equalizer presets window for Qt UI
Lyrics plugin gained the ability to save and load lyrics locally
Blur Scope and Spectrum Analyzer visualizations ported to Qt
MIDI plugin soundfont selection ported to Qt
JACK output plugin gained some new options
Added option to endlessly loop PSF files

Re: Audacious 4.0 - leistungsstarker Audioplayer

Verfasst: 29.04.20, 23:36
von Jean
v. 4.0.3 - weniger Fehler
Due to frequent crashes, the Stream Tuner plugin is now disabled by default
Added a workaround to ensure that the toolbar is not hidden on startup
mitigations for KDE Plasma 5.18