QMP Quintessential Media Player 5.0 build 121 - mp3,OGG vorbis,wav,vqf,MP+,WMA,cd

CD-Ripper, MP3-Encoder/-Player, sonstige Formate, Audioeditoren, etc.

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QMP Quintessential Media Player 5.0 build 121 - mp3,OGG vorbis,wav,vqf,MP+,WMA,cd

Beitrag von RIP »

Name: QCD Player
Version: 3.33
Homepage: http://www.quinnware.com/news.html
Grösse: ca. 2.5 mb
Download: http://www.quinnware.com/download.html
Plugins: http://www.quinnware.com/pluginz.html
Skins: http://www.quinnware.com/skinz.html

Info: ist skinfähig, benutzt plugins , hat zugriff auf die cddbv datenbank , kann logischweise audiocds abspielen :) und natürlich : mp3 , OGG vorbis, wav, vqf, MP+, WMA und streaming media a la shoutcast oder icecast

zu den plugins: es gibts auch einen sonique visualisation adapter plugin , d.h. man kann die schönen effekte von sonique benutzen ... , einen spinamp plugin gibts auch , um die musik von spinner.com zu hören - usw......
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Beitrag von kraftian »

Inzwischen bei Quintessential Player Dev. 104

Infos und changelog: http://www.winfuture.de/news,21856.html

DL: http://www.quinnware.com/downloader.php?qcd=dev&intl=

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Re: QMP Quintessential Media Player (formerly Quintessential Player) Dev. Build 101 b - mp3,OGG vorbis,wav,vqf,MP+,WMA,c

Beitrag von just2fun »

Inzwischen sind wir beim 5er mit dem Developmentbuild 1.0.9

http://www.quinnware.com/downloader.php ... qmp109.exe

Build 109 (development) (March 17, 2006)

fixed Plug - linein stopping playback (bug #1350)
fixed Plug - ReplayGain properly analyzes multiple files at same time (bugs #1367, #1371)
fixed Plug - Removed GDI+ dependancy on tageditor (bug #1333)
fixed Core - lost filename case when loading from Explorer (bug #1349)
fixed Core - Play Queue issues (bugs #1366, #1368, #1372, #1361)
fixed Core - Win9x compatibility layer fixes
fixed Core - loading skin ini from subfolder of loose skins
fixed Core - external browser sizing issues (bugs #1299, #1300)
fixed Core - restores play queue to last played track on startup
fixed Core - autoplay settings fix (bug #1381)
updated Core - Pruning mode now removes skipped tracks
updated Core - added option to load playlists from ML or not
updated ML - added 'Only update empty fields' option to MusicID
updated ML - 'find in files' columnset matches audio/video columnset's layout (bug #1214)
updated ML - updated Portable Device plugin
added ML - Library UI manager: select prefered library layout in prefs
added ML - View Chooser toggle

qmp108.exe Build 108 (development) (February 28, 2006)

fixed Core - many bug fixes, potential crash fixups, code refactoring
fixed Plug - tagging new encoded MP3 file fixes
fixed ML - Playlist renaming in playlist manager
updated Core - Input plugin management: all access by same independant thread
updated Core - Playlist menu builds from library playlists
updated Core - Shuffle order now remains intact on play queue changes/adds/deletes
updated Core - Playback Pruning mode implemented
updated Core - Playlist renamed to 'Play Queue'
updated Plug - ReplayGain analyzes on playback, stores in ML
updated Plug - updated Gracenote Controls to address Playlist and MusicID issues
updated ML - performance enhancements
added Core - skin colorization engine

qmp107.exe Build 107 (development) (February 3, 2006)

fixed Core - player windows remaining after 'show desktop' (bug #1253,#1242,#1052)
fixed Core - player fails to restore after 'show desktop' (bug #1129)
fixed Core - switching from a maximized skin puts new mode in upper left, other maximize fixes (bug #1231, #1280)
fixed Plug - crash in Lame MP3 encoder when Lame not installed
fixed Plug - CD information edits not being reflected in player (bug #1179)
fixed Plug - crash in tagger browsing for artwork (bug #1240)
fixed ML - missing view pane context menu for folder views
fixed ML - no longer force the selection to be displayed on sort, unless it's user triggered
fixed ML - improved unskinned drawing for media library (bug #1216)
fixed ML - freeze when dialogs opened from ML (bug #1215)
fixed ML - add to library bug (bug #1270)
fixed ML - files being imported on tag changes (bug #1266)
updated Plug - better messaging for missing Lame DLL in MP3 encoder
updated ML - include album year when sorting by artist
updated ML - added file date columns to audio/video
updated ML - only sort visible portion of a tree list (sort sub trees as they are expanded)
updated ML - more comprehensive list in Shoutcast genre tree
updated ML - Merged Columns can now use icons
updated ML - Core messaging improvements (better Window messaging, better performance)
updated ML - added Tooltips to toolbars (Windows floating and QMP status)
updated ML - View trees expand on single-click, play on double-click
updated ML - view/tracklist selections now occurs on mousebutton up
added ML - added Icecast Radio Listings plug-in
added ML - text/icons option for ML toolbars
added ML - record added/record modified columns
added ML - added playlist track order column to playlist manager

qmp106.exe Build 106 (development) (January 25, 2006)

fixed Core - Full mode opens shifted down (bug #1236)
fixed Core - Cdda plugin reenabling itself (bug #1237)
fixed Core - Secondary decoder search now looks beyond default plugin
fixed Plug - CDRoms not being listed in player (bug #1213, #1220)
fixed Plug - Replay Gain crash (bug #1230)
fixed Plug - Video window QuickTrack settings not working (bug #1245)
fixed ML - Ratings reset after tag changes (bug #1200)
fixed ML - Expanding view tree snaps to highlight (bug #1217, #1222)
fixed ML - Crash on doube-click in view tree (bug #1219)
fixed ML - Years disappearing on edit (bug #1221)
fixed ML - Editing/Deleting Shoutcast stations did not update treeview (bug #1229)
fixed ML - Couldn't add ratings to autoplaylist rules (bug #1234)
fixed ML - 'Delete from disk' buggy (bug #1244)
fixed ML - Folder Views not able to set root folder
added ML - added 'Remove missing files from Library'
added ML - double-click device separators to collapse/expand
added ML - view pane context menu items
added ML - added Portable Device support plugin

qmp105.exe Build 105 (development) (January 20, 2006)

fixed Core - translated text fields on skins not drawing properly
fixed Core - proper mapping of fields for legacy Tagging plugins (bug #1191)
fixed Core - garbage characters in About-QTips (bug #1172)
fixed Core - fixed restore from minimize when maximized
fixed Plug - write ogg tag fields > 2047 chars (bug #1183)
fixed Plug - ogg tag comments not being written to tags (bug #1182)
updated Core - changed text on Explorer context menus
updated Core - skinning engine enhanced extension resizing
updated Core - skinning allow settings 'extNopen=N>'
updated Core - enabled maximize/restore on system menu
updated Core - encode list context menu can have plugin items (bug #1180)
updated Core - updated many Service Ops to apply to either playlist or encoder list
updated Plug - new WMA DRM stub so we can play our Napster files again
updated Plug - Tag Editor now highlights fields that have been altered
updated Plug - CDDA plugin changed threading model to prevent init freezes
updated ML - Does 'rewrote it' count as an update?

oli hat geschrieben:
Info: ist skinfähig, benutzt plugins , hat zugriff auf die cddbv datenbank , kann logischweise audiocds abspielen :) und natürlich : mp3 , OGG vorbis, wav, vqf, MP+, WMA und streaming media a la shoutcast oder icecast
Was für mich wichtig ist, ist die Tatsache, dass er auch CD-Text lesen kann. Kenne kaum einen Player, der das kann. Weder der WMP noch WinAMP. Für WinAMP gibt es ein kostenpflichtiges Plugin, aber beim QMP ist das automatisch drinnen.

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Beitrag von innersoul »

endlich mal wieder ein übersichtliches Changelog :mrgreen:

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Beitrag von onlyTropics »

grad rausgekommen: QMP build 113. das changelog kann hier eingesehen werden: http://www.quinnware.com/version_history.php
[url=http://www.tropictech.de/]Software for the people![/url]

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Beitrag von paraflyer »

Quintessential Media Player build 117 (01.05.2007)

Aufgrund der Masse an Änderungen seit dem letzten Eintrag hier im Forum dieses Mal nur ein Link:

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Beitrag von JohnDoe »

aktuell: Development build 119 (01-Aug-2007)
dl: http://www.quinnware.com/downloads.php
changelog hat geschrieben:Quintessential Media Player build 119 (01-Aug-2007)
  • fixed bugs #1717, #1778, #1797, #1811
  • fixed bugs #1723
  • fixed core - various crash potentials
  • added ML - Library Database management preferences
  • added ML - First Run Wizard
  • added ML - Show Gracenote record for MusicID menu
  • added ML - MusicID InProgress view added hold/next controls
  • added ML - 'Find Moved Files' feature to Library menu
  • updated core - skin font settings updated
  • updated ML - separated menus for Library/Add Media
  • updated ML - Genre column menu reworked
  • updated Gracenote MusicID controls

Quintessential Media Player build 118 (02-Jul-2007)
  • fixed bugs #1771, #1720, #1733
  • fixed bugs #1743, #1775, #1767, #1691
  • fixed bugs #1776, #1779, #1777, #1791
  • updated core - wired up icons for preference pages
  • updated core - skin fonts settings reworked
  • updated plugin - HotKeys general plugin updated

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Beitrag von SoftHunter »

aktuell: Version 5.0.121 (18-Feb-2009)

dl: http://www.quinnware.com/downloads.php