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Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v1.0.31 - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 22.01.18, 7:51
von klodeckel
v 1.0.31a vom 28.11.2017

This release updates the FAAC encoder to fix a bug with Joint Stereo MP4/AAC encoding. ... eac-v1031a

Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v1.0.31a - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 13.03.18, 23:28
von Jean
v. 1.0.32 - weniger Fehler
changed default output pattern to <artist> - <album> - <track> - <title>
improved behaviour of bitrate selection controls
show joblist duration in hours if longer than 1 hour

Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.0.32 - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 12.07.18, 1:33
von Jean
inzwischen bei v. fre:ac v1.1 Alpha 20180710
The conversion engine has been updated to allow parallel conversions with different settings, improve automatic ripping usability with multiple drives and allow song playback while a conversion is running.

Additionally, the new release now contains the faster CRC algorithms mentioned in the blog to improve FLAC and Monkey's Audio processing speed, comes with improved configuration dialogs for external codecs and includes a reworked donation dialog with support for additional payment methods.

This release also fixes several bugs and comes with a lot of polishing for the upcoming fre:ac v1.1 beta and should be very close to beta quality already.

Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.0.32 / 1.1 alpha - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 13.02.20, 17:23
von Gordon
fre:ac version 1.0.33 has been released on 12th February 2020.

This release improves compatibility with newer Windows features, updates codecs and translations and fixes several issues found in earlier releases:

The fre:ac installer is now digitally signed
Prepared for shutdown on 31st March 2020
Rip only tracks from the newly inserted disc when auto-ripping
Do not start ripping automatically if no freedb entry is found
Improved compatibility with ADTS AAC files
Using high resolution icons from fre:ac 1.1 branch

Bug fixes

Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.0.33 / 1.1 alpha - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 30.03.20, 19:14
von Gordon
fre:ac version 1.1 has been released on 29th March 2020 and is now available for download!

This is a major release with more than 80 new features compared to fre:ac 1.0.33. Highlights include:

Availability for macOS and Linux, in addition to Windows
Availability of 64 bit versions for Windows and other operating systems
Support for dark mode on Windows and macOS
A reworked conversion engine with support for multi-threading and parallel processing
An integrated tag editor with support for cover images
An extension for simultaneous output to multiple formats
Support for new codecs including Opus, Apple Lossless, Monkey's Audio, WavPack and others
Support for DSP filters and lossless file verification
Support for multi-channel audio
Support for managing multiple configurations
Support for writing log files

Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.1 - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 20.04.20, 18:49
von Gordon
fre:ac version 1.1.1 has been released on 19th April 2020.

This release comes with minor improvements as well as codec and translation updates and fixes several issues found in earlier releases: ... freac-v111

Re: fre:ac (bonkenc) v. 1.1.1 - multi encoder und cdripper

Verfasst: 09.07.20, 23:50
von Jean
v. 1.1.2
This release introduces UI scaling to the system font size by default, adds support for theme colors and dark mode on Linux/FreeBSD, updates codecs to the latest versions and fixes several issues found in earlier releases:

Scale UI to adjust to system font size by default
Removed non-working option to not lock CD trays while ripping
Stop ripping before trying to eject a disc
Write audio data CRC to log files when ripping
Write MD5 checksums to log files when verifying files
Write log entries when replacing existing files