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Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.1.2 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 05.03.19, 0:39
von Jean
v. 2.1.3 - weniger Fehler und einige verbesserten Kleinheiten
Consider the number of AcoustID sources for linked recordings
"Check for Update" should be in the Picard menu
"Check for Update" should have an ellipsis at the end
Make warning about Qt locale loading less prominent

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.1.3 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 15.09.19, 23:44
von Jean
v. 2.2
- Add a plugin hook for a file-added-to-a-track event
- Post save plugins
- Built-in media player (beta feature)
- Replace genre / folksonomy tag blacklist with more comprehensive list
- Replace hardcoded colors by user-configurable ones
- Picard is not responding during start while CD is being inserted
- Remove Amazon cover art provider from Picard and place it into a plugin
- Localize Windows installer
- Picard should show the hours of long tracks
- Allow moving files to subfolders without renaming
- Allow dragging images from Bing image search result
- Dragging cover art from Google image search on Linux drops just preview image
- "Recursively add files and folders" is very technical and hard to understand
- Support for ReplayGain 2.0 tags

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.2 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 27.09.19, 19:48
von Gordon
Version 2.2.1 2019-09-20
PICARD-1603 - Translations from picard/ui/ don’t show up in Picard
PICARD-1604 - Windows install is not using Qt default translations
PICARD-1607 - Upgrading a plugin displays the dialog box multiple times
PICARD-1608 - "[non-album tracks]" can not directly be removed
PICARD-1609 - Picard About shows Qt version PyQt was build against, not actually used Qt
PICARD-1602 - Tests should not be included in the sdist package

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.2.1 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 08.10.19, 22:29
von Gordon
Version 2.2.2 2019-10-08

PICARD-1606 - Crashes on opening options with broken plugin
PICARD-1612 - Trackpad tap is not working properly on macOS
PICARD-1614 - macOS: Incorrect 'LSMinimumSystemVersion'
PICARD-1618 - macOS and Windows packages built without C astrcmp
PICARD-1621 - Lookup CD dropdown does not list additional drives
PICARD-1624 - Updating default CD device in options does not change default for keyboard shortcut


PICARD-1610 - Make the labels in Options > User Interface > Colours wider
PICARD-1619 - Grey out cover art providers list when cover art is disabled

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.2.2 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 08.11.19, 16:08
von Gordon
noch weniger Fehler
Version 2.2.3 2019-11-06
PICARD-1633 - macOS: Automatic locale detection broken
PICARD-1634 - macOS: File browser sets wrong horizontal scroll position
PICARD-1635 - Terminated randomly when deleting files when saving
PICARD-1636 - Default locale detection fails if locale categories have different locales
PICARD-1637 - Crash when saving after removing some underlying files
PICARD-1640 - Picard with --config-file parameter copies over legacy configuration
PICARD-1642 - Picard crashes on launch (AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'setPopupMode')
PICARD-1643 - Performer with instruments containing non-ASCII characters are not written to Vorbis and APE tags
PICARD-1644 - Crash when initializing translations on Python 3.8
PICARD-1647 - macOS: Plugin enable/disable button does not always update the icon
PICARD-1648 - Crashes when using search dialogs
PICARD-1651 - File and release counts in status bar not updated when files get removed
PICARD-1654 - macOS: Logout button / username stays visible after logout
PICARD-1655 - macOS: Login dialog can be hidden behind options
PICARD-1630 - Ensure FLAC metadata is visible/editable in Windows Explorer
PICARD-1632 - Tooltips for genre filter help hide too quickly

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.2.3 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 20.02.20, 19:11
von Gordon
Version 2.3 2020-02-17
PICARD-1739 - Update check does not handle alpha, beta and rc versions properly
PICARD-1744 - Invalid ignore path regex can crash Picard
PICARD-1740 - Save originalfilename to ASF tags
außerdem in den Betaversionen:

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.3 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 28.02.20, 16:15
von Gordon
erster Bugfixrelease der 2.3er Linie:

Re: MusicBrainz PicardTagger 2.3.1 (track- und albumorientiertes Tagging-Tool)

Verfasst: 07.05.20, 16:54
von Gordon
Version 2.3.2 2020-05-06
PICARD-1775 - $firstwords function doesn't catch IndexError
PICARD-1776 - $datetime crashes when invalid format specified
PICARD-1781 - Have $find return "" rather than "-1" on not found
PICARD-1783 - Deleting performer, comment or lyrics tag fails for some cases in ID3, Vorbis, MP4 and Apev2 tags
PICARD-1784 - Host not found error when downloading PDF artwork
PICARD-1785 - $delete(_id3:TXXX:foo) does not delete the ID3 frames
PICARD-1786 - Deleting tag stored in ID3 TIPL frame only removes first occurrence
PICARD-1787 - Deleting case-insensitive TXXX frames does not delete anything
PICARD-1788 - Saving ID3 tags marked as case-insensitive causes duplicated TXXX frames
PICARD-1790 - Crash when selecting plugin that can be updated
PICARD-1791 - Network access is disabled error under VPN service
PICARD-1795 - iTunes tags not removable (reappear after being deleted)
PICARD-1801 - List index out of range when saving Vorbis file
PICARD-1803 - Instrument EWI is rewritten "e w i"
PICARD-1777 - Support fractional scaling on Windows 10
PICARD-1800 - Simplify Unicode 'Bullet' to ASCII 'Hyphen-minus'
PICARD-1809 - Optimize format detection logic