MediaMonkey v 4.1.2x - Musik organisieren

CD-Ripper, MP3-Encoder/-Player, sonstige Formate, Audioeditoren, etc.

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MediaMonkey v 4.1.2x - Musik organisieren

Beitrag von MannyMuster » 10.12.01, 16:03

Songs-DB Features
Music Manager (Does every task necessary for digital music management)
Scanner (Powerful scanning features of all music files)
Player (Plays many types of digital audio files)
Encoder (Can make output using several types of encoding - MP3, WMA, ...)
Decoder (Can process most of currently used formats - including MP3)
Convertor (Directly converts among various types of files)
Grabber (Digitally extracts data from audio CDs)
Tagger (Reads and writes all kinds of tags - ID3 v1, v2, ...)
Renamer (Powerful mass renaming features using masks)
Playlister (Reads and writes M3U playlists and stores them in a tree structure)
Locator (Easy to use quering system)
Cacher (Caches songs from removable media to HD - even from audio CDs)
Previewer (Can make very small (20-40kb) previews of songs on removable media)
CDDBer (Gets audio CDs information from Freedb - a CDDB alternative)
Manages digital music files of many types (MP3, WMA, VQF, WAV) and audio CDs.
Stores a number of infomation about each song.
Automatically gets information about songs - uses all types of tags, anyhow formatted filenames and also playlists (.M3U).
Can handle multiple CD-ROM drives and also any switch in drive letters is ok.
Reads and writes various types of tags, like ID3 v1, v1.1, v2 for MP3 files and
other tags for other types of files (WMA, VQF, ...).
Converts among various formats, the source can be also audio CD.
Digitally extracts data from audio CD with optional jitter correction.
Mass renaming capabilities allow very easy processing of number of files.
Very good caching system of songs located on removable media brings new possibilities in music management.
Very small previews of songs on removable media can help in finding songs
that user doesn't know by name.
Unlimited hierarchical playlists helps in organizing collection in any
ways user chooses.
All the time consuming operations (encoding, scanning, ..) work on background
in a separate thread, so user can continue in his/her work.
Songs-DB cooperates very well with WinAmp.
Has powerful querying system.
Recognizes songs with duplicate content.
Locates songs that were moved to another location than is stored in the database.
Imports information about audio CDs from windows CD player.
Has nice, easy to use and also very powerful explorer-like interface.
... and also has lots of other userful features.


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Beitrag von ^L^ » 25.01.07, 9:41 Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen 13 Sprachen | ^L^

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Mediamonkey Final 2.5.5

Beitrag von Firence » 29.01.07, 9:19

Final 2.5.5 ... _2_5_5.exe
The final build is Aside from some cosmetic changes, the only significant change is:

2792 Fixed moving the currently playing Track may remove the track from the library

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 10.12.07, 20:39

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Beitrag von catman » 26.12.07, 16:49

MediaMonkey (25.12.2007)
Dec. 25, 2007
MediaMonkey 3.0.1 is now available!
It adds support for Vista, new iPods, better Album Art support, and another 300 new features and improvements.
4229 Changing album in main tree can cause an error
4225 Fixed canned AutoPlaylists are missing
4226 Fixed Player cannot be moved (regression)
4228 Fixed Album Art Window appears empty when navigating tracks via Properties Panel

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Beitrag von Georg » 05.02.08, 14:00

Inzwischen bei

Changelog unter:

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Beitrag von MayRob2 » 06.04.08, 20:21

MediaMonkey RC1

Quelle + Changelog + Download:,38537.html
Fachinformatiker Portal

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Beitrag von ^L^ » 19.06.08, 19:47

MediaMonkey Final - von heute - hauptsächlich Fehlerbereinigungen

MediaMonkey 3.0.3 has just been released.
This is a fairly significant release and should be considered a must-have upgrade.

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Beitrag von catman » 24.10.08, 23:40

Added compatibility with iPod Nano 4G

Fixed sync to iPhone/iPod Touch with 2.x firmware should be disabled to prevent corruption to device db

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Beitrag von Geronimo » 19.11.08, 13:36


Synct jetzt auch Apple’s iPhone 3G and iPod Touch v2


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Beitrag von catman » 30.08.09, 19:01

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Beitrag von big_ben191 » 27.10.09, 13:41

MediaMonkey RC1 (27.10.2009)

DL: ... 53#p229053
0005979: [Player] Windows 7 Shell Integration (petr) - closed.

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Beitrag von catman » 19.11.09, 21:40

The new version syncs with some of the most popular smartphones, including the iPhone 3GS, Palm Pre, and Android phones, as well as with all of the latest iPods including the iPod Nano 5G, and iPod Touch 3G. This should prove especially useful to Palm Pre and Android phone owners who are unable to sync their devices with the latest versions of iTunes.

In addition to the new sync capabilities, the new version:
- adds support for new Windows 7 features such as Aeropeek and jumplists
- automatically monitors directories for changes so that music can be automatically added to the library (in the free version!)
- includes close to 200 other minor improvements including numerous CD playback / burning fixes and compatibility with the latest version of iTunes

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Re: MediaMonkey v 3.2.0x - Musik organisieren

Beitrag von @thehop » 27.07.10, 0:14

MediaMonkey 3.2.1 and iTunes 9.2 / iOS4
June 17th, 2010

Version 3.2.1 has recently been released, and includes a fix for compatibility
with the latest version of iTunes, along with 30 other minor issues.

It does not have support for iOS4–this is planned for a subsequent release.

For details regarding 3.2.1 see:

Version 3.2.1 can be downloaded at: ... 1.1297.exe

For up-to-date status information regarding iOS4 compatibility, see: ... icleid=139

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MediaMonkey 4 RC2

Beitrag von Luka » 20.10.11, 20:39

Inzwischen gibt es bereits den zweiten Release Candidate für MediaMonkey 4.

Changelog, Download ... ... 62#p315362

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Re: MediaMonkey v 3.2.1x / 4.0 RC2 - Musik organisieren

Beitrag von Gordon » 17.12.11, 13:38

inzwischen stabil bei Version 4 und sogar schon gebugfixt bei 4.0.1

DL und Vergleich zwischen freier und Gold-Version:
FCK Klimawandel

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Re: MediaMonkey v 4.0.6.x / 4.0.7.x Beta - Musik organisieren

Beitrag von Jean » 06.10.13, 0:36

aktuell / Beta
The new version is a minor update that adds support for the iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 5G (and iOS 6 on older devices) and the iPod Nano 7G. It also includes 40+ miscellaneous fixes and tweaks including several related to Android synchronization and compatibility with Windows 8.

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Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.0.x - Musik organisieren

Beitrag von Jean » 12.06.14, 0:02

v. - viele Fixe, v.a. wegen Synchronisierung