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Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.2.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 12.12.14, 14:43
von Gordon
Version 4.1.5
Key improvements in these releases include:
- Synchronization between PCs and iPhone 6 / iOS 8 devices
- Synchronization improvements between PCs and Android Kitkat devices
- Improved UPnP and Wi-Fi synchronization performance
- Support for SD Cards on Android Kitkat devices
- Over 20 other fixes and improvements to each of MediaMonkey for Windows and MediaMonkey for Android.

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.5.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 27.04.15, 3:01
von Jean
v. 4.1.7 - seither fehlerbefreiter
It's a minor update with ~15 improvements including fixes for syncing with iOS 8.3, tweaks to Android synchronization, plus a few other misc. fixes and stability improvements. It's a strongly recommended update.

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.7.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 06.07.15, 1:01
von Jean
v. 4.1.8 - fehlerfreier

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.8.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 20.12.15, 2:58
von Jean
v 4.1.10 - seither u.a.
several tweaks for Windows 10 environments, and improves sync performance.

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.10.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 12.02.16, 0:42
von Jean
v. - fehlerfreier und
Updated Splashscreen and About dialog

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.11.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 25.09.16, 17:42
von Gordon
4.11.4 New versions of MediaMonkey add ALAC and Google Cast support!

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.14.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 25.02.17, 23:18
von Jean
v. - viele Fehler weniger, einige improvements mehr

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.15.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 30.09.17, 2:17
von Jean
changes including UPnP, Sync, and podcasting improvements; stability fixes; and compatibility with Win 10 creator's update

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.18.x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 10.07.18, 0:30
von Jean
v. - seither viele Fehler weniger

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.22x - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 15.10.18, 6:01
von klodeckel
v4.1.22 ist da

Re: MediaMonkey v 4.1.23 - Musik organisieren

Verfasst: 20.10.18, 6:12
von klodeckel

Fresh install of 4.1.22 => SQL errors
[DB/FileMonitor] Initiall Startup after Portable Install
[Playlist / Search] Search: Toolbar search miss results where search dialog return correct one
[Install/Config] Manual update check fails if done subsequent to a previous update check