WaveWizard 0.54b

CD-Ripper, MP3-Encoder/-Player, sonstige Formate, Audioeditoren, etc.

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WaveWizard 0.54b

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Name: WaveWizard
Version: 0.54b
Grösse: ~400KB
Homepage: (siehe Supportforum)
Downloadlink: download
Supportforum: doom9.org
Lizenz: freeware
Standalone? ja
Beschreibung: (siehe Supportforum)


von der Homepage:
from the forum (see link below)
I´ve made a little program which can do some cool stuff:
-channel mixing
-channel swapping
-sampel conversion
-normalising (file/list)
and some other stuff which you may see for yourself

The programs which are currently supported are :

surcode cd (dts)
surcode dvd (dts)
twolame (mpeg 2)
ape (monkey's audio)
nero fends (frontend for nero aac)
lame (mp3)
sonic foundry soft encode (ac3) new
DA's ac3enc new

The new version includes a couple of new features (and probabely new bugs since i have rewritten a lot of code (again) ):

- logging option in cb. This shows the commandlines which are used and some other interesting stuff. This can also be usefull if someone wants to make his own program for sending jobs to cb.

- supports now the ac3enc.dll from Dark Avenger which should be better then the old one. (thx DA for your help)

- support for sonic foundry ac3 encoder

- support for non PCM and wav ex.

- if a channelmask is available in the wave ex and a wav is splitted to monostreams, it now gives the correct channelnames.

- an option to automaticaly import new channelmapping. If you add a fille "mappingsNEW.ini" to the ww dir it will be be imported and renamed to "mappingsIMPORTED.ini". The new ww comes with a mappingsNEW.ini in the dir so you can combine it with the one you have. Remember, ONLY the mappings file can be used in different version, DONT copy the preferences from old to new version.

- option to avoid clipping

- fast switching between the different config dialogs is now possible by using F2,F3,F4 and escape (for cancel).

- Option to create a tempfile when normalising. This is usefull when resampling, since the result will be saved and the second pass it uses the tempfile to normalise. But this option might create huges files.... so becaurefull when using it. And when you are doing a "normalize list" with tempfile creation, all filles will first be converted to a tempfile, so make sure you got enought diskspace when using it !

- some other other stuff i dont remember.

Current issues:

- The "save output" in preferences should not be unchecked. I had removed this option, but when going back to an older backup version of my prog, i forgot to remove it again. When this option is disabled, the program might not work properly.

- Not every setting gives correct results when using da's ac3enc, and sometimes it doesnt run 100% stable.

- When cb is used on winme and a dos program is canceled by pressing stop, winme asks if it should terminate the program. You should press "Yes" manualy. If the window is hidden, you dont see this message, which means you have to check "show programs" to see it. I think i can fix this, but i doubt if this is really usefull since i dont think many people are using winme anyway.

And as a bonus, all freely distributable programs (everything except surcode of course) can be downloaded from within the program, so no need to search and download the correct version with a browser.
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WaveWizard 0.54b
- changed the option invert LFE in cb to invert specific settings. Now 5 settings will be inverted if this is checked
- Added chunk browser. This also works on avi's
- changed the location from where programlist.txt is downloaded in cb.
- some other minor fixes.