RightMark 3D Sound 2.2

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RightMark 3D Sound 2.2

Beitrag von rugosch » 23.10.05, 14:02

Name: RightMark 3D Sound
Version: 2.1
Grösse: 1.6 Mb
Homepage: http://audio.rightmark.org/products/rm3ds.shtml
Downloadlink: http://audio.rightmark.org/downloads/ri ... nd-2.1.exe
Supportforum: http://forum.rightmark.org/
Screenshot: http://audio.rightmark.org/pics/pos-s.png
Standalone? Nein
Ein feines DirectSound Diagnose Tool, das zwar nicht jeden Lautsprecher einzeln testet, aber dafür kann man genau definieren,von wo (x,y und z-Achse) das Testsignal kommen soll.
The essence of RightMark 3DSound is the creation of an independent synthetic audio test for estimating hardware and software capabilities of DirectSound-compatible devices.

The test includes:

* RightMark 3DSound: Positioning Accuracy test
Tests audio source positioning quality in DirectSound3D. Requires subjective listening to a 3D audio scene with a user-controlled moving sound source. Supports all key features of EAX4 Advanced HD.
* RightMark 3DSound: CPU Utilization test
Measures CPU load depending on DirectSound device mode. Synthetically emulates main cycle of a typical ingame sound engine. Besides standard DirectSound diagnostics checks for supported EAX version.
* RightMark 3DSound: Data Analyzer
We use statistical data processing to exclude influence of random OS activity bursts and also to get more information on CPU load. This provides us not only with average values (mean of distribution), but also with their dispersion (standard deviation).
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Beitrag von 2olf » 27.12.05, 4:39

Update auf v2.2:
Updates are primarily related to CPU utilization test:

added onboard X-RAM presence and X-RAM size info
added detection of EAX 5.0 for DirectSound API
added forced X-RAM disable feature
added X-RAM usage statistics to the log
added X-RAM data to XML report viewable with DataAnalyzer
updated User's Guide
DL: http://audio.rightmark.org/download.shtml