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Verfasst: 06.10.08, 18:57
von hylli
Neue Version 2.1.4 vom 04.10.08!

Added Cancel button to the speed select dialog.
Fixed issue with Avast and AVG false positive.
Fixed "access violation" error for file riched20.dll.

Verfasst: 18.12.08, 11:50
von hylli
Version 2.2.0 ist aktuell.

BurnAware 2.2.0 (18-Dec-2008)

• New features:
-> create boot CDs/DVDs with BurnAware Free
-> save/load file list of Data and ISO compilations
-> save/load preferences of ISO, Copy and Multiburn tools
-> additional ASPI driver which is used if drives can not be detected
• Increased the read speed while copying CD or DVD.
• Added Hungarian translation.
• Modified user interface.
• Minor improvements and bug fixes.

BurnAware 2.1.7 (24-Nov-2008)

• Updated the Multiburn tool:
-> Now you can burn to 8 recorders simultaneously.
-> Added "Load Disc" button to close tray of selected recorders.
-> Fixed "Access violation" errors.
-> Fixed minor bugs.
• Re-designed buttons of Welcome Screen.
• Simultaneous writing tools moved to additional tab of Welcome Screen.
• Fixed minor bugs with Unicode systems.
Beachte: Kann sein, dass teilweise nur Pro-Version vom Changelog betroffen ist.


Verfasst: 21.01.09, 15:27
Version 2.2.3

BurnAware 2.2.3 (21-Jan-2009)

• Added Windows 7 support.
• Added "Don't show" option to the Update window.
• Boot options can be saved and used as default for data compilation.

Verfasst: 16.02.09, 16:19
von hylli
Version 2.3.0 (16.02.09)

BurnAware 2.3.0 (16-Feb-2009)

• BurnAware added to AutoPlay menu.
• Added command line support.
• Added Czech translation.
• Added new Disc Info application.
• Modified session loading method:
-> Now the program automatically sets file system type when loading session.
-> Fixed the problem with loading CD sessions.
-> Fixed the problem with cropping the disc name when loading session.
• Modified media detection method:
-> Fixed "Invalid field in CDB" errors.
-> Fixed the bug with false warning about incorrect DVD media type.
-> Fixed bugs with detecting free/used space and media status.
• Minor optimization for Windows 7.
• Added free space check before burning ISO file.
• Fixed the bug with detecting multisession DVD RW media.
Edit: Da war wohl jemand schneller! ;) Wollte gerade den Titel noch ändern.


Verfasst: 28.02.09, 15:32
von hylli
Version 2.3.1 (27.02.09)

BurnAware 2.3.1 (27-Feb-2009)

• Added feature to save/load file list of MP3 compilations.
• Fixed the bug with adding Unicode files and folders.
• Cosmetic fixes.

Verfasst: 27.03.09, 19:24
von hylli
Version 2.3.3 ist aktuell (27.03.09).

BurnAware 2.3.3 (27-Mar-2009)

• Now the program automatically sets hidden attribute to file/folder if source file/folder is hidden.
• Added "Options" dialog:
-> It combines Compilation Properties and Preferences.
-> "Remember options" option removed. Now all options saved by default.
-> Added "Default" button to restore default options.
• Resolved problem with Boot discs and disc images (segment and sector values were replaced).

BurnAware 2.3.2 (14-Mar-2009)

• Fixed bug with incorrect detection of BD-RE discs.
• Fixed compatibility bug with DVD Video created by BurnAware and some DVD players.

Verfasst: 07.05.09, 21:49
von hylli
Version 2.3.5 ist aktuell.

BurnAware 2.3.5 (7-May-2009)

• Fixed bug with saving settings in MP3 and Video DVD compilations.
• Fixed bug with saving the verify setting in all compilations.

BurnAware 2.3.4 (21-Apr-2009)

• Updated translations.
• Removed "Small Icons" option from "Add Files" dialog.
• Fixed visual bug in "Options" dialog.
• Fixed compatibility bug with DVD/Divx Video created by BurnAware and some DivX players.
• Cosmetic improvements.

Verfasst: 10.06.09, 11:48
von hylli
BurnAware 2.3.6 (9-Jun-2009)
• Added option to set pause between tracks in Audio CD compilation.
• Added 'Options...' button in main window of Audio CD compilation.
• Updated translations.
• Fixed bug with creating MP3 CDs with long file names.
• Fixed bug with setting of incorrect CD-Text in case if track was skipped.
• Cosmetic fixes and improvements.

Verfasst: 07.07.09, 15:56
von hylli
BurnAware 2.3.7 (6-Jul-2009)

• Modified BD media detection method.
• Fixed bug with verify results after burning some data compilations.

Verfasst: 21.09.09, 15:28
von hylli
BurnAware 2.4 (21.09.2009).

BurnAware 2.4 (21-Sep-2009)

• Added OS support Windows 2008 Server R2.
• Solved compatibility issues with Windows 7.
• Added Support for BDR DL and BD-RE DL media.
• Updated user rights service.
• Fixed bug with USB drives detection.

BurnAware 2.3.9 (27-Aug-2009)

• Install improvements:
-> Added option to disable 'Check for update' feature during installation.
-> User will be prompted to restart if 'Allow non-admin users...' option was enabled.
-> Resolved minor compatibility problems with Windows 7.

BurnAware 2.3.8 (28-Jul-2009)

• Changes in BurnAware Free:
-> Setup file size reduced to 5 MB.
-> Launch time increased for every compilation.
-> No more false positives from Avast and AVG.
• Fixed bug with DVD-Video compilations introduced in v2.3.4.
• Fixed bug with "access violation" message if no recorder connected.

Verfasst: 12.10.09, 19:38
von catman
BurnAware 2.4.1 (12.10.2009)
• Updated installer.
• Minor GUI fixes.
DL: ... tag=button

Verfasst: 13.02.10, 9:53
von catman
BurnAware 2.4.4 (10.02.2010)
• Added option to specify temporary folder for copying.
• Updated translations.
DL: ... tag=button

Re: BurnAware Free 2.44 final - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 02.07.10, 21:49
von catman
BurnAware 3.0 (01.07.2010)
New graphical user interface
New burning engine
1-3% of CPU usage while burning
Displays buffer level progress
Selection of write speed and recorder in main window
Supports AHCI ATA/SATA drives
Supports all UDF versions (1.02-2.60)
Supports extended ISO options
Supports FLAC, OGG, MP3, WMA and WAV formats
Supports unicode CD-Text (tracks and disc)
Supports ISO/CUE/BIN disc images
Supports DVD padding
Supports multisession DVD-RW/DVD+RW

Re: BurnAware Free 3.0 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 16.08.10, 22:02
von catman
BurnAware 3.0.3 (16.08.2010)
Now you can add files to DVD-Video compilation, besides VIDEO_TS folder
Added verify option to DVD-Video compilation
Added 30 seconds time limit for "Gathering information" procedure
Fixed bug with free space detection after autoerase

Re: BurnAware Free 3.0.3 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 04.01.11, 11:30
von hylli

Re: BurnAware Free 3.1.1 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 13.03.11, 10:56
von catman

Re: BurnAware Free 3.1.1 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 10.05.11, 18:30
von catman

Re: BurnAware Free 3.3 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 26.07.11, 20:48
von catman
BurnAware 3.4 (26.07.2011)
Updated shell SDK and audio libraries.
Updated translations.
Minor GUI improvements and fixes.

Re: BurnAware Free 3.4 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 19.11.11, 11:44
von Gordon

Re: BurnAware Free 4.2 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 07.08.12, 17:53
von Gordon
jetzt bei Version 5.1 - brennt eigentlich noch jemand irgendwas?