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BurnAware Free 14.0 - ein weiteres Brennprogramm

Verfasst: 16.11.07, 11:56
von hylli
Name: BurnAware Free Edition
Version: 0.1 beta
Grösse: 2,6MB
Supportforum: k.A.
Lizenz: Freeware
Standalone? k.A.
Admin-Rechte nötig? k.A.
Lauffähig ab: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista Operating Systems (64 and 32 Bit)
Beschreibung: Ein weiteres kostenloses Brennprogramm!

BurnAware Free Edition is a lightweight, extremely powerful and easy to use burning application for burning and mastering CD, DVD, Blu-Ray and HD-DVD media, which is suitable for both beginners and power users.

BurnAware Free Edition supports all types of optical storage media (including CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, BD-R/RE, HD-DVD-R/RW and DVD-RAM) as well as a wide variety of burning hardware.

* Absolutely FREE. No spyware, no adware, no banners
* Writes to all CD/DVD media types including Blu-Ray (BD-R/BD-RE)
* Creates disc images
* Supports all current hardware interfaces (IDE/SCSI/USB/1394/SATA)
* On-the-fly writing for all image types (no staging to hard drive first)
* Writes Multi-Session to all supported media formats
* Auto-verification of written files
* Supports unicode for multi-byte languages
* Clean, flexible, easy to use interface
* Supports Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista Operating Systems (64 and 32 Bit)

Hylli :)

Verfasst: 22.11.07, 12:09
von knolle
Version 0.2
November 21, 2007
BurnAware Free Edition v0.2 beta is released. Now you can also burn ISO images.

November 18, 2007
BurnAware Free Edition v0.1.1 beta is released. Fixed the issue with incorrect calculation of available free space on DVD media.

Verfasst: 24.11.07, 12:32
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition v0.9 beta (23.11.2007)
Now with Audio CD and DVD-Video files burning support.

Verfasst: 26.11.07, 16:37
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition v0.9.5 beta (26.11.2007)
Now you can set write speed before burn and save preferred options as default.

Verfasst: 29.11.07, 15:33
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition v0.9.7 beta (29.11.2007)
Now the program detects and selects the media type at the start. Fixed the issue with saving options in the Vista. The help file is included.

November 27, 2007
BurnAware Free Edition v0.9.6 beta is released. Fixed the issue with adding the files to the non-root folder.

Verfasst: 03.12.07, 20:33
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition v0.9.8 beta (02.12.2007)
Added the feature to check for a newer version.
Now the program automatically loads files from the multisession disc at the start.
Now you can access the start screen from the tray icon.
Now the program saves view in the Add dialog.
Fixed the issue with adding tracks with unicode names.
Fixed the issue with drag&drop files from some file managers.

Verfasst: 05.12.07, 23:13
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition v0.9.9 beta (05.12.2007)
Removed the "Update Disc (Multisession)" menu item. Now the program automatically detects the multisession disc and load the files from the last session.
Added the auto-erase feature.If you want to write onto a rewritable disc and it is not empty, the program allows you to erase the disc and then write onto it instantly.
Now the program displays the progress percentage in the taskbar.
Fixed the issue with registering the DLL module.

Verfasst: 06.12.07, 16:51
von hylli
Tja und heute gleich nachgelegt: beta

# Help file is updated.
# Fixed the issue with refreshing the disc content after erasing multisession disc.

Verfasst: 10.12.07, 14:56
von hylli
Neue Version: beta

# Now the verify process can be cancelled at any time.
# Improved verify progress dialog.
# Added menu in the tray icon.
# Now you can enable / disable the tray icon.
# Fixed the issue with progress bar flickering in the Vista.
# Modified update feature.
# Now the program locks the recorder before burning.
# Fixed the issue with reading the disc without eject after burning.

Verfasst: 13.12.07, 20:44
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition beta (13.12.2007)
- Changed the path of the settings file to %APPDATA%.
- Fixed the issue with the Unicode file names.
- Minor improvements.

Verfasst: 21.12.07, 20:56
von Kostenlos
BurnAware Free Edition 1.0 Final (21.12.2007)

Changelog: lol
First release
Download: ... ag=lst-0-4

Verfasst: 11.01.08, 20:17
von catman
BurnAware Free Edition 1.1 (11.01.2008)
Added the hardware info tool.
Added the erase tool to the start screen.
Fixed the issue with launching under Windows 2000.
Improved the disc name field. Now you can save and load the most used names.
Added the small button to quickly open the options dialog.
Added the small button to go to the parent folder.
Now the program remembers the last used recorder and directory.
"Save Log..." button replaced with "New Disc" button.
Minor fixes and improvements.

Verfasst: 22.01.08, 20:43
von der_floh
v1.2 beta (January 21, 2008)

* Added the new installer with Windows 98 support.
* Minor fixes and improvements.

Verfasst: 27.02.08, 17:32
von knolle
Mittlerweile bei 1.28
Version 1.2.8
Release Date: Feb 27, 2008
Fixed the bug with DVD+RW autoerase.
Version 1.2.7
Release Date: Feb 21, 2008
Modified DVD+RW media detection method.
Fixed writing of Multi-session data to DVD-RAM.
Version 1.2.6
Release Date: Feb 15, 2008
Now you can add files from Windows Explorer context menu.
Modified DVD+R DL media detection method.
Added the new installer.
Fixed writing of Multi-session data to DVD-RAM.
Fixed the problem with HP laptops.
Fixed the problem with autierase feature.
Minor fixes and improvements.

Verfasst: 12.03.08, 21:46
von el_cowboy
Version 1.2.9 Release date: March 11, 2008
* Added the shortkey for quick erase
* Fixed the bug with long file names
* Now while using Blu-ray discs the program automatically switches to UDF mode
* Minor GUI changes

Verfasst: 13.03.08, 10:23
von jpk
An sich ein feines kleines Programm, was auch leidlich übersichtlich ist. Allerdings lastet es bei mir während des Brennens extrem das System aus.
Liege bei 80-90% Auslastung mit einem P-M 1.86GHz... vllt. hat es auch nur Probleme mit dem Brennen über externe Laufwerke (USB-HDD > FW-Brenner).

Als Vergleich: Nero liegt bei ~15% Auslastung @800MHz bei mir...

Vllt. ist es ja in ein paar Versionen brauchbarer.


Verfasst: 26.08.08, 16:26
von hylli
Lt. News vom 25.08.08 auf der Homepage gibt's ein Update für die Free Edition auf Version 2.1, d.h. diese wird ebenfalls weiterentwickelt.

Download unter folgenden Links möglich: ... 63769.html

BurnAware Free is available.
Added media autodetect option. BurnAware checks disc at startup and automatically select necessary compilation.
Modified user interface. Many useful changes to make it more attractive and easy to use.
Updated burning engine. Now even more stable and powerful.
Modified speed detection method.
Modified detection method of U3 USB devices.
Fixed issue with LG GH20XX10 Mode Pages.
Titel wäre diesbzgl. wieder anzupassen!

Hylli :)

Verfasst: 31.08.08, 16:57
von catman
BurnAware 2.1.1 (30.Aug.2008)
Updated translations.
Added Dutch and Spanish translations.
Fixed issue with launching Jukebox compilation.
Fixed issue with launching Data CD compilation instead of Data DVD.
Fixed issue with media autodetect feature.

Verfasst: 14.09.08, 13:15
von catman

Verfasst: 25.09.08, 18:45
von hylli
BurnAware (25.09.08 )

BurnAware (25-Sep-2008)
Fixed issue with launching BurnAware under Windows Vista introduced in v2.3.

BurnAware 2.1.3 (24-Sep-2008)
Updated translations.
Fixed minor bug with drag and drop files to empty compilation.