ISO-Recorder 3.1 - CD/DVD-Images brennen

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ISO-Recorder 3.1 - CD/DVD-Images brennen

Beitrag von likeatim » 26.10.01, 1:37
Erweitert die CD-Brenn-Funktionen des neuen Windows XP um die Fähigkeit, ISO-Images zu brennen.
Falls Probleme bei der Installation entstehen, nicht für alle User installieren, sondern nur für sich...

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Beitrag von greenhorn » 18.01.03, 22:49

Der obige Link ist tot, das Tool liess sich mit ner Suchmaschine aber lokalisieren :) ... rSetup.msi

- offenbar aber nur die Version 1.0 :(

Version: 1.0.0
Sprache: Englisch
Grösse: 1.306 KB

Ein paar Infos von der "Homepage" des Autors
ISO Recorder Power Toy is a UI component that allows to use CD-Recording capabilities of Windows XPr to record ISO images and copy CD to CD - a piece of functionality missing in Windows XPr
The ISO Recorder itself does not record CDs but instead uses existing OS features. Some of the interfaces it uses are not fully documented by Microsoft and as such are subject to change in the future.
This software works on Windows XP only . It was tested with retail build of Windows XP (Home and Professional)

Installation and Setup
ISO Recorder is distributed as an .msi file - ISORecorderSetup.msi. To install it download the file onto your computer, right-click and select "Install".
To uninstall ISO Recorder use Control Panel/Add Remove Software.

Known problems
1. Insufficient error handling. There are potentially situations when ISO Recorder can crash. This will be addressed in the future releases
2. No "in-place copy". Although there should be no problem with copying CD using the recorder drive as both source and destination, this scenario is not yet supported. It is planned to be supported in the future
3. Canceling the recording process takes a long time, sometimes several minutes. This is an inherent problem. It appears that standard XP recording component just works like that.
Und noch ne wichtige Info vom Autor des Brenntools .. . ;)
This is a question that I get a lot - does this software copy protected disks? The answer is - no. It won't make an exact copy of the protected disk, nor will it copy Audio or Video CDs yet.
Audio, Video and Multi-session CD support is planned. Check back later. For now I suggest you use something like CloneCD ...
Vielleicht nicht auch ganz unwichtig:
Die Brennroutinen unter XP hatten offenbar nen "Bug", so dass die gebrannten CDs mit anderen Betriebssystemen nicht immer lesbar waren :P
Es gibt aber nen Patch der Abhilfe schaffen soll (in SP1 dürfte der aber wohl enthalten sein).

Für Infos: ... AD6A2D96A1
Download: ... 86_DEU.exe
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Beitrag von Gordon » 19.11.04, 7:34

neue version 2.0 beta2
* Creating CD images is once again supported.
* The most common complaint on beta 1 was the error 0x8004020e when recording a CD. This was caused by an image located on a network, compressed or removable drive. This release makes sure to copy the image to the local hard drive first.
* Minor interface enhancements, new icon for ISO files (if one was not registered previously)
läuft jetzt auch mit SP2!!

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SO Recorder v3 for Windows Vista (Beta 1)

Beitrag von vorkoster » 25.01.06, 6:46

neue Version "ISO Recorder v3 for Windows Vista (Beta 1)"

Unterstützt nun auch das Brennen von DVD's.
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Beitrag von Gordon » 23.05.09, 13:47

neue Version 3.1, jetzt auch für Vista SP2 und Windows 7!
New features

1) Windows 7 support. Also compatible with Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

2) DVD recording. A DVD image, including a bootable one can be recorded.

3) DVD image creation is supported
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Beitrag von big_ben191 » 06.08.09, 18:18

Nativ x64?: Ja