P3dO Explorer 2.9.3: Viewer für Bilder und 3D-Objekte

Photoshop-Alternativen, Bearbeitung von Bildern etc.

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P3dO Explorer 2.9.3: Viewer für Bilder und 3D-Objekte

Beitrag von jts »

P3dO Explorer
P3dO Explorer is a light easy-to-use Explorer-ish graphics browser supporting all popular images files formats, plus the Poser and Vue d'Esprit file formats.
It features selectable thumbnail image size, slideshow, zoom, Windows-like favorites menu, Zip through browsing, Plugins and more. It also offers a Windows Explorer-style file manager which allows you to do basic housekeeping.
Not only a picture browser P3dO Explorer is a good file manager with severall quick navigation tips.
3D viewing is not yet supported but the 3D engine is under construction, have a look at the See3D page.
P3dO Explorer is freeware.

Folder thumbnail preview with several sizes
38 Images files formats preview and full view
Poser files images viewer and browser
Vue d'Esprit files viewer and browser
Poser files images update
Zoom in/out pictures
Zip through browsing
Severall folder depth browse
Rich batch rename function with pattern matching
Link to native files applications
Slide show mode
Drag & Drop and Clipboard support
Printing support
Active Windows look and feel
Windows file association for Poser and Vue files
Custom Windows like Send To menu
Custom Windows like Favorites menu
Many quick navigation tips
Help file
AWK - A Poser file descriptor
ZipExplorer - An automatic unzipper
Rsr2Png - .RSR to .PNG and .PNG to .RSR batch image converter
Pattern Renamer - batch renamer

P3dO Explorer runs on any Windows

Poser .cr2 .crz Figure 2D
.pz2 .pzz Pose 2D
.fc2 .fcz Face 2D
.hr2 .hrz Hair 2D
.hd2 .hdz Hand 2D
.pp2 .ppz Prop 2D
.lt2 .ltz Light 2D
.cm2 .cmz Camera 2D

Image .bmp .dib Microsoft Windows Bitmap 2D
.cut Dr. Halo 2D
.cel Autodesk Cel 2D
.eps Encapsulated PostScript 2D
.gif Compuserve Graphics Interchange 2D
.ico Microsoft Windows Icon 2D
.icb Truevision images 2D
.jpg .jpeg Joint Photographic Experts Group JFIF format 2D
.jfif .jpe JPEG JFIF Compliant 2D
.pic Autodesk Pic 2D
.pcd Kodak Photo-CD 2D
.pcx .pcc ZSoft Paintbrush 2D
.png Portable Network Graphic 2D
.psd .pdd Adobe Photoshop Bitmap 2D
.pbm Portable bitmap 2D
.pgm Portable Greymap 2D
.ppm Portable Pixelmap 2D
.psp Paint Shop Pro Image 2D
.rgb .rgba SGI true color 2D
.rle Microsoft Windows RLE bitmap 2D
.rla .rpf RLA Graphic 2D
.scr Word 5.x screen capture 2D
.sgi SGI Graphic 2D
.tga Truevision Targa 2D
.tif .tiff Tagged Interchange File Format 2D
.vda Truevision images 2D
.vst Truevision images 2D
.win Truevision images 2D
.wmf .emf Microsoft Windows Meta File 2D

3D Mesh .cr2 .crz Poser Figure 2D
.hr2 .hrz Poser Hair 2D
.pp2 .ppz Poser Prop 2D
.pz3 Poser Scene 2D/icon
.obj Wavefront Object icon
.3ds 3D Studio Mesh icon
.max 3D Studio Max Scene icon
.lwo LightWave Object icon
.dxf Autocad Dxf icon
.c4d Cinema 4D icon
.cob Caligari Object icon
.ndo Nendo File icon
.pov POV Ray icon
.wrl Virtual Reality Modeling Language icon
.veg Vue d'Esprit Vegetation 2D
.vob Vue d'Esprit Object 2D
.vue Vue d'Esprit Landscape 2D

Texture .bum Poser Bump Map 2D
.mtl Wavefront Object material icon
.uvs UVMapper Texture coordiantes icon
.atm Vue d'Esprit Atmosphere 2D
.mat Vue d'Esprit Material 2D
.fnc Vue d'Esprit Function File 2D
.clr Vue d'Esprit Color Map icon
.flt Vue d'Esprit Filter icon

Motion .pz2 .pzz Poser Pose 2D (no motion)
.fc2 .fcz Poser Face 2D (no motion)
.hd2 .hdz Poser Hand 2D (no motion)
.ani Microsoft Animated Icon icon
.asf Streaming Audio / Video icon
.avi Microsoft Audio/Video Interleave icon
.bvh Bvh Motion icon
.gif Compuserve Animated Gif 2D (no motion)
.mov Quick Time Movie icon
.mpg .mpeg Mpeg Video icon

Other .phi Poser Hierarchy File icon
.pcf Poser Coded Figure File icon
.wav Microsoft Windows Wave icon
.zip Zip Archive File icon
.txt Text File icon
.prn PCL Printer File (3rd party plugin) icon
.hpgl HPGL Printer File (3rd party plugin) icon

Die Wundertüte gibts hier incl. Plugins:
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Beitrag von mescaline »

aktuell 1.75
1.7.5 freeware
- New Folders Tree
- Poser Props and Hairs 3D viewer
- Texture mapping
- Cartoon shading
- Open Poser files into Poser (coming soon)
- Spawn Poser python scripts into Poser (coming soon)
- Tiled picture preview
- Rsr2Png plugin update (fix blank png rule changed)
- ZipExplorer plugin update (now display Zip content in Information tree)
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Beitrag von gesders »

jetzt bei 1.8

Also includes 5 general purpose plugins:
. CopyPath 1.8 - Copy directory content to the clipboard
. Image 1.8 - Thumbnailer plugin
. ZipExplorer 1.8 - Graphic Zip viewer and manager
. Pattern Renamer 1.8 - Mass renamer with pattern matching
. [The Sim's 1.8 - Thumbnailer for the famous game resources

Also includes the translations for Deutsch Espagnol Suomi Francais Italiano Hollands Portugues Svenka
handle so, als ob die Maxime deiner Handlung durch deinen Willen zum allgemeinen Naturgesetze werden sollte - jawoll!


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Beitrag von @thehop »

Update - CL?
P3dO Explorer 1.9.2 (March 30, 2007)

3.11 Mb Download

Also includes 5 general purpose plugins:
. CopyPath 1.9.2 - Copy directory content to the clipboard
. Image 1.8 - Thumbnailer plugin
. Pattern Renamer 1.8 - Mass renamer with pattern matching
. RarExplorer 1.9.2 - Graphic Rar viewer
. The Sim's 1.8 - Thumbnailer for the famous game resources
. ZipExplorer 1.9.2 - Graphic Zip viewer and manager
Poser plugin pack for P3dO 1.9.2 March 30

526 Kb Download

(This pack is only relevant for Poser users)
. AWK 1.8 - Poser file parser & Scene Manager
. Rsr2Png 1.9.2 - Poser image converter
. Morph Manager 4.0 - As the name says
. PoserPython 1.9.2 - Open/Save files into/from Poser
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Re: P3dO Explorer 1.9.2: Spezieller Fileviewer

Beitrag von Gordon »

lebt noch, aktuell ist Version 2.9 R3 erschienen
JAN 21, 2022
P3DO 2.9 R3 is available
2.9 R3 is the ultimate 2 version series update. I am now working on 3 version series. More on this later.

This update adds significant improvements to 2 important plugins: PoserPython and ZipInstaller.
ZipInstaller Daz Studio support is identical to Poser one. I am really happy with that.
R3 also adds a new plugin: Geezer. A handy uncompression plugin for Poser, Daz Studio and Carrara.