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BeitragVerfasst: 29.07.07, 6:16 

Registriert: 16.08.05, 0:52
Version: 0.5.0
Grösse: 7.98mb
neu http://mypaint.org/


http://people.ee.ethz.ch/~mrenold/mypai ... taller.exe

MyPaint ist ein freies Grafikprogramm speziell für den Zeicheneinsatz mit einem Grafiktablett. Mit einer Vielzahl an Pinseln und einer Menge an Druckempfindlichkeitseinstellungen lässt sich auf dem Bildschirm malen wie auf Leinwand oder Papier, sei es mit Bleistift, Kreide oder einem Pinsel.

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BeitragVerfasst: 06.11.09, 17:18 

Registriert: 09.12.04, 15:40
Homepage ist nunmehr http://mypaint.intilinux.com/
Dort findet man Screenshots, Foren, Wiki und andere Ressourcen.

Aktuell ist die Version 0.7.1.

Download: http://download.gna.org/mypaint/mypaint ... taller.exe

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BeitragVerfasst: 21.08.10, 12:23 

Registriert: 26.09.06, 16:09
Direkter Link für die aktuelle Windows-Version:

http://download.gna.org/mypaint/mypaint ... taller.exe

moni k.

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BeitragVerfasst: 06.03.11, 23:33 

Registriert: 06.06.06, 14:36
MyPaint 0.9.1 (05.03.2011)

This is a bugfix release without any new features. Several problems with non-ASCII file names, directory names, and layer names have been fixed, as well as a number of other minor issues. Integration with the Windows platform has been improved.

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BeitragVerfasst: 26.11.11, 16:09 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
geschafft - Version 1.0 ist fertig!


- A configurable toolbar has been added with dropdown widgets for colour, brush, and brush settings.
- Floating tool windows can now be docked into a sidebar inside the main window.
- A “Lock Alpha” mode has been added for brushstrokes, and there are now some basic layer compositing modes.
- Mouse and stylus buttons can be bound to different actions via the preferences.
- There’s a new scratchpad tool which can be used for thumbnails, notes, or recording brushstrokes and colour choices.
- Finally, there have been numerous little improvements and bugfixes to MyPaint’s speed, user interface, and its brush collections.


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BeitragVerfasst: 06.01.13, 17:27 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
neue Version 1.1 mit neuen Features, die ausführlich und bebildert im Blog dargestellt werden:
http://www.davidrevoy.com/article154/my ... w-features

die aktuelle Windowsversion folgt in Kürze, eine 64bit-Variante von 1.0 gibt es hier:

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BeitragVerfasst: 19.01.16, 17:49 

Registriert: 06.01.02, 18:46
Version 1.2.0 findet sich unter http://mypaint.org/

Changes since the last stable release

New intuitive Inking tool for smooth strokes.
New Flood Fill tool.
Automated backups of your working docs, with recovery on startup.
Improved symmetry-setting and frame-setting modes.
New workspace UI: two sidebars, with dockable tabbed panels.
Smoother scrolling and panning.
New brush pack.
New brush and color history panel.
New layer trimming command in frame options.
Added layer groups.
New layer modes: several masking modes added.
Add display filters: greyscale, simulate dichromacy for trichromats.
New color wheel options: Red/Yellow/Blue, Red-Green/Blue-Yellow.
Uses dark theme variant by default.
Clearer icons, prettier freehand cursors.
Device prefs allow glitchy devices to be restricted.
Eraser mode no longer changes the size of the brush.
New vector layers, editable in an external app (Inkscape recommended).
New fallback layer types: non-PNG image, data.
More kinds of images now work as backgrounds.
Improved Windows support
Ported to GTK3.
Accelerator map editor has moved to preferences.
Many other bugfixes, translations, and code quality improvements.


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BeitragVerfasst: 22.01.17, 6:11 

Registriert: 15.10.16, 23:45
v 1.2.1
Make sure layer clones get selected immediately.
Fix hypersensitive tab drags.
Fix accelerator mapping sort order.
Fix exceptions when loading a corrupt thumbnail during thumb updates.
Fix GTK removing the main canvas widget.
BrushManager: use UUIDs for device brush names, backwards-compatibly.
Fix repeated pixbuflist redraws.
Wayland: remove references to cursors that don't exist.
Windows: drop support for floating windows till upstream support's OK.
Windows: new installer mechanism, see the note above.
Windows build: now includes a debug launcher, and GTK3-Demo for testing that your tablet will work.
Windows build: MyPaint is now usefully pinnable to the taskbar.

Fortuna fortes juvat.

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