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Hornil StylePix 1.14.5x / - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 30.10.09, 16:15
von hylli
Name: Hornil StylePix
Version: Release Candidate
Grösse: Setup 2,275KB, Portable: < 1MB
Supportforum: ... tylepix_en
Lizenz: Freeware
Admin-Rechte nötig? k.A.
portabel / abhängig von: ja - sowohl als auch
Lauffähig ab (Win95, 2000, XP): ab XP bzw. ab W2K Server (Hardwareanforderung sehr gering!)
Nativ x64?: k.A.
Hornil StylePix, or simply StylePix, is a graphics editing program with a number of advanced features. Stylepix is an acronym for "Style Pictures". This means your pictures with nice style.
Das Prorgamm sieht sehr ansprechend aus und bietet für die Größe denke ich auch genügend Features:


Verfasst: 20.11.09, 15:42
von hylli
Neue Version 1.01.1121

# Improvements
* Change about dialog.
* Prevent selecting the locked group.
# Bug Fixes
* Fixed bugs that the program is stopped while exiting with unsaved files.
* Fixed some text bugs.

Verfasst: 01.12.09, 12:11
von hylli
Neue Version 1.0.2 v. 28.11.09

# Fixed bugs that edge option is unavailable in clone brush, enhance brush, and restore brush.
# Fixed some text bugs.
# Fixed tool options problem.
# Fixed copy and paste bugs.
# Fixed bugs that the path of save as dialog is changed previous path of opend dialog.

Verfasst: 26.02.10, 22:07
von Lesmo16

Verfasst: 18.03.10, 12:17
von hylli
Neue Version 1.3.1 vom 05.03.2010

2010.03.05 Hornil StylePix 1.3.1
* New Features
o Added reset button in filter list.
* Improvements
o Improvements docking system.
o Improvements edge adjusting by mouse.
* Bug Fixes
o Fixed hierarchy moving problems.
o Fixed national language problem
o Fixed some filter bugs.
o Fixed guide bugs.
o Fixed bugs that the border of text box is not drawn in group box.


Verfasst: 10.05.10, 8:26
von Lesmo16

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.3.3 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 08.06.10, 14:59
von hylli
Neue Version 1.4 v. 07.06.2010:

CL: ... story.html

* Added UnSharp Mask filter in Sharpen category in filter list.
* Added Pencil Sketch and Dots Sketch filters in Sketch category in filter list.
* Added Group filter in Style category in filter list.
* Added Glow filter in Photo Enhancement category in filter list.
* Added Advanced Portrait Glow filter in Photo Enhancement category.
* Added a copy function in Crop tool. Now you can get the copy of picture in crop box using Copy command in Edit menu or Ctrl + C.


Re: Hornil StylePix 1.4 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 05.07.10, 10:27
von mescaline

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.5 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 19.08.10, 10:16
von hylli
Weiter geht's mit Version 1.6

2010.08.19 Hornil StylePix 1.6
New Features
The following file formats are supported: ico, jpc, jp2, pcx, pgx, pnm, ras, ska, wmf.
Added gif saving options. You can adjust following options: Colors, Optimize, Diffusion, Transparency.
Added png saving options. You can adjust following opitons: interlace.
Improved the list viewing feature. You can adjust the icon size using mouse wheel.
Format options and sub sampling options are added the JPEG save option.
Edit tool bar has one line or two lines options.
Improved the GIF quality: prevent loss of quality by creating an optimized palette.
Bug Fixes
Fixed bugs that the tool color was not changed to selected color using temporarily activated dropper tool with Alt key.
Fixed bug the Invert filter was not activated using double click.
Fixed bug the color selecting in the Color dialog with gradation tool.
Fixed scroll bugs in the browse and batch list.
Fixed bug the guide setting value was not saved.
Fixed Draw Line tool bug.
Fixed Pinch filter bug.
Fixed Solarize filter bug.

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.6 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 14.09.10, 18:01
von kellerfrau
aktuell ist Version 1.61 (Installer-Version und portable)

CL: 2010.09.14 Hornil StylePix 1.6.1

New Features
JPEG, GIF and PNG options are added in option dialog.
Added the confirmation option in save options dialog.
Added the tooltips for preset and filter list.
Improved apperance of the crop tool.
Added the design center link in help menu.
Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that the picture was not updated in conjunction with thumbnail window.
Fixed a bug that the color was not changed correctly when you choose a apply check box.
Fixed a bug that the Set Wallpaper command does not work in windows vista and windows 7 with UAC.
Fixed a bug that the undo command does not work after selecting the region with keyboard.
Fixed a bug that the Select pixels command had made the wrong region in text layer.
Fixed a bug that the context menu was not appeared correctly in hierarchy window.
Fixed a bug that the center option has not been initialized after using alt key with shift key in region tool.
Fixed a bug that the wrong text was appeared in Save Options dialog.
Fixed a bug when adjusting the picture size with a percentage unit in Image Size dialog.

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.6.1 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 26.10.10, 7:43
von hylli
2010.10.26 Hornil StylePix 1.6.5

- New Features
- Added favorite features in Browse tab
- You can add the favorite folder using click the '+' mark on top of the tree after selecting the target folder
- Improvements
- Added a multiple selecting features lets you choose sub tools in Edit tool window
- You hold the button a second, and then you can choose the sub tool
- Improvements the Crop tool lets you crop the region using double click on the selected region
- Added the match color option in GIF save option dialog
- The match color is used for fill the alpha parts of non-transparent colors
- Added the searching feature when you pressed keys
- Improvements the color controller for easy selecting the color
- You can click the ?? mark and choose the color form the new color picker
- Maintains the file extension when the file was saved
- Added the Add/Remove values controls in the Canvas Size dialog
- Improvements the last changes was applied to the new text object after text resizaing
- Added a shortcut to duplicate Ctrl + J
- Bug Fixes
- Fixed bug the object was not moved using arrow keys after rotating the object
- Fixed bug the object position was strange when the object transformed with following features: flip, rotate and etc
- Fixed bug the roundness value was changed the another value after created the round rectangle
- Fixed bug the undo feature does not work after the selecting the regions
- Fixed bugs the color was not changed on the color dialog
- Fixed bugs the '|' was showed in some menus
- Fixed bugs the whole picture was transformed when you transform the regions that selected on the background layer
- Fixed bugs the caret position problem after selecting the text objects
- Fixed bugs that the copy-and-paste features with web browser


Re: Hornil StylePix 1.6.5 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 10.12.11, 15:49
von Luka
[Da sich Software zur Bildbearbeitung gerade einiger Beliebtheit erfreut ...]

Hornil StylePix ist inzwischen bei Version 1.8.7 angelangt.

Changelog: ... story.html

Eine Eigenheit in der Bedienung ist, dass sich die meist-gebrauchten Werkzeuge zur Bildkorrektur [Kontrast, Gradation, Farbe, etc.] mit im Menü Filter [Color] verbergen.

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.8.7 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 27.09.12, 13:11
von Jean
aktuell bei 1.11.0
zwischenzeitlich neu:
- Added a feature to save and load settings of some filters.
- Improved the zoom feature to zoom
- Supports DPI(Dots per inch), And supports inch and centimeter unit in a new image and resize image feature.
- Window layout feature has improved.
- The Cut, Copy and Paste features added in the context menu of the Select and Move tool.
- Added the automatic update checker.
- To improve user experience the Main tab is redesigned.
... ... story.html

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.11.0 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 05.02.13, 23:49
von Jean
aktuell ist 1.11.4 - weniger Fehler -, und es gibt eine 1.20.0 beta

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.11.4 / 1.20.3b - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 19.03.13, 21:16
von Jean
aktuell ist v. 1.12.1
- The Filter tool provides a new toolbar that includes the Open, Save and Refresh buttons in bottom of the Tool Options.
- Added a option that allows you to select the preferred file format.
- Added the Close All function in the Close dialog during the closing of two or more documents.
- Added angle options to the miniature filter.
- The information of current brush and eraser is saved to a LatestBrush.spb file in your AppData folder.

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.12.1 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 03.04.13, 23:20
von Jean
v. 1.12.2 yeah - Now supports 63 languages.
(Afrikaans, Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese(Simplified), Chinese(Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Estonian, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, Georgian, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Kannada, Korean, Lao, Latin, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Maltese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Welsh)

Re: Hornil StylePix 1.12.2 - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 19.05.13, 23:31
von Jean
aktuell ist v. - Bugfixe für die v. 12.3x, die
The feature of Quick switch to dropper tool has been removed.
Improved the Italian translation.
Removed the some problems that can occur in checking updates.
Improved the functionality of paste feature to be placed on the inside of the canvas.
Improved selection displaying.
brachte ...

Re: Hornil StylePix - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 23.07.13, 23:21
von Jean
aktuell ist, bugfix für 1.13.0:
New features
Added a feature to maintain a resolution information of jpg file.
In order to protect user's data, preset file folder is changed to user's document folder. To delete all user data, delete the folder named with the name of the product in the "My documents" folder.

Re: Hornil StylePix - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 15.08.13, 0:00
von Jean
aktuelle ist v. - Änderungen noch unbekannt

Re: Hornil StylePix - Bildbearbeitung mit Ebenen-Unterstützung

Verfasst: 21.08.13, 23:01
von Jean
und die v. mit noch weniger Fehlern