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Re: FireAlpaca 2.3.12 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen

Verfasst: 12.10.20, 23:22
von Jean
v. 3.2.17 - jetzt noch zappeliger
Animation can now be exported as animated GIFs
You can now open files from recently used folders
Added Transform / Free Transform / Mesh Transform buttons to the options bar
Added support for showing/hiding layer shortcut keys
Improved blending mode when grouping multiple layers into folders
Import and export of APNG format PNG files is now possible
Improved layer folder transformation when a hidden layer is included

Re: FireAlpaca 2.3.17 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen

Verfasst: 20.11.20, 1:12
von Jean
v. 2.4.0
Now you can download brush materials and easily add high quality brushes.
Texture is now applied to the brushes to create a richly textured look.
Added preset brushes.
Improved the behavior of the dot tool.
Fixed a bug in the selection pen.
Improved quality when drawing shapes.

Re: FireAlpaca 2.4.0 - Malprogramm mit Ebenen

Verfasst: 15.01.21, 0:47
von Jean
v. 2.4.3 - weniger Fehler
Added debug output function to brush script editor.
Added the Clear Through function.
When confirming polygons and curves, it is now confirmed not only by double-clicking but also by long-pressing.
You can now dropper the color from the active layer as well.
Added the setting of the eyedropper tool.