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Re: Drawpile v. 2.1.11 - kollaboratives Malen / Malen im Netz

Verfasst: 23.06.19, 12:20
von klodeckel

Zusätzlich zu den Bugfixes fügt diese Version ein lang erwartetes Feature hinzu: die Möglichkeit, das Chat-Fenster in einem separaten Fenster zu öffnen.


Re: Drawpile v. 2.1.11 - kollaboratives Malen / Malen im Netz

Verfasst: 20.11.19, 0:49
von Jean
v. 2.1.14 - fixt Fehler
One big new feature in this version is configurable canvas shortcuts.
Another big change is improved brush preview and editing. A new visual style is now used to better indicate the effect of the current blending mode. The "watercolor mode" button has been removed, instead smudging is now always available for all brush shapes.
There is also a change in the way brush presets are stored internally. Rather than the settings file or the registry, presets are stored as individual files.
One more big UI change is a new drag handle style for selections. Instead of having to use keyboard shortcuts to rotate a selection, clicking on the selection now switches the handles between scaling and rotation/skew mode.

Re: Drawpile v. 2.1.14 - kollaboratives Malen / Malen im Netz

Verfasst: 16.02.20, 20:57
von Jean
v. 2.1.17
Fixed moderator login UI
Passwords are now stored securely using the platform keychain
Added support for list server API 1.6
Added ext_host and ext_port fields to status API endpoint
Abuse report token can now be set via admin API
List server whitelist can now be edited via the API

Re: Drawpile v. 2.1.17 - kollaboratives Malen / Malen im Netz

Verfasst: 14.09.21, 0:56
von Jean
v. 2.1.20 - weniger Fehler
Input preferences can now be saved per tool
Brush cursor outline width can now be changed
Layer properties can now be edited in a dialog
Color wheel shape is now selectable
Maximum brush size and spacings can now be extended (affects sliders)
Added selection perspective transform mode
Unfinished indirect strokes now get exported properly
Theme (Windows Vista style / Fusion / Fusion Dark mode) is now selectable
Added more angles to canvas rotation dropdown menu