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Image Eye

Version: 8.0
Größe: 600 kb
Homepage: http://www.fmjsoft.com/imageeye.html
Lizenz: Freeware
General features:

* Supports Windows 7 / Vista's "Default programs" and "Open with" features for file associations.
* Animated GIFs are supported.
* Multi-page TIFFs are supported.
* 'Raw' (headerless) image files can be read.
* High-quality Catmull-Rom (4x4 filter kernel) resampling filter used when resizing images.
* Optimized optional SSE2 and SSSE3 instruction set code paths for much improved speed.
* Multi-core support for much improved speed.
* Small executable size.
* Available in several languages & can easily be translated into more!

Open image file dialog features:

* Image resolution and file format information displayed for the selected file.
* Preview of the selected image file.
* The last viewed image is automatically selected and the file list is scrolled so that it is visible.
* The most recent directories from which an image has been opened are remebered in a list and you can go back again to them very quickly (NB, this can be turned off for privacy).
* Open an index view of all images in the directory by pressing a single button.

Image viewer features:

* Launch the program and open images in multiple ways - choose the one that suits you best! You can launch it from the start menu, by clicking on a file in the Windows Explorer, or from an already open Image Eye window.
* Browse images in a directory using the index mode, or using the 'open image file' dialog, or from a viewer window using previous/next image commands, or by pressing down the mouse wheel (if you have one) and rotating it.
* The image adjustment dialog lets you adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness (using a true 'unsharp masking' algorithm), hue, saturation, gamma, luminance, red, green, blue, negative, rotation and mirroring controls.
* Image adjustments can be saved and automatically re-applied the next time you open the image file - all without modifying the original image file.
* File operations: Copy, rename, move, delete, erase. The erase command will wipe the file several times with random data before setting the file size to 0 then deleting it (bypassing the recycle bin) - use for sensitive data.
* Function to capture images of the while screen shots or of selected windows.
* View images in windowed or in full-screen mode.
* Freeze mode sticks an image to the desktop so that it can't be moved until unfroozen - and it is automatically opene again if you restart your computer.
* Zoom in and out using high quality filtering.
* Set images as the Windows wallpaper.

Index features:

* Fast thumbnail index creation.
* The 'recurse sub-directories' command lets you optionally create an index displaying all files of all sub-directories.
* Optionally save thumbnail icons in a cache file on disk for even faster retrieval next time.
* Generate the cache automatically, manually, or not at all.
* Lossless compression of cache files.
* Select what ifno you wish to be displayed (directories, non-image files, names (1, 2, or 3 lines), comments, resolutions, file sizes, File dates, extensions).
* Sort the index icons in various ways.

Slideshow features:

* A slide show scripting language allows you to roll your own slide-shows and presentations.
* The 'Create slideshow script' dialog automatically creates slideshows for viewing of all the files in a directory using various options - in case you don't want to edit a script manually!

Image Eye ist ein kleiner Bildbetrachter, der einen anderen Ansatz als IrfanView oder XNView wählt - und sich (fast) vollständig auf das schnelle Anzeigen von Bildern konzentriert. Standardmäßig rahmenlos, erst wenn ein Bild aktiv wird, erscheint der Rahmen, ein Menü gibt es per Rechtsklick.dadurch auch sehr gut zum Bildvergleichen geeignet. Image Eye kann auf deutsch eingestellt werden. An Bildbearbeitungsfeatures gibt nur wenige Sachen, diese aber schnell und gut (Schärfe, Sättigung. Kontrast ...). Bei mir bleibt IrfanView Standardbildbetrachter, aber einen Test ist das Teil imho wert.

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Image Eye 9.0 vom 18.11.13

u.a. native 64-bit Version

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Version 9.1

Image Eye and the underlying ieC++ library are now both Open Source under the GPL v3 license and available on GITHub.
The window "glass" effect is now working on Windows 8/10 (for index windows and for viewer windows when the image has alpha or transparency and "Translucent background" enabled).
Added a new "Auto-background color" viewer option. When enabled, it tries to compute a pleasant background color by examining the image. It's used for the letter-box borders in full screen mode and as background to transparent images (in windowed mode only if "Translucent background" is disabled). NB; if a background color is available as meta data (PNG and GIF files), then that has priority. If the auto-option is disabled, the selected "Window background color" is always used.
40% faster JPEG decoding (thanx to Huffman look-up tables, SIMD-optimized YCbCr color conversion and using a secondary thread for IDCT, upsampling and YCbCr→RGB).
Added support for .JPEG's using Arithmetic-encoding (this gives 5-10% smaller files with an identical image compared to the normal Huffman-encoding - but alas it is not very widely supported since this optional part of the JPEG spec was covered by a patent until recently).
Added support for .LBM images using the old Amiga modes HAM8, HAM6 and Half-Brite.
Added supported for APNG - Animated PNG's (.PNG or .APNG).
Reduced the flickering of the cursor when switching between images.
Added a "Sort files alphabetically" option to the "Create Slideshow" dialog.
Fixed several issues with animated .GIF's.
Faster sorting and better handling of folders with many files in index mode.
Many fixes and minor improvements.

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