Photini 2022.1.0 - Metadaten bearbeiten crossplattform

Photoshop-Alternativen, Bearbeitung von Bildern etc.

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Photini 2022.1.0 - Metadaten bearbeiten crossplattform

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Lizenz: GNU GPL
A free, easy to use, digital photograph metadata (Exif, IPTC, XMP) editing application for Linux, Windows and MacOS.


Easy to use graphical interface.
Set photo title, description, keywords, copyright and creator fields.
Some support for video files.
Spell checking of some fields (optional).
Can set metadata for multiple images simultaneously.
Can adjust picture date & time and time zone (of multiple images simultaneously).
Reads Exif, IPTC and XMP metadata, writes all three to maximise compatibility with other software.
Writes metadata to image files or to XMP “sidecar” files.
Can import photographs from many digital cameras.
Upload to Flickr and/or Google Photos with reuse of metadata.
Geotagging - search map to find named places.
Choice of map providers - instantly switch to compare details.
Drag and drop images on to map to set GPS location.
Edit coordinates if required, or clear to unset GPS data.
Convert GPS coordinates to street address.
Suggestions for further development welcome.
Photini ermöglicht das komfortable Bearbeiten der Metadaten von Bildern. Voraussetzung ist allerdings die Installation von Python (EFB-Suche). Die Oberfläche ist bereits in deutsch verfügbar.