Plugin Setup

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Plugin Setup

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With Plugin Setup you can easily package and distribute your PhotoShop compatible plugins.

Plugin Setup will automatically detect over 35 different graphics applications such as PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro, PhotoPaint and many more and allows the user to select the application(s) he/she wishes to install your plugins into. There is also an option of installing the plugin to a custom directory for applications not yet automatically detected.

Most parts of Plugin Setup can be configured including but not limited to the left-hand side image, which applications to automatically detect, a custom subdirectory in which to install the plugin files, most text lines, customised beginning and ending messages and even a legal agreement.

You can use Plugin Setup to allow easy distribution of plugins accross multiple computers in your coorporation or for distributing your own freeware or commercial plugin sets accros the internet or any other medium. Plugin Setup is freeware so you can use it without ever having to pay for it.