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Beitrag von Gordon » 07.11.09, 9:33

Version 3.5 ist stabil
* Performance in many areas has been substantially improved, and overall memory usage has also been greatly reduced (especially when more than 1 image is open).
* The user interface has been refreshed with new icons, and visual styling has been enhanced for Aero Glass (Windows 7 / Vista only).
* Upgraded to use the latest .NET Framework 3.5 SP1, which has many built-in performance improvements.
* New effect: Blurs -> Surface Blur, by Ed Harvey
* New effect: Distort -> Dents, by Ed Harvey
* New effect: Distort -> Crystalize, by Ed Harvey
* The font manager for the Text Tool has been completely rewritten, resulting in increased performance and better reliability. On Windows 7, the quality of text is much better as a result of using DirectWrite (this also works on Windows Vista if you have installed DirectX 11).
* The built-in updater now has the ability to download updates in the background, and will wait until you exit Paint.NET to install them. In previous versions, the download happened in the foreground, and you had to wait for the entire process to complete before you could use Paint.NET again..
* Now includes a Russian translation.
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Beitrag von sluggish » 07.11.09, 22:21

Die im Installer eingebaute Deinstallationsroutine für die Vorversion macht bei mir unter Vista SP2 Zicken. Das führt dazu, daß die 3.5 dann nicht korrekt installiert wird.

Es funktioniert, wenn man erst die Vorversion separat deinstalliert (z.B. mit Revo Uninstaller) und erst nach einem Neustart die 3.5 installiert.
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Beitrag von tefole » 08.11.09, 7:39

btw: Um einen DL-Link zu bekommen, war es mir nach 2-3min Umherklickerei & Sucherei nicht möglich, an den ganzen AD's auf der Hersteller-URL vorbeizukommen 8O

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Beitrag von eyebex » 08.11.09, 11:15

Wir werden alle störben!1!!

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Beitrag von BlackFly » 08.11.09, 11:23

Ich hab glaub auch nur 3 mal oben rechts auf den downloadlink geklickt und schon liefs, das braucht keine 15 sek...

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Beitrag von Stefan1200 » 08.11.09, 11:27

Ich habe die Automatische Update Funktion in Paint.Net genommen, ein Mausklick :P ;).
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Beitrag von JFierce7 » 10.11.09, 21:24

Nur der Vollständigkeit wegen - Lizenzänderung: ... ntnet-v35/
However, the license now states that you cannot modify Paint.NET itself, or create derivative works based on the Paint.NET software (that is, derivative software)
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Beitrag von hylli » 20.11.09, 10:41

Neue Version 3.51 (19.11.09)

# New: For Windows 7, added taskbar progress reporting for long running operations (effects, adjustments, Image->Resize, save, install)
# Made some corrections to the French translation
# Running setup with /auto will no longer launch Paint.NET when it's done
# Fixed an issue where Paste into New Image would refuse an image on the clipboard, even if regular Paste would take it
# Fixed a race condition with Edit->Paste and Image->Resize whereby it would take up 100% CPU and take between 1 minute to 1 hour to finish
# Fixed an issues with Copy/Paste where it would leave an extra line of transparent pixels on the left, top, right, and/or bottom edges
# Fixed lag with the paintbrush tool that was being seen on some systems
# Fixed some issues with the paintbrush and eraser tool being misaligned when zoomed in
# Fixed a crash that would happen at (seemingly) random times, such as after drawing with the paintbrush tool, on some systems
# Fixed a minor and obscure rendering glitch with the Move Selected Pixels tool
# Fixed an issue with glass over Remote Desktop or Windows 7 Virtual PC
# Fixed a minor glitch whereby the "Unsaved Changes" confirmation dialog could never finish rendering the image thumbnail if one of the Move tools was active

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Beitrag von Luka » 04.01.10, 20:30

Paint.NET 3.5.2 ist aktuell:
This update resolves some feature disparities in the Text tool between GDI (XP) and DirectWrite (Win7/Vista).
It also improves overall performance, as well as the correctness and quality of the Move Selected Pixels tool, the Image->Resize function, and the Hue/Saturation adjustment.

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Beitrag von hylli » 08.02.10, 12:03

Paint.Net 3.5.3 ist aktuell (07.02.2010).

* Fixed DirectDraw Surface (.dds) file format support for CPUs which do not have SSE2 (Pentium III, Athlon XP).
* Fixed an issue with the File->Save dialog related to file type plugins that were only written for opening (importing).
* Fixed some crashes which were supposed to be "out of memory" errors.
* Fixed a race condition with the New Image, Canvas Size, and Resize dialogs. If you typed extremely fast you could cause a crash by typing a negative number and immediately pressing OK or Enter.
* Fixed a File->Save dialog issue in Win7/Vista where it could ask you about overwriting the wrong file.


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Beitrag von hylli » 08.02.10, 13:56

Ein Plugin Pack mit insgesamt 421 Effekten, kann von hier heruntergeladen werden: ... uginsPack/

Weiterhin findet sich dort auch ein FileType Plugin Pack, mit welchem 52 weitere Dateiformate geöffnet werden können.

Hylli :)

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Beitrag von Alberti » 27.02.10, 6:07

Paint.Net 3.5.4 ist aktuell (25.02.2010).

This update fixes a few small bugs, and improves performance of the Flatten command.

* Improved performance of the Image->Flatten command by making it multithreaded.
* Fixed the File->Save As dialog not opening to the correct folder.
* Fixed a crash with certain plugins and their use of the File Open dialog.
* Fixed a very rare crash with the toolbar's font list.


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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.5

Beitrag von hylli » 27.04.10, 19:29

Auch die Plugin Packs gibt's in neueren Versionen: ... uginsPack/
Paint.NET Megalo Effects Plugin Pack
* Version 16
* Over 490 Effects


Paint.NET Megalo FileType Plugin Pack
* Version 9
* 53 FileTypes

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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.5

Beitrag von hylli » 18.11.10, 22:06

Neue Version 3.5.6 (18.11.2010).



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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.6

Beitrag von Asmodis » 19.11.10, 12:00

Sofern der Zielrechner .NET hat, kann man Paint.NET auch portabel bekommen: ... l-9898227/
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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.6

Beitrag von catman » 21.02.11, 6:59

Paint.NET 3.5.7 (20.02.2011)
This update improves reliability of saving, further improves Copy/Paste functionality, and fixes some other miscellaneous bugs.

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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.7

Beitrag von catman » 06.03.11, 8:45

Paint.NET 3.5.8 (05.03.2011)
This update fixes some issues with the fault-tolerant save feature introduced in 3.5.7.

Fixed: Saving to a folder that has been moved or renamed will display an error instead of crashing (regression from 3.5.6)
Fixed: Saving to a Sharepoint site will now work (regression from 3.5.6)
Fixed: Saving to a file that is marked as read only will now give an error instead of crashing (regression from 3.5.6)
Fixed: General reliability and correctness improvements to fault-tolerant saving

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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.8

Beitrag von Eccard » 02.10.11, 11:23

Paint.NET 3.5.9

What's new in Paint.NET v3.5.9 released on October 1st, 2011:
This update improves the "Auto-Detect" bit-depth feature, and fixes a few small issues.

Improved: The "Auto-detect" bit-depth setting for PNG, BMP, and TGA now also determines which bit-depth to use based on which one produces the smallest file size, as well as which ones can save the image without losing fidelity.
Improved: You can now use Ctrl+0 as a shortcut key for View -> Actual Size, in addition to Ctrl+Shift+A and Ctrl+Alt+0.
Fixed: Some text in the DirectDraw Surface (DDS) Save Configuration UI was not being loaded.
Fixed: Some DirectDraw Surface (DDS) files authored with other software (e.g. Unreal 2004) could not be loaded.
Fixed: In some rare circumstances, clicking on the Save button in the toolbar would crash.
Fixed: The Korean translation has been added back in, with the help of Bing machine translation to cover the few remaining strings that were untranslated.
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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.9

Beitrag von Icfu » 30.01.13, 10:12

3.5.10 (2011-10-09)

Wer mit Fehler 1603 bei der Installation von und/oder Fehler 0x80071A91 der Systemwiederherstellung gestraft wird:
1. Inhalt von C:\Windows\System32\config\TxR\ löschen
2. cmd => fsutil resource setautoreset true C:\
3. Reboot

Alles, was man im zu diesem Fehler lesen kann, kann man getrost in die Tonne kloppen, insbesondere diesen unfaßbaren Schwachsinn, die trustedinstaller.exe auszutauschen: ... -1603-fix/

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Re: Paint.NET 3.5.10

Beitrag von Aldjinn » 18.08.13, 11:58

Paint.NET v3.5.11 (Release 17.08.2013)
The primary goal of this update is preparing for the v4.0 release: previous versions of Paint.NET will not be able to offer the v4.0 update. Also included are some small fixes and performance improvements that have been ported over from the v4.0 codebase.

Fixed: The Gaussian Blur effect was incorrectly calculating alpha values for non-opaque pixels.
Improved performance of the Sharpen effect by about 25%
Improved performance of the Median effect by about 30%
Improved performance of the Fragment effect by about 40%
Improved performance of the Unfocus effect by about 100%
Reduced memory usage when many selection manipulation operations are in the history/undo stack (the undo data is now saved to disk)
The built-in updater now supports upgrading to 4.0 (when it's available)