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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.10 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 06.01.13, 23:50

aktuell ist 5.11:
New file versioning scheme: move to folder replacing existing files
Fixed high CPU consumption after longer syncs
Enhanced all file I/O error messages to show locking processes (Windows Vista and later)
Updated help file

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.11 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 05.02.13, 23:55

v. 5.12
Dynamic statistics adjustment during synchronization
Allow to save active view filter settings as default (context menu)
Stay responsive while checking recycle bin existence on slow disks
Reset option "Delete on both sides" upon each manual deletion
Added context menu to allow deletion of last used configurations
Support numpad add/subtract keys for overview tree
Revised external application integration
Call external applications for multiple selected items
Automatically schedule abandoned recycle bin temp directories (.ffs_tmp) for deletion
Binary comparison speed estimate considers errors and short-circuit evaluation
Use full time window of sync phase when calculating overall speed

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.12 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 06.03.13, 23:19

aktuell ist v. 5.13
Time out for not existing directories after 10 seconds
Check directory existence in parallel
Inform about all missing directories via a single error message
Show remaining time considering relative error of 10%
Check for grid icon updates only when needed
Revised directory lock process detection
Implemented high resolution icons
Accessibility: fixed unreadable labels
More polished user interfaces

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UPDATE: FreeFileSync v 5.14 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von ^L^ » 31.03.13, 23:00

Changelog v5.14
- Do not process child elements when parent directory creation fails
- Start comparison after pressing Enter in directory input fields
- Lead grid is determined via keyboard input instead of input focus change
- Ignore empty directory entries in RealtimeSync
- Restored mouse cursor "snap to default button"
- Implemented file icon support for sync preview (OS X)
- RealtimeSync exit via menu working again
- Restore main dialog even if "close progress dialog" is selected
- Show full path when failing to create directory on not existing target drive
- Middle grid tool tip shown correctly again (Suse Linux/X11)
- Prevent process hang when manually writing to directory history (Linux and OS X, wxWidgets 2.9.4)
- Resolved crash after showing help dialog (OS X)
- Properly handle non-ASCII characters for external commands (OS X)
- Support UTF8 format restrictions on file systems like HFS (OS X)
- Do not stretch small thumbnail icons (Linux)
- Use 32x32 instead of 48x48 as medium icon size on Windows XP
- Properly size non-jumbo icons in thumbnail view (Windows Vista and later)
- Reduced GDI resources for file icon buffer (Windows)
- Automatically check for updates weekly without showing popup on first start
- Restored program logo in systray progress indicatord
- Fit grid row label to match wide font sizes
- Added macros %csidl_Downloads%, %csidl_PublicDownloads%, %csidl_QuickLaunch% (Windows Vista and later)
DL: ... ync/v5.14/ Übersetzungen Synonyme Reime Abkürzungen 13 Sprachen | ^L^

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.14 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Lesmo16 » 03.04.13, 10:26

FreeFileSync gehört meiner Meinung nach in die EFB-Highlights (würde sogar in beide passen).
Stoppt Bierversuche!

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.14 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Gordon » 03.05.13, 16:21

Lesmo16 hat geschrieben:FreeFileSync gehört meiner Meinung nach in die EFB-Highlights (würde sogar in beide passen).
ich gebe dir ja recht, man müsste die Highlights mal aktualisieren ...
ansonsten ist Version 5.15 raus: ... ync/v5.15/
Dominium terrae!

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UPDATE: FreeFileSync v 5.16 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von @thehop » 02.06.13, 0:18

FreeFileSync v 5.16 < 5 hours ago 6.0 MB

FreeFileSync 5.16
- Integrated both category and sync action view into middle grid
- Condensed folder pair display names on overview panel
- Consider symlinks and junctions when copying locked files (Windows Vista)
- Resolved failure to set directory lock within Windows XP as Virtual Box guest
- Period resolves to working directory again
- Fixed "DecodePointer could not be located in KERNEL32.dll" (Windows 2000)
- Support closing progress dialog forcefully during sync (OS X)
- Don't disable all child items if directory traversal fails for a single item only
- Simplified deletion confirmation dialog (removed "delete on both sides")
- Work around wxWidgets leaking memory on exit (OS X)
- Avoid wxWidgets crash when deleting folder pair control (OS X)
- Prevent wxWidgets corrupting stack when wxLocale is allocated statically (Linux)
- Use GetUserDefaultLangID to determine installer default language
- Avoid progress speed and remaining time jitter
- Check existence only once for duplicate base directories
- Detect invalid file symlinks pointing to directories
- Disable unsuitable buttons in pop up dialogs when checkbox is set
- Copy folder attributes if source is a junction already on Windows XP instead of Vista
- Mark failed UTF conversions with replacement character
- Do not restore main dialog position outside visible screen area (multi monitor setup)
- Support detection of moved files through symlinks
- Reduced memory consumption when detecting moved files
- Check for duplicate file ids when detecting renamed files
- Redetermine volume id for followed directory symlinks
- Removed "Compare_Complete.wav"
- Don't accept file deletion confirmation in less than 50ms
- Systematically resolved translation bugs
- Added Serbian language
CL: ... .16/README
DL: ... ync/v5.16/ | Plaudersophieren | |

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.16 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 03.07.13, 0:46

war wohl nicht so doll - es gibt schon v. 5.18
FreeFileSync 5.18
Workaround boost 1.54 bug "Procedure Entry Point Not Found in Kernel32.dll" (Windows XP)

FreeFileSync 5.17
Consider target file when updating followed file symlinks
Support moving files to recycle bin contained in followed directory symlinks
Move instead of copy updated files into versioning directory
Reduced memory peak when loading large database files after comparison
Check recycle bin existence only once per base folder and only if deletions occur (Windows)
More pessimistic calculation of required disk space reducing false positives

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.18 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Lesmo16 » 03.08.13, 21:05

FreeFileSync 5.20 vom 3.8.2013

FreeFileSync 5.20
Fixed crash on startup due to wxWigets 64-bit bug in font enumeration ( Windows 8 )
FreeFileSync 5.19
Redesigned progress dialog including new items graph
New command line syntax: set directory names of a .ffs_gui/.ffs_batch externally
Explicit button on progress dialog to minimize to systray
Fixed progress graph labels being truncated (Debian, Ubuntu, openSUSE)
Resolved main dialog z-order issues during sync (OS X)
Reduced progress dialog layout twitching
Further improved comparison speed by 10%
Use proper config file path in file picker dialog (OS X)
Never interrupt when updating a file with fail-safe file copy after target was deleted
Prevent crash when closing progress dialog while paused (OS X)
Support external command lines starting with whitespace (Windows)
Show warning before starting external applications for more than 10 items
Start external applications synchronously if needed to avoid running out of system resources
Don't show hidden progress dialog when showing an error message in silent batch mode (OS X)
Correctly show file names containing ampersand characters in progress dialog
Adapt size of results dialog to fit contents
Correctly execute file move before parent directory will be deleted
Show a blinking system tray icon on errors instead of a modal dialog in RealtimeSync
Added installation size for Windows' Add/Remove Programs
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Rainer Zufall
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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.20 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Rainer Zufall » 02.09.13, 15:52

FreeFileSync 5.21
Detect moved/renamed files in mirror and custom variants
New database format for two way variant: old database files are converted automatically
Support double-clicking ffs_gui/ffs_batch files (OS X)
Integrated search panel (Ctrl + F, F3) into main dialog
Merged variant names into top button labels
Hide dock icon while minimized to notification area (OS X)
New keyboard shortcuts: F5, F6, F7, F8, F9, F10
Further reduced size of database files by 10%
Fixed Outlook *.ost files found missing on VSS snapshot volumes
Added include filter context menu option
Correctly scroll to search hits on different grid
Always remove .ffs_tmp files permanently
Fixed layout for buttons with text and graphics for RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew)
Revised file filter parser: new syntax for excluding items in subdirectories
Improved configuration merge algorithm
Fixed crash when showing help due to wxWigets 64-bit bug in help component (Windows 8)
Avoid progress dialog graph flicker during resize when too few samples are available
Progress status when deleting files not greyed out anymore
Increased time-out to 20 seconds when checking for directory existence
Exclude broken symlinks via filter before showing error message
Follow symlinks when checking file/directory existence (Linux)
Consistently set batch error codes during startup phase
Updated translation files

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.21 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von xiaxia » 02.10.13, 9:20

FreeFileSync 5.22 vom 01.10.13

New options for automatic retry after error
Improved compliance with Windows User Experience guidelines
Harmonized popup dialog layouts
Correctly show program menu when main dialog receives focus (OS X)
Revised configuration dialog layouts and designs
Fixed crash on startup for CPUs without SSE2 support (Windows XP)
Work around wxWidgets bug for sorted list boxes (Linux)
Updated and revised help file
Early parameter validation for filter and sync config dialogs
Fixed followed directory symlinks being incorrectly excluded
Automatically calculate best initial message box size
Progress graph and status icons support high contrast color schemes
Include directory child-elements when manually setting filter
Allow manual filter for short name on overview panel
Don't treat file drops on directory input fields as URI (Linux)
Updated translation files

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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.22 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Lesmo16 » 01.11.13, 19:33

FreeFileSync 5.23 vom 1.11.2013
Allow sorting root nodes on overview panel
Support retry on failure to resolve path by volume name
Copy high-precision modification times for files and symlinks
Align top panel height with comparison and sync buttons
Show lock owner while waiting on a locked directory
Resolved help file W3C validation issues
Fixed high contrast accessibility issues in help
Fixed crash for CPUs without SSE2 when using VSS (Windows XP)
Prevent progress statistics timer overflow
Save RealtimeSync settings before forced exit due to shutdown or log off
Resolved contract violation error due to out of memory
RealtimeSync does not block system shutdown anymore
Added "select all" context menu option for progess log
Handle progress log keyboard input ignoring input focus
Fixed category icon background color issues
Report error when reading active config file failed during save
Preload adjacent file icons on grid
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Re: FreeFileSync v 5.23 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 02.12.13, 0:23

aktuell ist v. 6.0, u.a.
Revised main dialog panel layout
New view filter button "show excluded items"
New keyboard shortcuts for file filter and sync settings

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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.0 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 02.01.14, 23:39

bei v. 6.1, u.a.
Disable user mode exception swallowing for Windows 7 SP1
Always exclude root nodes on manual selection when excluded items are hidden
Fixed showing duplicate custom "on completion" commands
Show negative batch synchronization result in log file name
Avoid file system race when creating temporary files
Transfer creation and modification times on folder creation

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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.1 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von xiaxia » 02.02.14, 11:40

FreeFileSync 6.2 vom 01.02.14
New synchronization progress graph
Skip binary comparison for files excluded via time span or size
Fixed configuration panel ordering for entries starting with numbers
Filled gap after last grid column to cover full window width
Workaround wxWidgets image button bug showing obsolete disabled state
Refined file existence checks to handle restricted permissions
Disable file filter button during comparison
Fixed mouse wheel grid scrolling for GTK2 (Linux)
Avoid dummy texts during progress dialog init (OS X)
Translated external application default commands in global settings
Support cancel while encoding extended time information
Highlight non-zero synchronization statistics

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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.2 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 02.03.14, 2:51

frisch ist v. 6.3
No wait time anymore while searching for recycle bin (Windows Vista and later)
Revised synchronization progress graph
Clean up "On completion" considering last usage

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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.3 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 01.04.14, 23:21

v. 6.4, u.a.
combined comparison, filter and sync config dialogs
Support alternate GlobalSettings.xml file via command line
Toggle between config panels with F6, F7, F8

Rainer Zufall
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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.4 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Rainer Zufall » 02.05.14, 16:01

01.05.2014 - Version 6.5
Support preview for RAW CR2 image files (Windows Vista and later)
Fixed startup exception when using task scheduler (Windows XP)
Correctly resolve SystemRoot NT path syntax for symbolic links
Fixed incorrect error codes being reported (Windows XP)
Fixed config dialog shortcut key presses getting lost (OS X)
Allow vertical layout for top button panel
Code cleanup: removed support for old database and XML config formats
Center sync progress dialog
Updated help file


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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.5 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Stefan1200 » 31.05.14, 8:49

Mag jemand im ersten Beitrag folgende Links anpassen:
Eigene Programme / Mini Spiele:
Auch der sehr bekannte JTS3ServerMod, ein Teamspeak 3 Server Bot, ist dort zu finden.

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Re: FreeFileSync v 6.5 - Dateisynchronisierer

Beitrag von Jean » 01.06.14, 21:25

inzwischen bei v. 6.6 - weniger Fehler und
Exit FreeFileSync launcher process during update
Exclude temporary files from RealtimeSync monitor